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How to Find Relationship Manager in Union Bank of India?

Indian public sector bank Union Bank of India, also known as Union Bank or UBI, has its headquarters in Mumbai. It does business with over 120 million people and generates US$106 billion in revenue. On 1 April 2020, Corporation Bank and Andhra Bank amalgamated, making the combined company one of the largest PSU banks in terms of branch network with about 8700 branches. Four of them are abroad, in Sydney, Antwerp, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Additionally, UBI has representational offices in Beijing, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. Union Bank of India (UK), a wholly owned subsidiary of UBI, conducts business in the United Kingdom.

How to Connect with RM in Union Bank of India?

Relationship Manager

Here are some pointers for locating a dependable RM at Union Bank of India:

  • Obtain referrals from friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Look for an RM who has worked with customers in your sector.
  • Make sure the RM is a skilled communicator and that engaging with them makes you feel at ease.
  • Inquire about the RM’s fees and pay scale.

Relationship Manager in Banking

Strong customer relationships both inside the company and with clients external to the organization are the responsibility of a relationship manager. To maximize their clients’ potential for growth and development in the economy, they guide clients toward the greatest products or services. Relationship managers can be found in two categories-Managers of Client Relationships and Business Relationships.

However, they both have the same objective in mind: solidifying relationships to help clients and businesses succeed. A relationship manager has both direct and indirect options for enhancing partnerships. They report to the branch manager, who they could consult for guidance.

Key Responsibilities of a Relationship Manager

The following are a relationship manager’s primary duties in a bank:

  • Develop trust with the clientele and uphold a strong relationship with them.
  • Discuss the client’s main financial objectives and assist them in achieving them.
  • To assure clients’ financial success, handle their investment portfolios.
  • Perform risk analyses on the investment possibilities and provide the client with the results.
  • abide with strict banking procedures and regulations.
  • Create presentations for clients that will explain how the bank can assist them.
  • Inform your clients and customers about the success and activity of your portfolio.


Once you have located an RM with whom you feel at ease, make sure to express your requirements and expectations in a clear manner. The better the RM can assist you, the more knowledge they will have about your financial status and ambitions.


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