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How to Find a Groom for My Sister in India?

Can you imagine a clueless couple forced into a wedding by super-conservative parents? We all cringe imagining such a concept. What would their first night together be like? Indians are known for arranged marriages. Nevertheless, the cultural, economic, and societal changes have impacted the interpretation of Indians towards marriage. Bollywood tried its hardest to glorify love marriages and convince Indians to draw them toward it. The reality could be more glamorous. Suppose you are in the process of searching for a suitable groom for your sister in India. Please read the article since we have covered everything you need to know to do it correctly.

Indian matchmaking shows on Netflix have stirred settled emotions toward the conventional attitude of Indian aunties. With modern interpretation, one could only watch the show without judging. Although the show is not based on true stories or completely believable, it portrays some ideas still followed in India. Indian marriages have evolved from arranged marriages to parent-approved dating. Parents are open to choosing grooms and brides from Tinder and other matrimonial sites.

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What should you do to find a suitable groom for an Indian bride?

What should you do when searching for a suitable marriage mate for your sister living in India? Some practices that belong to the pre-internet era still exist. For instance, the practice of “word of mouth” still exists. Inquiring about common acquaintances, relatives, and friends. However, consider inquiring people you can rely on for such crucial life decisions.

After you finalize with a man of your choice, you should introduce him to your sister. They should give good time for courtship and get to know each other well(the inner person) before they decide.

What other modern ways can you try in the internet era?

Take the help of AIs!

Create some of the best intros, use the tools to emphasize your preferences, habits, and behaviors, and include them in your intro. Get to know about the matches shown to you through these applications and take time to know more about them in person, after which you can decide. Remember, the courtship could take a few months, and only the guy and the girl get to decide for themselves about tying the knot.

Why does taking decent time in courtship work well?

Have you heard the quote: “Most marriage failures are courtship failures”. It is not wise to go through the pain of divorce; hence, take good time to analyze the person before tying the knot or exchanging the rings.

The couple can share different habits, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Every individual has different preferences. However, examine how good they are at expressing their views. How are they in terms of considering others? Are they emotionally strong?

Modern communities have understood that time doesn’t limit people from doing what they love or refrain from things they hate. However, there is a tag for women based on their age. According to most Indians, women in their 30s are undateable, and those in their 20s are too young and immature. Unfortunately, there are men in our country who don’t find women attractive and want to pursue their education or career. They are often considered masculine.

Thus, it is important to give enough time so that the unpleasant habits and tendencies come out or till their actual self comes out so that the couple is less likely to get disappointed in each other.


Being an elder sister or brother it is your responsibility to help your parents to find the perfect groom for your younger sister.  There are some reliable mobile applications or websites to help you find a suitable groom for your sister or yourself. However, meeting the other person in person for validation prevents any chance of disappointment. Marriages are complex; they involve too much emotional stress and financial burden for all of us. However, it takes so much time and effort to decide to marry the person. You would have very minimal regrets after making the decision.


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