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10 Famous Rum Under 2000 Rupees in India

Rum, one of the much drunked drinks in India, did have rich history and exclusive tastes that made it stay as a stable for parties and occasions. As this rum is considered as very much inexpensive drink, global rum consumption is skyrocketing because there is increased per capita income now. Being globally recognized spirit, rum is one of the primary and top options since years. Rum lovers in India have several alternatives, and they may enjoy some of the best brands within a 2000 Rupee budget. The ten notable rums beckon the lovers to explore the world of the rum in the year 2024, a world that keeps getting better with every day. Let us explore these choices, all guaranteeing a unique drinking experience and pleasure.

Rum Under 2000 Rupees in India

1. Old Monk Rum: (Rs.540 for 750 ml)

Old Monk

No Indian rum talk is complete without Old Monk Rum. Old Monk’s unique flavor has kept Indian families eating it for decades. This 2000 Rupee rum combines vanilla, caramel, and spices for a delightful flavor. Old Monk, India’s greatest rum, is popular. Mohan Meakin Ltd. distillery introduced long-standing black rum Old Monk in 1935. This black rum is mixed over seven years using traditional methods, making it tasty despite its high alcohol content. With 42.8% alcohol, Old Monk’s appeal is sensory. Old Monk’s bottles and taste are unique. Each wide-bottomed bottle is handcrafted and brand-exclusive. This element enhances the Old Monk experience and showcases the brand’s craftsmanship.

2. Captain Morgan Rum: (Rs.1790 for 750 ml)

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan, a popular rum brand, introduces its enticing blend to India at an affordable price. Captain Morgan Rum’s silky texture and diverse flavor palette appeal to many tastes. Rum aficionados like this brand neat, over ice, or in cocktails. Captain Morgan, made by Diageo, celebrates Sir Henry Morgan and Jamaican history. Rich taste and full-bodied texture characterize Captain Morgan black rum. The Jamaican-inspired brand delivers perfection in every sip. Due to oak barrel maturation, Captain Morgan’s black rum tastes silky and seldom disappoints.

3. BACARDÍ Rums: (Rs. 1560 for 750 ml)


BACARDÍ, a popular rum brand, offers economical options under 2000 Rupees, making it accessible to a wide audience. Along with the basic BACARDÍ Superior, the collection includes intriguing flavors like Apple and Raspberry to satisfy all tastes. BACARDÍ Rums, having a Caribbean origin, provide a tropical mood to any gathering with their distinct scents. Established in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, BACARDÍ is a globally renowned rum brand. It invented numerous popular beverages. BACARDÍ Rums’ mild, balanced flavor represents the brand’s commitment to quality, making them ideal for sipping alone. BACARDÍ Rums creator, Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, intended to develop a refined spirit for the growing middle class. He carefully purchased a small distillery and revolutionized distillation using European and unique processes.

4. Malibu Rum: (Rs. 2000 for 750 ml)

Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum Drinks simplify tropical indulgence. Coconut-infused Malibu Rum is famous for refreshing beverages. For budget-conscious tropical getaways, its reasonable pricing let anybody add unique flare to their gatherings. Not only rum, Malibu is a drink. Malibu mixes Caribbean rums with fruity flavors to generate a drinkable liquor. Original Malibu has Caribbean rum and coconut. Pina Coladas, Maliboos, and Chilling Frozes show Malibu’s tropical flair. Malibu Rum with natural flavor, a unique rum, with 21% to 24% Alcohol/Volume, ensuring a stimulating experience.

5. Maka Zai White Rum: (Rs. 1995 for 750ml)


India’s first 100% indigenous brand, Maka Zai, pioneered premium artisan rum. Indian-blended Maka Zai white and gold rums are excellent. Goa’s clear, wonderful waters nourish the soul, enhancing its flavor. Top Indian handcrafted rum Maka Zai employs local ingredients to produce a delicious drink. Pure and untarnished white rum shows the brand’s devotion to quality, while rich and delicate gold rum adds elegance.

6. Hercules XXX Rum: (Rs.106 for 750 ml)

Hercules XXX

Popular local favourite Hercules XXX Rum is robust and forceful. This Indian treat, priced at 2000 Rupees, marries molasses and spices for a distinct flavor. Hercules XXX Rum is fantastic for cocktails and drinking straight due to its strong flavor. Khoday Group’s Karnataka black rum is a renowned Indian spirit with decades of history. It has garnered well-deserved prizes and has many fans, notably in the Armed Forces. For its full-bodied richness and lovely aroma, Indians love Hercules XXX Rum.

7. McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum: (Rs. 211 for 750ml)


Indian rum drinkers trust McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum for its smoothness, balance, and versatility. McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum is affordable for neat, watered, and mixed beverages. Besides India, rum is prevalent worldwide. McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum features vanilla and caramel notes. This tasty combo is popular in India and beyond. Culturally, it denotes taste perfection. Since 1991, United Spirits Limited, a Diageo company, has methodically made McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum. It was a milestone in rum history, and the brand strives for exceptional flavor.

8. Contessa XXX Rum: (Rs. 450 per 750ml)

Contessa XXX

Under 2000 Rupees, Contessa XXX Rum is a great option with its deep golden color and creamy flavor. For refined consumers, Contessa XXX Rum mixes sweetness and spice. Discriminating drinkers like this inexpensive rum’s premium feel.  Radico Khaitan’s Contessa XXX Rum is famous among the Indian Armed Forces. Mild chocolate, vanilla, and raisin tastes permeate this creamy, light sugarcane drink. These minor additions enrich the drinking experience and distinguish Contessa XXX Rum.

9. Jolly Roger Rum: (Rs. 970 for 750ml)

Jolly Roger Rum

Sips of Jolly Roger Rum honor pirates with robust taste. A strong flavor and long finish give this affordable rum a high-seas delight. Jolly Roger Rum suits pirate parties. Sailors drink Allied Blenders and Distillers’ creamy, smooth Jamaican rum Jolly Roger. This tasty drink inspired The Clap of Thunder, Shiver me Timbers, Pirate’s Blood, The Plague, and Pirate’s Cloud. Explorers are engulfed by Jolly Roger’s strong cocktails.

10. Gladius Blended 10 Year Old Gold Reserva Rum: (Rs. 1470 for 750 ml)


Budget-conscious rum consumers who prefer smoothness and strength might try Gladius. This rum has the strongest kick, making it a spirits must-have. Thanks to its unique qualities, Gladius is recommended for those who respect quality and price. For a refined flavor, Gladius matures its spirit for at least a decade. This protracted maturation process provides rum a smooth feel that tantalizes taste receptors. This makes rum taste better than its price.


In the ever-expanding globe of rum, the Indian market really is a gold mine catering to all kind of tastes and budgets. Be it that you prefer the vintage Old Monk or have crossed boundaries with BACARDÍ and Havana Club, there is an under 2000 Rupees rum for just about everyone. Their affordability lets all aficionados of this rich and diverse spirit explore the rum world without any compromises both concerning its quality and taste. Cheers to it and all other spirits that bring people together and add a bit of celebration to life!


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