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8 Famous Vodka Under 1000 Rupees in India

Because of its transparent and adaptable character, vodka has become an incontestable component in the liquor cabinets of a great number of aficionados. Naturally there exists demand and growing interest for vodkas of high quality. But most would not be expecting it to be prohibitively expensive. India can be considered as a country where economic affordability is most of the time an important consideration factor. For the Vodka brands also it is not different This post seeks to expound on a curated list of popular vodkas that are priced at below one thousand rupees. This vodkas apart from it being simple to acquire, they are also a lovely complement for any social gathering or even personal pleasure.

Vodka Under 1000 Rs. List

1. Magic Moments: Price: INR 950 for 750ml

Magic Moments

Popular Indian brand Magic Moments Vodka dominates our selection. Its smooth, refined taste makes Magic Moments a good choice for budget-conscious refiners at INR 950 for a 750ml bottle. This expertly prepared vodka has a crisp, clear flavor perfect for sipping or mixing. Magic Moments is great for elevating any occasion. As the vodka industry’s unofficial market leader, its smooth, mellow flavors delight even the pickiest palates. Magic Moments, triple-distilled using the finest grains near Radico Khaitan, is one of India’s top vodka brands for 1500 INR. Each sip reveals a symphony of finely produced flavors, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality drinking.

2. White Mischief: Price: INR 730 for 750ml

White Mischief

Budget-conscious drinkers like White Mischief Vodka. Its INR 730 750ml bottle price blends quality and affordability, appealing to many people. White Mischief is versatile enough to be used in a range of drinks for the diverse Indian market. Due of its low prices, younger people and partygoers choose White Mischief. The sleek, sensuous clear bottle and foreign packaging target younger Indian vodka consumers. White Mischief by United Spirits Ltd. comes in Ultra-pure, Strawberry+Ginger, Mango+Mint, and Cinnamon+Green Apple tastes for everyone.

3. Vladivar Vodka: Price: INR 583 for 750ml

Vladivar Vodka

Vladivar Vodka’s INR 583 750ml bottle challenges the concept that quality is costly. Vladivar outperforms more expensive competitors in quality. This vodka is smooth and pure for classic vodka lovers without losing taste. Vladivar Vodka tastes crisp and silky due to charcoal-filtration and forceful triple distillation. Virgin and delicate vodka makes for a refined drinking pleasure. Vladivar Vodka pairs well with soda water and lime for a refreshing twist or as the foundation for favorite cocktails, creating memorable moments with friends.

4. Smirnoff: Price: INR 1,462 for 750ml


Smirnoff, a popular vodka, costs INR 1,462 for 750ml. Though little above 1000 Rupees, its global renown and outstanding quality deserve its inclusion. Smirnoff’s clean, crisp taste appeals both vodka beginners and professionals. Despite its increased price in India, Smirnoff is a cheap vodka with savory and tangy tastes. This brand has a refined, traditional flavor that will improve your enjoyment with each sip. British company Diageo owns Smirnoff, which comes in Vanilla, Orange, Lime, and Green Apple.

5. Romanov Vodka: Price: INR 638 for 750ml

Romanov Vodka

Romanov Vodka, INR 638 for 750ml, is affordable and enjoyable. Smooth and versatile, this Indian vodka works nicely straight, on the rocks, or in imaginative cocktails. Discriminating clients who appreciate quality and value choose Romanov. Imagine sipping Romanov Vodka with college pals during a reunion, bringing back memories. There are more premium vodkas, but none can equal the college atmosphere of Romanov Vodka. United Spirits provides Romanov-inspired vodka in Premium, Orange, Lemon, and Green Apple flavors. Romanov Vodka costs 1.5K INR and tastes rich—sure to satisfy. Romanov is a classic drink for nostalgia seekers. You recall carefree college days as you drink this tasty vodka.

6. Fuel: Price: INR 852 for 750ml

Fuel Vodka

Fuel Vodka’s 750ml bottle costs INR 852 and addresses budget-conscious clients’ demands without compromising quality. The clear, crisp taste of Fuel Vodka makes it ideal for many parties. Fuel is one of India’s best-tasting, inexpensive vodka brands under 1500 INR. This high-strength alcoholic beverage works nicely with juice, soft drinks, and water because to its crispiness, crunchiness, and gentle, loving flavor. Fuel Vodka tastes like garden-fresh Apple and Orange.

7. Eristoff: Price: INR 1,072 for 750ml


Eristoff is worth considering for its unique traits despite costing over 1000 Rupees. Eristoff’s wolf-shaped bottle, representing the brand’s Georgian heritage, and excellent taste set it apart at INR 1,072 for a 750ml bottle. Eristoff’s powerful and silky flavor make it a standout for vodka enthusiasts willing to pay extra. Georgian grain-based, gluten-free vodka is triple-distilled for purity. Charcoal-filtered vodka tastes creamy. Vodka enthusiasts may experience Eristoff’s toasty and sweet fragrances for 1000 INR. Its flavor and wolf-shaped packaging make Eristoff intriguing. The brand’s quality and Georgian tradition make drinking genuine. One of India’s best 1000 INR vodka brands, Eristoff combines distinctive taste, cultural heritage, and affordability.

8. Absolut Vodka: Price: INR 550 for 550ml

Absolut Vodka

Swedish import Absolut Vodka joins the cheap vodka market with a 550ml bottle for INR 550. Despite its small amount, Absolut vodka is known for its quality and creativity. Its unusual bottle form and pure taste make it popular among vodka lovers. Absolut, manufactured from 100% wheat, is a popular vodka available in 126 countries. Absolut Vodka is sold in India by Pernod Ricard. Absolut’s unusual packaging makes it a fashion statement as much as a vodka.


In this vibrant environment of the Indian liquor market, these budget vodkas have their range of options for the consumers. From smoothness where Magic Moments has picked up back-to-back international tasting competition awards, to versatility, smoothness as well as affordability with White Mischief and Vladivar. Where few are allured by the international prestige behind Smirnoff, others find it easier to stay with more the familiar Romanov or its even more unique cousin Eristoff. The list basically presents options balancing the quality, the affordability, and diverse flavor profiles all to make sure everyone can find the vodka suiting his or her taste and financial position.


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