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Listing the Pros and Cons Of IDFC First Bank Credit Card Apply for Loan

What comes to your mind whenever you need some money in the form of loan? Well, personal loan, gold loan, home loan, car loan are some of the common ones we tend to apply for as per our need, right? Especially personal loans are common because they can be used for any purpose anytime and are quick to be given by lenders. But what if we told you that there is an alternative to them if you are a credit card holder? Well, pre-approved digital loans, like credit card loans, can help current credit card holders who are struggling financially, to get quick and instant loans.

But before you grab them, it is imperative that you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of these loans before making a decision.So weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using IDFC wealth credit card loans before you decide to go for loan through IDFC first bank credit card apply:

Of all credit facilities, credit card loans may have the quickest payout and processing time.

Those who already have credit cards that fit the requirements can take advantage of fast disbursements, which can occur as soon as they apply for a credit card and don’t require any paperwork, because this loan has already been pre-approved. Furthermore, a few credit card companies claim to be able to finish money transfers in a few minutes. All they have to do is do IDFC first bank credit card apply for loan online via online banking or contact credit card company customer service to find out if they are eligible for the loan. The loan amount may be accessed through a demand draft or a direct credit to your account.

It offers a potent replacement for alternative financing choices.

In any situation, IDFC wealth credit card loans are a dependable source of credit; however, they are particularly useful when there are limitations, an ongoing lockdown imposed by the pandemic, a shortage of lending personnel and hours, and an unstable economy. Credit card loans offer a number of advantages, including pre-approval status, one of the fastest disbursements, and ease of use for loan applications through phone and online banking. Current credit cardholders who meet the eligibility requirements and have been declined or rejected from other lending options may go for loan through IDFC first bank credit card apply using their credit card in the event of a cash crisis, liquidity mismatch, or debt consolidation. However, exercise caution and carefully consider all the available information before choosing a lender. This includes the interest rates, terms of the loan, processing fees, and the total loan amount you are considering.


There are loans available with terms of five years for repayment. The borrower can choose a loan term with a payback term whose associated EMIs are manageable over time because loan terms range from six months to five years.

Keep in mind that longer loan terms may result in higher overall interest expenses even though they produce smaller monthly payments. Choosing a loan term that aligns with your ability to repay debt makes sense. Since your loan interest rate and credit card account are connected, missing IDFC wealth credit card payments can have expensive repercussions, such as high interest rates and late fees.


A higher interest rate compared to personal loans: Your credit card interest rate is determined by a number of variables, including your credit score, card type, employer, employment profile, and repayment history. In periods of economic uncertainty, like the one we are currently experiencing, credit card issuers may impose noticeably higher credit card interest rates. Credit card interest rates are typically one to two percentage points higher than personal loan interest rates given to borrowers with comparable credit profiles. As a result, people who already have credit cards should exercise caution when comparing the interest rates on their cards to those of any other loans that they might be eligible for from other lenders, including COVID-19-specific personal loans, digital top-up home loans, and quick personal loans.

IDFC wealth credit card

loans are only available up to a predetermined limit that has been approved by the credit card issuer, so when a loan is taken out against a credit card, the cardholder’s credit limit is temporarily blocked up to the loan amount. This stops the credit cardholder from using their card for any further purchases.

However, as long as you make your payments on schedule, the loan limit will progressively be released. Furthermore, in order to protect your credit limit and allow you to continue making frequent purchases, some credit card issuers may approve this loan in excess of the card’s authorised credit limit. But keep in mind that a credit card company would only offer this option after considering a number of factors, such as your ability to repay the debt and your past payment history.

impacts your credit card’s ability to make cash withdrawals. Cash withdrawals from credit cards are allowed up to a predetermined limit, which is usually a portion of your credit limit overall, unless otherwise specified. Some credit card companies forbid the full cash withdrawal limit when a loan is obtained using the IDFC wealth credit card; other credit card companies do not. Having a credit card on hand might be helpful when things are tight financially, but using one to withdraw cash from an ATM should be avoided at all costs due to the big fees as well as high interest rates involved.

In conclusion

Using a credit card for loans is unquestionably one of the best ways to build credit. This is particularly helpful during difficult periods like the present pandemic, which is marked by erratic work schedules, a labour shortage for lenders, and precarious financial situations. It’s best to investigate alternative loan options first, such as digital top-up home loans and individual digital instant loans, just to be safe. These loans are repaid in the same amount of time and may have interest rates that are lower than IDFC wealth credit card interest rates.


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