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10 Famous Whiskey Under 2000 Rupees in India

History and flavor make a whisky-lover. India is going mad over this brewed elixir, offering the most verities and rates. Whiskey’s heat makes laugh easier while some drink it to relax after a hard good day or ready themselves for a good night. We bring the top 10 whiskies under 2000 Rupees for 2024 with each of its unique tastes, to make sure every body’s taste bud being serve. Comes let’s find out together these affordable categories of whisky with high class quality. It is this peculiar amalgamation of the classic old and exotic new that captures the spirit of Indian whiskey without a loss of taste or expense. Here’s to the wide wonderful world of cheap whiskies that make every sip unforgettable.

1. 100 Pipers – INR 1950 for 750 ml

100 Pipers

Premium blended scotch 100 Pipers with a vanilla taste. This superb blend has a concert of flavors, including woody undertones that provide depth and character to every sip. The whisky’s powerful peat taste and wonderful fragrance delight whisky aficionados. Expert mixing gave 100 Pipers its distinctive sound. Woody overtones provide a rich, pleasant taste that lasts. Soft vanilla scents make the whiskey smooth and ideal for those wanting a refined and harmonious scotch. With its pleasant scent and gentle peaty undertones, this blended scotch will please both novices and experts. 100 Pipers’ meticulous craftsmanship creates a balanced flavor profile in each sip, making whiskey sipping delightful.

2. Vat 69 – INR 1800 for 750 ml


A long-standing whisky mix, Vat 69, is painstakingly mixed from 40 malt and grain whiskies. This inexpensive blended scotch shows whisky combining with a signature flavor that enthusiasts, particularly in India, enjoy. Vat 69 begins sweet and becomes tantalizingly spicy. Due to careful mixing, this whiskey blends distinct flavors. Scotch aficionados like India’s best-value whisky, Vat 69. This unique combination of 40 malt and grain whiskies makes each sip a nuanced exploration of its flavor.

3. Blender’s Pride – INR 930 for 750 ml

Blenders Pride is Pernod Ricard’s trademark Indian premium blended whisky. After 140 years of creating superb whiskies, Seagram created this 1995 blend. Its authenticity, quality, price, and taste have made it market leader. Blenders Pride employs natural ingredients and no artificial flavors for a clean whiskey taste. The brand’s quality commitment ensures that each flavor represents its heritage and talent in whisky-making. Blenders Pride is popular because it’s economical premium blended whiskey without losing taste or quality. The brand’s affordability makes it popular among whiskey aficionados countrywide.

4. Royal Stag: Price – INR 900 for 750 ml

Royal Stag Deluxe

Royal Stag, recognized for its affordable, high-quality items, ends our list. This blended whiskey has oak, caramel, and spice. Royal Stag’s expertise makes it a popular choice for quality, inexpensive whiskey. Indian whiskey brand Royal Stag, created in 1995, sells in several box sizes worldwide. The brand sells the most for Pernod Ricard. A unique blend of grain spirits and foreign Scotch malts provides this whiskey a taste that pleases discerning palates.

5. Paul John Brilliance – INR 700 for 750 ml

Goa’s sunny coast produces Paul John Brilliance, a renowned Indian single malt with unique characteristics. The smells of this precision-distilled desi single malt will delight whiskey fans. The delicious initial taste of Paul John Brilliance sets the tone. The whiskey gets creamy, enhancing drinking. This golden nectar tastes like honey, apple, vanilla, and cinnamon. Paul John Brilliance masterfully combines these elements. Brilliance’s attractiveness makes it ideal for whiskey beginners and professionals. Paul John Brilliance is a great whiskey at an affordable price. This great whisky is pleasant and cheap to drink with loved ones, giving warmth and conviviality.

6. Teacher’s: Price – INR 1700for 750 ml

Teachers’ Whisky, a classic one from the 1830s, demonstrates its makers’ talent. Scottish whiskey Teacher’s is appreciated worldwide. Teacher’s blended Scotch whisky tastes smooth and balanced due to its single malt and grain whiskies. Smoky peated malt from Ardmore distillery lends depth to this whisky. Teacher’s Whisky honors quality, legacy, and generations of brilliant blenders. The scent evokes honey, vanilla, and smokiness, establishing the atmosphere for the sensory encounter.

7. Imperial Blue: Price – INR 400 for 750 ml

Its smoothness and accessibility make Imperial Blue one of India’s best-selling whiskies. The brilliant golden color of this well-crafted mix sets the scene for fruit and vanilla tastes. Imperial Blue, a balanced, cheap whiskey, is popular. The right blend of Indian grain spirits and foreign scotch malts makes Imperial Blue smooth. Due to its consistency, Imperial Blue, one of India’s best whiskey brands under Rs. 2000, has a big following.

8. Haywards: Price – INR 320 for 1000 ml

Haywards, a major spirits brand, offers good, inexpensive whiskey. Malt and grain whiskies combine harmoniously in this pleasant whisky. Haywards whisky is inexpensive and elegant. Haywards is a developing Middle Eastern United Spirits whisky brand. Whiskey tastes distinctive due to a balanced blend of neutral alcohol and flavorings. Africans like Haywards for its affordability.

9. Aristocrat Black: Price – INR 300 for 750 ml

The sleek black label of Aristocrat Black whiskey accentuates its surprising depth of flavour. This rich, smokey malt-grain whisky is rare. Aristocrat Black is one of the best whiskies under 2000 Rupees since it’s inexpensive and elegant. The newest Aristocrat, Aristocrat Black, tastes smooth with green apple and spice flavors. Its floral and honeyed smell makes this whiskey one of the nation’s most favored cheap alternatives.

10. Bagpiper: Price – INR 300 for 750 ml

Bagpiper Deluxe

Popular Indian whisky Bagpiper has endured. Due to its smooth taste, whiskey lovers and novices love this blended whisky. Bagpiper is a reliable, inexpensive whiskey substitute. United Spirits Ltd.’s Bagpiper Whisky is famous, selling over 9 million cases yearly. Its mellow malty smell and delicate woody taste have made this whiskey popular since 1976. Bollywood tales often reference ‘The Bagpiper Sardar’, the brand’s mascot, which represents victory over suffering. ‘Khoob Jamega Rang,’ the brand’s slogan, is pop culture.


Found within the varied landscape of Indian whiskies are these ten selections for 2000 Rupees and under which feature some of the rich diversity one can find in this spirit. Whether the elegant touch of Original Choice; whether you like the roughness that Old Tavern will unleash on you; or you are the class kind and you would love to open 2020 with a bottle of Royal Stag – this list got you covered, and for every man’s pocket. So, raise a glass and toast to the delightful world of affordable yet famous whiskies in India. Cheers!


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