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10 Famous Whiskey Under 1000 Rupees in India

Whisky is the most favorite alcoholic drink for many during celebrations, personal parties, or leisure. Whiskey is distilled with malted grain and is especially popular in hilly regions of India where cold is quite high. The whiskey lovers of India always remain in search of the best available options to them without getting a hit on their pockets. In 2024, the market has been flooded with alternatives for those looking for a good sip without making their pocket light. This article takes a dive into the world of pocket-friendlier yet delightful whiskeys, listing top 10 choices under 1000 ₹ in India.

Top Whiskey Under 1000 Rs. in India

1. 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky – Rs 700 (350 ml):

100 Pipers

The 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky, a velvety classic at an attractive price, starts our collection. A 350 ml bottle of this Scotch whisky costs about Rs 700. Its gentle flavor and balanced combination of malt and grain whiskies are praised. The Chivas Brothers meticulously manufacture India’s best blended scotch whisky, inspired by Scottish bagpipers urging soldiers to battle. Each 100 Pipers flavor evokes this glorious past with wood, honey, smoke, and vanilla. This well-made spirit’s fruity fragrance is appealing. Due to its balance, complexity, full-bodiedness, and well-roundedness, 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky belongs in every home bar.

2. Vat69 – Rs 750 (375 ml):


Vat69’s taste and price make it popular among whiskey fans. A 375 ml bottle of Vat69 costs Rs 750 and offers a comprehensive Scotch whisky experience. Fruit and spice flavors make it a popular choice for a nice, uncomplicated drink. Vat69, a whiskey classic, chooses premium ingredients. William Sanderson, Scotland’s best blender, makes this light, pleasant, slightly peppery blended scotch whiskey. It tastes powerful with wheat, caramel, and barley malt.

3. Black and White Scotch – Rs 750 (375 ml):

Black and White

The Black and White Scotch, like Vat69, is affordable for whiskey aficionados. This malt-grain whisky mix, priced at Rs 750 for a 375 ml bottle, is appreciated for its sweetness and smokiness. One of the greatest vintage Scottish mixes. Balanced and light, it pleases the taste. The silky, light gold Black and White Scotch has oak, peat, vanilla, and honey flavors. James Buchanan invented this whiskey to be widely pleasing.

4. Black Dog Black Reserve – Rs 780 (375 ml):

Black Dog Black Reserve

Black Dog Black Reserve’s Rs 780 375 ml bottle provides enjoyment without breaking the budget. Complex caramel, toffee, and peat smoke flavours characterise this inexpensive Scotch whisky. In the inexpensive spirits category, it exceeds expectations and tastes great. This aged malt and grain scotch whisky from Scotland is a masterpiece. Triple-aging and quality workmanship give the whiskey its rich taste and depth, unlike twice-aged whiskies. This depth makes Black Dog Black Reserve a connoisseur’s choice, offering a luxurious sipping experience at an affordable price.

5. Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky – Rs 900 (750 ml):

Blenders Pride

The Rs 900 750 ml Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky is more expensive. Smoothness and a balanced malt spirit combination make this Indian whisky renowned. The little oak infusion and sweetness make it a unique affordable whiskey that enhances sipping. A premium blended whiskey in its price category, Blenders Pride mixes Indian grain spirit with foreign scotch malts. Since 1995, its rich, smoky scents have captivated whiskey aficionados. Versatility makes the whiskey a wonderful option for complicated, cheap mixes.

6. Antiquity Blue – Rs 950 (750 ml):

Antiquity Blue

Antiquity Blue serves quality whiskey for Rs 950 per 750 ml. Vanilla, honey, and smokiness characterize this elegant Indian single malt whisky. It’s pricey but worth it. Antiquity Blue’s beauty and whiskey distillation make it a popular home bar addition. Made with care, it combines great scotch from the same distillery as 1826. The liquor is painstakingly made in copper pot stills and matured in imported white oak barrels. Antiquity Blue’s elegance comes from this meticulous craftsmanship.

7. Royal Stag Deluxe – Rs 450 (750 ml):

Royal Stag Deluxe

Royal Stag Deluxe, at Rs 450 for a 750 ml bottle, is affordable without compromising quality. Its smoothness and flexibility make this Indian whisky ideal for sipping and mixing. Great blend of grain spirits and unusual scotch malts, the brand’s slogan “make it large” has embedded in many Indians’ minds, showing its dedicated client base. Royal Stag pioneered Indian malt-grain cocktails. Its 1995 launch was noted for its originality, artificial flavoring-free spirits, and recyclable bottles. Sincerity and purity have sustained the brand.

8. Rockford Reserve – Rs 850 (750 ml):

Rockford Reserve

Rockford Reserve, a malt and grain spirits-based Indian whisky, costs Rs 850 for 750 ml. Its smooth texture and balanced flavor appeal to budget-conscious customers. One of the greatest oak-aged Scottish malt whiskies, Rockford Reserve, tastes smooth. It tastes special due to imported oak-aged malt and excellent charcoal-filtered Indian grain spirits. Its beautiful golden hue and well-rounded scent are bright and fresh.

9. McDowell’s Platinum – Rs 800 (750 ml):

McDowell’s Platinum

McDowell’s Platinum, Rs 800 per 750 ml, is fantastic value. A brilliant blend of malt and grain whiskies gives this Indian whisky a mellow, approachable flavor for all tastes. Because of its refined, creamy, and smooth flavor, McDowell’s Platinum is a top budget whiskey. Rich and mature five-year-old scotch contributes to this blend. The Spirits Business said in 2021 that McDowell’s No1, its close relative, was the best-selling Indian whisky globally. Platinum’s palette is more polished.

10. Bagpiper Deluxe – Rs 420 (750 ml):

Bagpiper Deluxe

Bagpiper Deluxe, a cheap and tasty drink, ends our blend. A Rs 420 750 ml bottle of this Indian whiskey tastes great and is inexpensive. Its simplicity and sweetness make it a trustworthy budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. Smooth scotch, Indian malts, and spirits make Bagpiper Deluxe easy to drink. One of India’s most popular whiskey brands, Bagpiper Deluxe is promoted by Jackie Shroff, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, and Shah Rukh Khan. All of these celebs endorse whisky’s “khoob jamega rang.” tagline.


Quality does not compromise when one has to work on a shoestring budget in the ever-growing whiskey landscape of India. The above recommended list features ten great choices that will offer value for money without the spender having to step out of 1000 Rupees. Whether you like the smokiness of Scotch or the smoothness of Indian whisky, all these options lie on offer in that many tastings and provide something for every palate from casual sipping over to the celebratory toast.


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