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10 Famous Champagne Under 2000 Rupees in India

Need the magical taste of champagne this season? Champagne, being the very embodiment of celebration and luxury, need not always come with a hefty price tag. In India, a country that imbibes and celebrates a lively and diverse cultural atmosphere, demands good champagnes at an affordable price range. 2024 is witnessing a range of famous brands entering the market with reasonable yet tasteful bubbles. Here is a collection of some of the accessible famous champagnes under 2000 Rupees, impressing itself in the Indian market collections for every occasion.

Champagne Under 2000 Rs in India

1. Sartori Prosecco Ti Amo: (Rs. 1950)

Ti Amo

Sartori Prosecco Ti Amo, from Veneto, is a superb sparkling wine that embodies Prosecco. This 2000 Rupee champagne is crisp and refreshing with floral and citrus notes. Sartori Prosecco Ti Amo is perfectly inexpensive for casual celebrations and life’s simple pleasures. With a minimum ABV of 8.5 percent, Sartori Prosecco Ti Amo is typical Prosecco. Prosecco wines are popular summer cocktails and aperitifs owing to their light body and low alcohol content. Sartori Champagne is one of the best-tasting and most inexpensive in India, at Rs. 1950 for 750ml. Beautiful packaging enhances this affordable yet superb Champagne.

2. Charles Roux Blanc: (Rs. 1870)

Charles Roux Blanc

France’s renowned winegrowing regions produce Charles Roux Blanc, a classic sparkling wine. French winemaking is evident in this champagne’s perfect bubbles and flavor. Charles Roux Blanc is affordable and versatile, making it ideal for formal and casual occasions.Charles Roux Blanc’s 750 ml bottle costs Rs. 1870, which is appealing. This cheap yet good sparkling wine proves sophistication is affordable. Its fresh, modern flavor adapts to numerous situations. For formal or informal parties, Charles Roux Blanc is affordable and beautiful.

3. Fratelli Gran Cuvee: (Rs. 1050)

Fratelli Gran

Indian wine powerhouse Fratelli Vineyards makes the affordable Gran Cuvee sparkling wine. Fratelli Gran Cuvee is fruity and floral, excellent for celebrations with loved ones. Fratelli’s cheap sparkling wine shows their commitment to excellence. India proudly bottles Gran Cuvee champagne. Fratelli Gran Cuvee’s Rs. 1050 750ml bottle makes it appealing. These prices make this sparkling wine cheap and delightful for quality-seeking wine aficionados. Make your evenings sparkle with Fratelli Gran Cuvee, a masterpiece for any occasion.

4. Sula Seco: (Rs.750)


The joyful sparkling wine Sula Seco is made by Indian wine pioneer Sula Vineyards. Its balanced acidity and sweetness make Sula Seco an ideal sparkling wine for novices. A lively and adaptable sparkling wine created from 100% chenin blanc grapes. Sula Seco practices sustainable winemaking. Fruit fans will adore the wine’s passion fruit, melon, ripe fruit, and citrus combination. Potency and flavor are balanced at 12% alcohol. At Rs. 750 for a 750ml bottle, Sula Seco is a cheap yet great option for parties and everyday celebrations. Wine enthusiasts of all levels may celebrate cheaply with Sula Seco.

5. Fratelli Noi Sparkling: (Rs.980)


Fratelli Vineyards’ excellent Noi Sparkling mixes Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc harmoniously. Fratelli Noi Sparkling offers elegance without surpassing 2000 Rupees for celebrations or relaxation. The famous Fratelli Vineyards in Maharashtra’s Akluj offer this Italian-quality sparkling wine in India. Fratelli NOI Sparkling offers Italian finesse to India at a moderate price, making it an appealing alternative for quality and affordability. Fratelli Vineyards’ Rs. 980 750ml and Rs. 490 375ml pricing reflect its commitment to quality and affordability.

6. Nicolas Feuillatte: (Rs.1989)

Nicolas Feuillatte

Champagne-based Nicolas Feuillatte is refined and heritage-oriented. Nicolas Feuillatte offers sparkling wines at varied prices despite its distinction. Consumers seeking French elegance at low prices like the brand’s products. Champagne enthusiasts seeking for a bargain might try Nicolas Feuillatte. This 100% Chardonnay champagne is great for family and friend gatherings. This 750ml bottle of French elegance only Rs. 1,989, making it an inexpensive way to spruce up any celebration.

7. Sula Brut Tropicale: (Rs. 1550)

Sula Brut Tropicale

Sula Vineyards’ tropical-inspired Brut Tropicale sparkling wine returns. Due to its vibrant, fruity flavor, this champagne is popular and affordable. The Sula Brut Tropicale is ideal for unusual sparkling drink drinkers. Sula Brut Tropicale proves luxury is cheap. From Rs.1,450 to Rs.1,550, this sparkling wine gives tropical zest without breaking the wallet. Sula Vineyards is another great and economical sparkling wine for beginners and experts.

8. Taittinger Champagne: (Rs. 600)

Taittinger Champagne

Taittinger, a long-standing champagne maker, sells sparkling wines for 2000 Rupees. Taittinger Champagne offers French elegance at affordable rates with its exquisite bubbles and subtle taste. Pierre Taittinger’s champagne is husky. Due to its family ownership and quality, Taittinger Champagne is popular for refined parties. Taittinger Champagne, 40% chardonnay and 60% pinot grape, is elegant and delightful. Taittinger’s signature tastes are retained in each bottle by the Noir vineyard’s strict grape cultivation. In India, Taittinger Champagne costs around Rs. 600 per bottle despite its expensive status. The pursuit of refinement is an inexpensive luxury.

9. Dom Ruinart Champagne: (Rs.500)

Dom Ruinart Champagne

Dom Ruinart, an 18th-century champagne house, makes several skillful sparkling wines. Although some of its goods are pricey, Dom Ruinart Champagne has cheap options around 2000 Rupees. Champagne aficionados admire Dom Ruinart, a classic since 1729. Long history, exquisite taste, and aroma make Dom Ruinart Champagne attractive. Coconut and fresh bread make the first sip memorable. This unique taste trip begins now. After drinks, the taste becomes a floral and citrus mashup that thrills. Dom Ruinart Champagne, one of India’s best under 2000 Rupees, is exquisite and cheap. Rs. 500 allows fans refine without breaking the bank.

10. Laurent Perrier Champagne: (Rs. 400)

Laurent Perrier Champagne

Laurent Perrier Champagne is classic. Monsieur Laurent’s 1812 champagne is popular in India because to its brightness. Alan Terrier’s finest grapes give it a delightful scent. Its robust character and great flavor intensity make Laurent Perrier Champagne memorable. Since Laurent Perrier Champagne is vegetarian, more people can drink it. Store champagne in a cold, dark place and serve it chilled around 8-10 degrees Celsius to enjoy it. A regular bottle of this excellent drink costs around Rs. 400 in India. Laurent Perrier Champagne is perfect for celebrating or sparkling.


As far as the Indian wine market is concerned, this availability of renowned champagnes under 2000 Rupees gives another reason to rejoice for the enthusiasts. From a refreshing Sartori Prosecco Ti Amo, to timeless charm of the Taittinger Champagne, every offer adds up to unique flavor profiles as serve the fine drinks. So, with consumers increasingly in search of quality at reasonable prices, these champagnes open the doors onto memorable and cheap festivities showing that it is not required to empty one’s wallet to imbibe a luxury effervescence.


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