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10 Famous Wine Under 2000 Rupees in India

India’s wine culture is blooming in an increasing number of people enjoying the aromas in a local vineyard. The market offers full possibilities but affordable, quality wines are fun to find. Wine businesses in India have improved on the quality and variety to offer customers tempting reins. This 2024 list showcases best Indian wines under 2000 Rupees that cater for every taste and pockets. Within this include a number of reds, whites and rosés, sparkling and also dessert wine. It’s an evidence bank mixture of cost-effective and outstanding Indian wine making. Are you an oenophile or just a beginner in wine? These wines will thrill you with India’s vinous variety.

Wine Under 2000 Rupees in India

1. Fratelli Sette: INR 2,000

Fratelli Sette

India’s red wine jewel Fratelli Sette costs INR 2,000. Fratelli Vineyards’ superb wine is complex. Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc are carefully blended for richness. Black cherry, plum, and subtle spice aromas in Fratelli Vineyards’ velvety Fratelli Sette show their winemaking talents. Fratelli Sette is India’s best red wine. Premium service pricing reflects its excellence. The 60% Sangiovese/40% Cabernet Sauvignon combination is matured in French and American wood for over a year. This makes a rich, earthy, savory wine. Cherry notes, spice, and vibrant acidity produce a unique flavor. Fratelli Sette’s finesse and craftsmanship set it apart from Indian red wines, providing vinous artists a unique experience.

2. Grover Zampa Chêne Reserve: INR 1,700

Zampa Chêne

Elegant red wines include the INR 1,700 Grover Zampa Chêne Reserve. French oak barrels alter this Bordeaux-style Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz blend. Thus, a cheap wine of remarkable complexity pleases sophisticated senses. The rich flavor of Grover Zampa’s Chêne Reserve comes from Tempranillo and Syrah. This chocolate, roasted coffee, and oak-scented red wine is excellent for a night out. Each sip is delicious with dark fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon.

3. KRSMA Sangiovese: INR 1,800


Indian vineyards can produce exceptional Sangiovese, as seen by the INR 1,800 KRSMA Sangiovese. This brilliant red wine shows Sangiovese’s flexibility in Indian terroir with well-integrated tannins and cherry and berry notes. The juicy, energetic KRSMA Sangiovese has a substantial body and lengthy finish. Fruity aromas and spiciness give the wine a cherry-red currant taste. This red wine is appealing due to its soft tannins.

4. Reveilo Nero D’Avola: INR 735


The Reveilo Nero D’Avola delivers Italy to India at INR 735, delighting wine enthusiasts. This Sicilian grape flourishes in Nashik under Reveilo’s skilled winemakers. Reveilo Winery’s Nero d’Avola-based red wine has received multiple honors. Although cheap, it’s a wonderful deal, showing the winery’s commitment to excellent wines for Indian palates. Reveilo Nero D’Avola is smooth and medium-bodied. Its accessible but nuanced fruit scents make it a memorable wine drinking experience. Cherry, pepper, and cinnamon scent the wine. Smokiness provides depth to the finish.

5. Grover Zampa La Reserve: INR 1,050

La Reserve

Grover Zampa La Reserve, priced at INR 1,050, is a popular wine in India. This exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz combination combines fruitiness and oakiness for a palate symphony. Wine lovers of all levels love the Reserve. The first Indian red wine to represent India abroad showed its winemaking talents. The scent begins with vanilla, blackcurrants, and blueberries, then rich fruit, chocolate, and coffee bean. Syrah and Cabernet make this full-bodied red with gentle tannins attractive. Grover Zampa La Reserve represents Indian winemaking’s excellence and progress.

6. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco: INR 790

Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco, INR 790, shows Indian winemaking’s versatility. The strong acidity, citrus smells, and crisp taste of this white wine developed from Sangiovese grapes generally utilized in red wines surprise. Light and delicious Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco is easy to consume. Fratelli Vineyards’ red grape white wine showcases their inventiveness in experimenting with varietals. Start your evening with this Sangiovese Bianco and be astonished. Dry flavor leaves you wanting more. Fruity aromas and tenderness make the wine suitable for conversation and relaxation.

7. Sula Chenin Blanc Reserve: INR 850

Sula Dindori

The INR 850 Sula Chenin Blanc Reserve displays Sula Vineyards’ winemaking talents and delivers premium white wine. Tropical fruit flavors, well-balanced acidity, and a clear, delightful finish make this Chenin Blanc an affordable, high-quality white wine. Sweet white Chenin Blanc wines are famous. Sula Reserve’s dry profile defies this. The thick texture and flavor from oak aging improve the tasting experience. Despite often falling short of global counterparts, the Sula Chenin Blanc Reserve is a solid example at an inexpensive price. Many wine enthusiasts can afford this wine due to its quality and pricing.

8. H Block Chardonnay: INR 1,050

H Block

Indian Chardonnay is finessed in the INR 1,050 H Block. This wine’s superbly integrated oak, buttery texture, and symphony of flavors from ripe apple to citrus demonstrate Indian vineyards’ capacity to create exceptional white wines. York Winery’s H Block Chardonnay is a national favorite. Toasted wood and lemon aromas make this delicate white wine delightful. A specific winemaking process gives this medium-bodied Indian Chardonnay its creamy texture.

9. The Source Rosé By Sula: INR 1,050

The Source Rosé By Sula, at INR 1,050, is festive and delightful. The fresh acidity and strawberry and flowery aromas of this light pink wine make it perfect for sunny days and joyful celebrations. Like The Source Rosé By Sula, a fantastic rosé has a lovely scent, lively acidity, and alluring appeal. Grenache grapes provide this rosé a lovely red color and a robust taste. Its unusual taste makes it a versatile vegetarian and party food.

10. Fratelli M/S Rosé: INR 1,000

MS Rosé

Fratelli M/S Rosé, at INR 1,000, is a terrific value rosé. A precise blend of Merlot and Syrah grapes gives this wine a beautiful pink color, vibrant acidity, and a powerful combination of red fruit notes, making it versatile and accessible. Comforting Fratelli M/S Rosé is perfect for lengthy afternoon feasts or festivities. It tastes like rose petals, red berries, and strawberries thanks to 100% Sangiovese grapes. Well-rounded, this rosé has a medium body and bitter, invigorating finish.


The Indian wine market is evolving, and these famous wines below 2000 Rupees show a growing prowess of local vineyards. From deep and complex reds to lively refreshing whites or rosés, all this wines offer a distict flavor for an affordabe cost. Whether you are a long-time wine enthusiast, or just recently started discovering the world of wines, these selections would be a great way to start your appreciation for the richness and diversity seen in landscapes that Indian winemaking offers.


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