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Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Are you getting frustrated with having sweat on the summer days? Are you unable to sleep due to sweat and scorning summer nights? If yes, then you need a good brand ceiling fan that is more functional than a traditional table fan. The ceiling fan for home keeps you comfortable and cool while sleeping and away from exhaustion. In addition, a fan provides soothing and relaxing light noises that help you fall asleep.

When it comes to buying a ceiling fan, endless models with different designs and looks are available in the market. Then, how to decide which one is better. You need to make a list of a brand that is your first preference and check their best sellers fan models. Luminous is one of those brands whose fans are high in demand among users due to their fantastic looks, functionality and durability.

Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

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New York Brooklyn 1200mm by Luminous is trendy nowadays as it is attractive, stylish, featuring on-trend materials. Along with classy & modern looks, the fan provides exceptional functionality and noiseless operation. If you are also buying this model for your home, first of all, you should know about its features, pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

Salient Features of Luminous New York Brooklyn 120mm Ceiling Fan:

  • It has a centerpiece design that extends to the fan blades, making the fan elegant and attractive.
  • The energy utilization of this ceiling fan is 75 watts.
  • The fan has equipped with a premium-quality ABS motor, which makes the fan look elegant, powerful and highly functional.
  • The fan prevents motor breakdown and can dissolve high heat.
  • It is an outstanding fan model in terms of appearance & looks.
  • The German liquid paint technology and aluminium body of the fan give it a classy look and robustness.
  • The fan runs on 350 Speed RPM.
  • A two-year inclusive warranty comes on the complete package.

Fan with Cosmopolitan look

The fan is inspired by the subtle & sleek contrast by the Brooklyn downtown. The mirror finish and centrepiece design of the fan which spread over the blades enhance the beauty of the fan as well complement your any room space. If your house has a wooden interior then there is no better option than this fan. The design is attractive yet robust which helps to clean the fan without any hassle.

Noiseless Operation

The fan with a noiseless operation helps you fall asleep whether it is day or night. Due to its pre-greased double-sealed ball bearing motor, the fan can circulate in smooth & noiseless movement. It will ensure to have comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Fan with Sturdy & Robust Construction

It is fully functional fan lace with German Paint technology & Nano-coated Lacquering to make it smooth and shiny. Its motor is made up of premium quality ABS motor covers, which brings a cosmopolitan vibe to any space. Another highlighting aspect is its insulated copper motor wiring, which enhances its longevity for wide-range usage. The entire frame of the fan is made of aluminium, a material that is highly durable, sturdy and dust resistant.

Positive Rating and Reviews

The fan is loved by several people across the world. However, the fan stands with a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Plus, various people compliment that fan looks are attractive & mind-blowing. The fan can easily match any room décor. Be is it your bedroom, dining room or living room, this ceiling fan circulates the powerful air throughout every nook & corner of the room.

Less Consumption of Electricity

The fan is thoughtfully designed with advanced technology, which makes it highly energy-efficient by consuming less electricity. The power consumption is just 75 Watts, which is very less as compared to any other fan at this price point. The fan looks after the need for a sustainable future by consuming very little electricity. Thus, you can save a lot of your money.

Pros of Luminous New York Brooklyn 120mm Ceiling Fan:

  • The wider, larger blade of the fan provides powerful air circulation and better air pus.
  • The fan produces minimal noise since it has equipped with 14 pole motors. Due to this reason, you’ll have a comfortable environment to rest and sleep.
  • The motor wiring of this ceiling fan is constructed of 100% copper, which ensures durability to the fan.
  • As it comes with a pre-greased ball bearing, that’s why it doesn’t create any noise while rotating.
  • The centrepiece design makes the fan classy & attractive, thus it can complement any room interior.
  • The fan finish ensures durability since it is made of an aluminium body and coated with German Liquid paint technology.
  • At a 3,092 price point, you’ll get several features.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Cons of Luminous New York Brooklyn 120mm Ceiling Fan:

  • It can be noisy at the time ( Negligible noise).


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