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How to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Oil & Dirt?

A kitchen exhaust fan can get very dirty, and a significant amount of gunk can be sticking to them. It becomes essential to clean them regularly, and professionals can charge you a lot for cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan. So what is the best way to clean the kitchen exhaust fan yourself? Check out the details below.

How to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Oil & Dirt?

1. Getting Ready

The first thing is to prepare the surroundings. Before you start cleaning the exhaust fan, we advise you to wear protective gear. You should have eye protection, gloves and a mask before you start. Also, disconnect the power supply and cover the area under the fan with an old newspaper or a rug. This way, the dust will not accumulate on the stove or kitchen counter.

2. Cleaning Agents Required

You should also get the toolkit and the cleaning agents ready. The tool kit may be required to unscrew the blades and the mesh. Apart from this, you can get the cleaning agents ready. Even a detergent solution can help you get rid of the oil & dirt. Alternatively, you can have a solution by mixing ammonia, water and baking soda. You can also mix vinegar and baking soda to clean the oil. Another alternative is turpentine oil, and that works very well while cleaning the gunk.

3. Cleaning the Mesh

No, start by cleaning the mesh. You can open it, and since it is made of plastic/metal, you can wash the mesh directly under the water. You can also use the cleaning agents while washing the mesh, giving you the intended results. Once the mesh has been cleaned, leave it to dry in an open area.

4. Cleaning the Blade

The blades would be the dirtiest part of the exhaust fan. You would need to use a good amount of cleaning solution. Ensure that the blades are not bending as that could leave the exhaust fan useless. You will also have to use a brush to clean the blades, and a toothbrush works quite well in that case. Once that is done, rinse the blade with water and leave it to dry.

5. Final Touch

You should also clean the body of the exhaust fan with a damp cloth, and you can reassemble the exhaust fan once the blades & mesh is dry. The exhaust fan is now ready to use, but before that, don’t forget to plug in the power cord again. Your exhaust fan should be clean now.


A clean blade can make the fan very efficient. If the fan is laced with oil and dirt then the efficiency of the fan will lower down. Moreover, the oil can even damage the motor. This makes it very important for you to clean the fan. You can follow this activity once every couple of months to ensure that the fan is efficient & clean.


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