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Bajaj Fan Customer Care Number, Complaint Email id, Official Website

Fans are considered the most effective solution to keep the room cool and dust-free during hot summers. Various Indian Brands offer a wide variety of fans as per your requirements. When it comes to buying a high-performance with phenomenal cooling features, Bajaj is one of the leading and trustworthy brands, you may think to buy.

Customer Care Number and Official Website

For any inquiry, complaint or customer support, you can dial Bajaj Fan’s toll free number 1800-102-5963 or write them at consumercare@bajajelectricals.com with further details. You can also visit their official website https://www.bajajelectricals.com.

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History of Bajaj Fans

The company was combined in July, at Lahore. The company manufactures electric items such as fluorescent tubes, general lighting service lamps, fans, electrical, non-electrical appliances, lighting fixtures. In 2006, the company started launching a premium range of ceiling fans which are unbeatable in terms of durability, functionality, and range. Also, the company has been awarded the Best Indian Company in Integrated Building Management Solutions and The Procurement Excellence Award in 2015.

Smart Fans of Bajaj Company

Smart Fans offering by Bajaj is considered powerful electrical appliances with a wide swing. Usually, Bajaj ceiling fans have three, four, or five blades offering air into every corner of the room. The most recent models of Bajaj smart fans feature LED lights, Speed Indicator, Smart Remotes, Speed Regulations, and various other advanced features. Bajaj Fans are potable and budget-friendly, also fulfil your cooling requirement.

Furthermore, Bajaj Fans provides a range of options include exhaust, fans, tower fans, table fans, wall fans, and pedestal fans. The company also understand the needs of Indian middle-class and launches a product with different design and colors.

Pros of Bajaj Fans

  • Bajaj is one of the olden fan manufacturers in India; also has many years of experience, making it one of the popular brands in the country.
  • Bajaj fans are greater in advanced technology due to which they designed noise-free households. Furthermore, it offers a wide of models for every type of requirement.
  • The demand for Bajaj fans is increasing day by day in the Indian market, thus the billions of rupees of turnover have been in favor of the company over the years.
  • Due to the solid build quality of fans, Bajaj company has a foothold their feet in the Indian market, giving it diverse benefits over the majority of its rivalry brands.
  • The wall-mounted series from Bajaj is one the cheapest fans available on the market.
  • Occasionally, Bajaj Company comes out with the best deal at the cheapest prices across the country. You will get your favorite product either online or offline along with great discounts.

Types of Bajaj Fans

  • Table Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Tower Fans
  • Wall Fans
  • Pedestal Fans, etc.

After knowing about the different fans options, you will surely think to buy Bajaj fans. Of course, choosing a particular fan might be difficult. Thus, you can check the different series and right model to get the most out of Bajaj fans.


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