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Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm Exhaust Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office

Indoor rooms can get stuffy and humid. They can even get smelly if there isn’t enough ventilation at home. It is practically impossible to build an airy room, but you can improve the ventilation by installing an exhaust fan. Today, there are many brands available, which creates a lot of confusion. If you are looking for a Made in India Exhaust Fan for kitchen & bathroom, you can even check out Luminous Vento Delux 150 mm Exhaust Fan. If you are not sure whether to buy this model, then check out this comprehensive review of the fan, and this will help you understand if you should buy Luminous Vent Delux 150 mm Exhaust Fan or not.

Luminous Vento Deluxe

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Features of Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan

  • Versatile – This exhaust fan is very versatile. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or even cabin. The humid conditions don’t impact the working of this exhaust fan. There are also colour options and different size options available in this exhaust fan from Luminous. So, if you are looking for something that offers versatility, then this is the model for you.
  • Compact – The design of the fan is very compact. It is easy to fit the fan in any existing space. The square sides ensure that the fan fits easily without leaving space for dust, insects or mosquitoes. The cut-out size of this fan is 191 mm x 191 mm.
  • Speed & Sweep – The fan’s speed and sweep are essential features. The ventilation is dependent on this. Talking about the Luminous exhaust fan, the fan’s maximum speed is 1350 RPM, and it has a sweep of 150 mm. In addition, the copper motor works very well even during voltage fluctuation.
  • Shutter for Dust Protection – This exhaust fan from Luminous comes with Dust Protection Shutter. The dust protection shutter shuts off when the exhaust fan is turned off. This ensures that the dust and insects don’t enter the room. The shutter automatically opens when the fan is running.
  • Warranty Policy – It is always better to check the warranty policy associated with the fan. In the case of Luminous Exhaust Fan, the warranty policy is of two years. This means that your purchase stays protected for two years. Moreover, the customer service of the brand is also quite impressive.

Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen Bathroom and Office


  • The blades of this exhaust fan are designed with polypropylene, and hence they have a very high quality. They don’t attract a lot of dust, and they don’t experience any wear & tear even after extensive usage. There are five blades on this exhaust that maintains optimal airflow.
  • The motor uses pure copper winding. This helps improve the speed and the durability of the exhaust fan. The motor also comes with a two-year warranty, and hence you can trust the quality. The power consumption of the motor is only 30 watts.
  • The overall quality of the fan is very durable. The plastic quality is also very durable. You won’t experience any cracks on the body of the fan.
  • The design of this exhaust fan feels premium, and you won’t feel any hesitation in installing this exhaust fan even in the living room.
  • Lastly, this exhaust fan attracts significantly less dust, and it is also effortless to clean.


  • Some users reported a gap on the side, and hence there is filler required during the installation.
  • While the fan’s speed is 1350 RPM, it may feel slow during extreme humid conditions.
  • This exhaust fan is only designed for small rooms.
  • The energy consumption is relatively high.

Final Verdict

Overall, this exhaust fan from Luminous is quite impressive. It is available at an affordable price, and it offers true value for money. If you are looking for an exhaust fan for your cabin, bathroom or kitchen, you can opt for this model. The customer service offered by the brand is also very prompt, and hence you will love the products.


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