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How to Fix the Table Fan Not Rotating?

Probably, you haven’t admired the comfort of a rotating table fan, but when it doesn’t, you can feel the sorrow. During the summer months, the heat is thriving and the easiest solution for anyone sitting in the room, shop or office is to use a table fan to deliver air at wide angles.

You can turn on the rotation and the fan will be flowing air in 250˚ directions, which can surely help you eradicate the heat. Different manufacturers use different techniques to power the rotation of the latest table fans. In case, the table fan’s rotation stops working, you can consider claiming the warranty and get the fan repaired.

Table Fans in India

If the fan is out of warranty and you want to fix it yourself, the below-given steps will come in handy during those situations –

Step 1 – Figure out the issue

The process begins with learning about the problem. In many cases, the issue in a table fan is with the small capacitor installed into the table fan. This small capacitor has a crucial function to kickstart the fan. When the issue is with the rotation, there is usually a small gear connected to the fan.

Step 2 – Remove the Back Canopy

The back canopy or the backside of your table fan has small screws. Look for all the screws to open the back area and then open it up. The liver which is connected to turn on the rotation usually get stuck or get damaged after years of use. If the fan is working, then the rotating arm might have a problem with functionality.

Step 3 – Check Rotation Arm

It would be an excellent choice to look at each side and try to rotate the fan manually to figure out the problem. Pull the lever and the fan must be free to rotate. If the fan is not rotating manually also, then remove the rotation liver and check its teeth or gear. If the rotational gear is damaged, you can replace it with a new one and these are easily available in the market.

Step 4 – Replacing the broken parts

You can buy all those broken parts from the market and change them. You should lubricate the areas which have higher friction. The rotating arm is connected to a small bearing and oiling it will help you get rid of these issues. If the gear is stuck due to any debris, you can clean it with isopropyl alcohol and effectively eradicate the problem.

Step 5 – Check manually Again

Now if you have done everything, the fan must be able to rotate. If the rotation doesn’t work even after all those changes, it will be a technician job to fix the issue. In most scenarios, these kinds of issues are easy to solve and you can do it at home. Make sure that you do not apply any excessive pressure, otherwise, the parks might break. We hope, that this guide did help you solve the problem.


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