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How to Find Relationship Manager in HDFC Bank

Relationship managers are a major part of the modern-day banking services of all major banks. Relationship managers are tasked with providing financial guidance and personalized tailored financial management services in the form of wealth management, funds allocation, and investment schemes. This service holds much value as normal users can carefully plan and allocate their savings and funds to proper use for growth and beating the inflation for future corpus. HDFC Bank, one of the major commercial banks of India offers relationship manager services to its customers and can be easily accessible.

We here take a look at how to connect or find your relationship manager for HDFC Bank with these below-mentioned steps. Read along.

How to connect with your Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank?

Relationship Manager

First Method: Connect with your Relationship Manager via a Missed Call

  • HDFC Bank allows customers to easily connect with their respective relationship managers via just a simple missed call service. This feature has helped find the RMs without much hassle.
  • You can simply call this dedicated RM Connect number, i.e. 70433 70433, and give a missed call.
  • The respective Relationship Manager will connect with you shortly and discuss with you your financial needs and various allocation schemes.

Second Method: SMS to the dedicated RM number

  • This is another method that can be used to connect with your Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank.
  • For this all you need to do is send an SMS with the text “Call me” to 70433 70433.
  • Once your SMS is delivered the inquiry will be sent to the relationship manager and he will call you shortly and discuss with you the services you can avail of and other offers.

Third Method: Using Netbanking to access HDFC Relationship Manager

  • This is the traditional method that is still running and you can access the same.
  • For this you have to visit the website of HDFC Bank, i.e. https://hdfcbank.com/
  • Once you visit the website of HDFC Bank, go to the menu and click on the services.
  • There you can access the customer service request section.
  • Now fill out the form with your details and requirements and click on the option for relationship manager.
  • The form will be added to the database of the bank and the concerned relationship manager will connect with you and establish a connection with you.

Fourth Method: Accessing Relationship Manager services via Net Banking

  • One of the prominent ways people or users access the relationship manager services is the net banking method. For this, you can follow these steps.
  • Login to your HDFC Bank Mobile Banking app with your login ID.
  • Then go to the Menu section and Click on the Programme Name.
  • Then select from the Imperia/Prefered/Classic options.
  • Now click on the Request a Callback from RM.
  • The relationship manager will call you shortly and connect with you for the services on offer.

Note: The relationship manager connect services are available via HDFC Bank on all working days from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. So if you raise a request at later hours, you’ll get the call on the subsequent day as per the working hours of the bank. Once you get the call from the bank regarding the relationship manager’s services, explain your need and then proceed to discuss with the relationship manager about your needs and required services. Also, make sure to verify the relationship manager for authenticity before availing the services.


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