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How to Find Relationship Manager in ICICI Bank

Banks offer a range of services in terms of banking, investment, and other avenues of growth. All of these services are catered by banks through its channels. One of these channels is the relationship manager who is in task with providing you with personalized services and tailored solutions to meet the needs of the customer and to help them make informed decisions.

However, finding a relationship manager or who is assigned to you is often a tedious task and not many users can find a way through it. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to discuss the way to find your relationship manager at ICICI Bank in a step-by-step manner. Read along.

How to find your ICICI Bank Relationship Manager?


Step 1: Visit the official website of ICICI Bank

  • The first step involves going to the official website of ICICI Bank. For that, you can click on this URL https://www.icicibank.com/

Step 2: Now navigate toward the Contact Us section of the website

  • Once you have clicked and visited the official website of ICICI Bank, you can go to the Contact Us section of the bank. You can find this either on the top menu or the bottom menu bar and click on it.

Step 3: Explore Customer Service Option

  • Inside the Contact Us section, there is a dedicated customer service option that you can click. This option will give you a link for either personalized assistance or a relationship manager.

Step 4: Fill in the form or connect with the customer service representative to get your query listened to and an appropriate relationship manager appointed for you.

Note:  If you’re looking for a relationship manager or personalized assistance for services like wealth and investment guidance, then you can simply go to the following dedicated website of ICICI Bank:

  • Go to the website https://www.icicibank.com/wealth-management/personal/meet-our-rm
  • There fill out the form with details like your name, services sought after, and the reason for seeking a relationship manager.
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, a customer representative from ICICI Bank will contact you shortly regarding the same and help you connect with the desired relationship manager.

Things you should know before finding Relationship Manager in ICICI Bank?

  • You should first enlist the reason why you are seeking a relationship manager. There are various services related to relationship management offered by the bank and you should be aware of the services that you need to avail. Are you looking for wealth management or fund management services or are you seeking an investment decision? Be clear on your goals to get the right pick.
  • Always cross-verify your relationship manager to be assured of the safe and right person. You can do so by seeking the credentials and validation of your relationship manager and ICICI Bank as proof.
  • Relationship managers can offer both dedicated and personalized 24/7 connectivity if required. Do make sure to discuss this.
  • Always be prepared from your side about your needs and goals to help streamline the discussion and meetings with the Relationship Manager.
  • You can visit your bank or conduct business via online connection as per your desire.
  • Always stay in touch and communicate with your relationship manager so that you get all the assistance you’ll need.

Final Words

Seeking a relationship manager at ICICI Bank will help you enhance your banking experience and build a bigger channel of banking and wealth management from the top advisory. This alongside the easy connect and financial guidance and support makes hiring a relationship manager the right pick. We hope this article can help you find the right relationship manager for your account.


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