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Top 10 Best Arm Wrestlers In India Of All Time

Arm wrestling is a new sport that has been grabbing everyone’s attention these days. With each year passing by, this sport is becoming more and more famous, not just in India, but all across the globe. Well, it is true that arm wrestling has been going around for quite a while now, but it was quite recently that this became an actual sport. However, when you look at the history of this sport, you’ll notice that it has been official since the 1950s, but it became a known sport in India quite recently.

The credit for that goes to some of the top and best arm wrestlers who have actually popularized arm wrestling in the country. And today’s post is all about just that. Here we will be going over the list of the top 10 best arm wrestlers in India of all time. If you have been feeling intrigued about this sport, then, of course, these top figures are the prime reasons for that. Correct? Well then, let’s get down to the list without further ado.

List of Best Arm Wrestlers In India Ever

1. Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar’s journey to stardom began with a bang when he took home the gold at the inaugural Pro Panja League. This victory spotlighted him on the arm wrestling stage, and there was no stopping him after that. He made a smashing performance at the Pro Panja Mega Matches-1 against Buta Singh, a tough rival, and walked away with a win. Our man didn’t just stick to national tournaments, though. He showed his skills and strength on the global stage, bringing home the gold from the prestigious 2022 Sheru Classic Arm Wrestling Championship. All eyes in the arm wrestling world have been on him as he made a meteoric rise, bagging a whopping 19 gold medals along the way.

2. Tridip Medhi

Tridip Medhi

And here comes Tridip Medhi, an arm wrestling wiz from Assam, India. He rose to prominence in 2020 when he secured a gold medal in the 70 kg category at the Pro Panja League ranking tournament in Delhi. That’s when people started taking serious notice. And he didn’t stop there. He showcased his prowess at the 2021 Sheru Classic Arm Wrestling Championship and brought home a shiny silver medal, making his home state even prouder. To top it off, he’s also the gold medal winner at the 44th All Assam State Arm Wrestling Championship. Over the last eight years, Medhi has been dedicatedly sweating it out in the art of arm wrestling, drawing inspiration from his idol, the legendary Canadian arm wrestler Devon Larratt.

3. Dilshad Perumbavoor

Dilshad Perumbavoor

Now, here’s the low-down on Dilshad Perumbavoor, the “strong man” of Pro Panja League 2020 and one of India’s finest arm wrestlers. This second-year History student from Kerala, has his prowess in the heavyweight category, specifically the 100+ kg division. Dilshad took a leap into stardom when he snagged the top spot in the PPL ranking tournament, confirming his superstar status. But his crowning moment came when he took the gold medal home from the World Championships in Turkey. Dilshad’s got power, skill, and determination, and he’s quickly making a name for himself in the Indian arm wrestling world.

4. Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Next up, we have the “Powerhouse” himself, Sunil Kumar. Hailing from Punjab, Sunil’s been flexing his 19-inch biceps in the arm wrestling world since 2014. With nine national-level medals under his belt, he’s been a consistent force in the Indian arm wrestling scene. His golden moment came in the Pro Panja League of 2020, where he took home the gold in the 100 kg category. This guy is not just about strength, though. His dedication and focus are evident in every match, making him one tough opponent to beat.

5. Siddharth Malakar

Siddharth Malakar

Then there is Siddharth Malakar, an arm wrestling sensation who’s made his mark in the sport with his brute strength and sheer determination. He stormed into the scene with a big win at the PPL’s first ranking tournament in 2020, where he outclassed everyone in the 90 kg category. But that was just the beginning. Siddharth went on to dominate the Pro Panja League Mega Matches-2, besting the formidable Sunil Kumar to become the ‘Super Champ.’ And he didn’t stop there. Siddharth also scored a gold medal at the 44th Nationals held in Hyderabad, further solidifying his reputation as a national sensation in arm wrestling.

6. Karaj Virk

Karaj Virk

Known for his Hulk-like strength and jaw-dropping skills, he’s one of the country’s finest in the sport. He’s got a host of wins that have pushed him right into the top tier of Indian arm wrestling. At the first-ever PPL event in New Delhi in 2020, he bagged gold in the 80 kg category, a game-changer in his career. His grit and laser focus are like a magnet, drawing in wins against some seriously tough competition. He didn’t stop there; he brought his A-game to the PPL Mega Matches-1, battling it out in a heart-stopping five-round match against Sachin Goyal in the same weight category. And then at the 2022 Sheru Classic Arm-Wrestling Championship, in the hotly contested 100 kg category, he nabbed a well-earned bronze.

7. Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Aakash Kumar is a name that sends ripples through the Indian arm wrestling world. He wowed spectators with his power and precision at the 2022 Sheru Classic Arm Wrestling Championship in New Delhi, taking home the gold in the cut-throat 70 kg category. What sets Aakash apart is his determination and pursuit of excellence. The guy’s a real machine, with an intense training regimen that proves he’s in it to win it. His “Champion of Champions” title is just the icing on the cake, a testament to his standout skills. But there’s more to Aakash than just his trophies. He’s got a level of sportsmanship and humility that earns him brownie points off the table too, inspiring young arm wrestlers to chase their dreams.

8. Sanjay Deswal

Sanjay Deswal

Hailing from New Delhi, Sanjay Deswal’s got a trophy cabinet full of accolades that scream “Don’t mess with me.” He’s the National Gold medalist and ten-time Delhi ‘Champion of Champions.’ This guy knows what it takes to be a winner, and he proves it time and time again. His golden moment came at the 2021 Sheru Classic Arm-Wrestling Championship in Mumbai where he bagged yet another gold. He’s not just a local hero, though. At the Pro Panja Mega Matches-1, he faced off against Hyderabad’s Syed Mahaboob Ali, showing the world that his skills aren’t limited to the Indian arm wrestling arena.

9. Sameer VT

Sameer VT

With two decades of experience, Sameer’s got a wealth of wisdom and talent that sets him apart. His journey began 23 years ago, and he’s been perfecting his craft ever since, winning the Indian Arm Wrestling Federation National champion title a whopping 13 times! He’s not just a national hero; he’s made waves on an international scale, bagging an Asian Silver Medal. He even captained the Indian arm wrestling team in 2019. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a three-time national champion in Qatar, proving he’s got what it actually takes to compete on a global scale.

10. Sachin Goyal


Lastly, let’s talk about Sachin Goyal, whose rise to fame kicked off in 2020 when he bagged silver at the PPL Ranking Tournament in Delhi. He then took the Pro Panja Mega Matches-1 by storm and became the ‘Champion of Champions’ at the Sheru Classic Arm Wrestling Championship in 2021. Always up for a challenge, he took on the 90 kg category at the Sheru Classic in 2022, showing his mettle and taking home gold. With four golds and two silvers from the National Arm Wrestling Championships under his belt, he’s truly a force to be reckoned with.


There you have it. As you have seen, we have also mentioned some of the newer faces who have been making a name for themselves in this sport. And this is the beauty of this sport, it allows the newcomers to gain popularity and make a name for themselves based on their talent. That’s what a true or good sport is all about.


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