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How to Check Original Bisleri 20-Litre? Real or Fake

It is crucial to verify the authenticity of a 20-litre Bisleri water container to make sure you are purchasing the real thing and not a replica or inferior model. In India and other nations, the bottled water brand Bisleri is well-known. It has a lengthy history that dates back to 1965 when it was initially introduced and is one of the top mineral water brands in India. identical to how “Xerox” is utilized for photocopying or “Kleenex” for tissue paper in some regions of the world, the moniker “Bisleri” is frequently used generally to refer to bottled mineral water in India.

The Uniqueness of Bisleri Brand

Particularly in India, the Bisleri brand is of utmost importance as a reliable source of clean and safe drinking water. It has a history that dates back to 1965 and has come to represent excellence and purity. In a nation where finding clean water can be difficult, Bisleri is essential in offering a quick, dependable, and practical source of hydration.

Millions of people are familiar with and rely on its recognizable blue bottles, which make clean drinking water accessible even in far-off places. Beyond hydration, Bisleri’s dedication to quality establishes a standard, guaranteeing consumers the security of the water they drink and promoting the health and welfare of the general public.

Guide To Identify Original Bisleri Water Bottle

bisleri 20 litre bottle

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check if your 20-litre Bisleri water container is original:

1. Look for the Bisleri Logo: Start by looking for the Bisleri emblem on the label of the container. The branding on the genuine Bisleri water bottle will be crisp and of excellent quality. Verify the logo for any anomalies, such as blurry or fading printing.

2. Verify the Label: Give the label a close look. Original Bisleri containers will include labels with legible, crisp text that includes contact information, batch numbers, and information about the product. Verify that every piece of information on the label corresponds to what you would anticipate from a genuine Bisleri product.

3. Inspect the Cap: 20-litre containers made by Bisleri are only available with a particular kind of cap. Verify the cap is properly sealed and look for the Bisleri trademark. Check the cap for any damage or tampering traces.

4. Examine the Seal: A tamper-evident seal on Bisleri containers ought to be present to guarantee that the water hasn’t been tampered with. When you buy the container, this seal should be whole and undamaged. If the seal is broken or absent, the product can be a fake.

5. Check the Water Quality: Fill a clean glass with a small bit of the water, then taste it. Genuine Bisleri water is renowned for its crisp flavour. The water might not be pure if it tastes strange or has an unpleasant flavour.

6. Check the Batch Number: A batch number is printed on the label of each Bisleri container. To ascertain whether the batch number relates to a valid product, get in touch with Bisleri customer assistance or go to their official website.

7. Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Buy from trustworthy and approved merchants or directly from the official Bisleri website to make sure you are obtaining an actual Bisleri container. When making purchases from unknown or street vendors, exercise caution.

8. Check the Packaging: Keep an eye out for any indications of subpar packaging, like torn cardboard or plastic wrapping. Genuine Bisleri containers are frequently expertly packed to preserve the quality of the goods.

9. Ask for a Receipt: When buying a 20-litre Bisleri container, make sure you get a receipt or other kind of evidence of purchase. If you are unsure about the product’s validity, you can use this as proof.

10. Report Suspected Counterfeits: Contact Bisleri’s customer service right away to report the problem when you believe you bought a fake Bisleri container. They may offer advice on how to continue and take legal action against fake products.

11. Check for Holographic Seal: Holographic seals are frequently used on the labels of original Bisleri containers to increase security. Verify the existence of this seal and that it tilts with the expected holographic effects.

12. Examine the Label Design: Consider the label’s layout and design. Genuine Bisleri labels feature a dependable and expert appearance. Be wary of labels that have inconsistent colour, font, or graphic styles or that otherwise don’t appear right.

13. Examine the Bottle Material: Genuine Bisleri containers are normally created from high-grade plastic that is safe for food. Check the fabric to make sure it complies with quality requirements and doesn’t feel flimsy or thin.

14. Verify the Manufacturing Date: Check the label for the manufacturing date. Make sure it is readable and meets your standards for a new product. Old or expired containers might not offer the same quality.

15. Verify QR Codes or Barcodes: A smartphone app may be able to scan barcodes or QR codes on certain Bisleri containers. Utilize this function to verify the product’s legitimacy by comparing it to the official records of Bisleri.

16. Compare with Reference Images: Authentic 20-litre Bisleri containers from the company’s website or official advertising materials can be used as a reference to compare your container to, if available.

17. Inspect the Transport Packaging: Inspect the transport packaging carefully if the container is brought to your home, especially if it bears any Bisleri logo or seals. Packaging that is distorted or damaged could be a concern.

18. Ask for Certification: In some situations, Bisleri containers may have certification labels or marks. If this is the case, ask for proof of certification. These certificates attest to the reliability and excellence of the product. Verify the legitimacy of these markings by looking for them.

19. Seek Feedback from Others: To get opinions or reviews on the merchant or seller from whom you are purchasing the 20-litre Bisleri container, speak with friends or members of internet communities. Experiences from others can be useful.

20. Be cautious of Unrealistic Prices: Use caution if the cost of the 20-litre Bisleri container looks excessively low. Extremely low costs may be a sign of phoney or poor-quality goods.


Keep in mind that verifying the legitimacy of your Bisleri 20-litre bottle is essential for your health and safety in addition to the water’s purity. To enjoy genuine Bisleri water, use caution at all times and follow these instructions.


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