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Top 10 Best Female Boxers In India

Seriously, boxing has long been a male-dominated sport, but recently, we have seen a surge in the number of female boxers. They have emerged stronger, braver, and more determined than ever. Their stories of resilience, pushing the boundaries, and shattering glass ceilings have sparked an explosion of enthusiasm among young Indian women who now see boxing as more than just a sport.

If you are someone who’s new to this wave of change or you’re curious about these revolutionaries of Indian boxing, then today’s post is all about you. In this post, we are going to explore the inspiring journeys of the top ten female boxers who have redefined the Indian boxing scene. But before we step into the ring, remember that this is just the beginning of a new era in Indian sports, there are countless untold stories waiting to unfold. So yeah, let’s get down to it then.

List of Top Female Boxers In India

1. Mary Kom

Mary Kom

Known as the “Pride of India”, Mary has been a serious game-changer in the world of women’s amateur boxing. Not just that, but her life story is a bucket of motivation for young sports enthusiasts all around the world. Talk about breaking records, this woman has done it, and how! She’s got six World Championship titles under her belt, an achievement that’s yet to be topped by any boxer, male or female. In 2012, Mary added a shining bronze to India’s medal tally at the Summer Olympics, creating a bit of a sensation back home. Outside the ring, her work as a member of the Rajya Sabha, India’s Upper House of Parliament, and a national observer for boxing tells you how deeply she’s invested in the sport.

2. Laishram Sarita Devi

Laishram Sarita Devi

Next up, we have Laishram Sarita Devi on the list, another Indian boxing gem hailing from Manipur. With her rough-and-tough childhood spent in the humble village of Khunou Thoubal, Sarita has turned every stone of adversity into a stepping stone toward her massive success. Balancing boxing commitments and school education, Sarita has proved that resilience is for sure her middle name. Her boxing journey that started in 2000 has seen many shiny moments, like when she bagged a gold at the 2006 World Championships or when the Manipur police department promoted her to the rank of DSP recognizing her exceptional achievements. The icing on the cake came when Sarita was crowned the Women’s World Boxing Champion. This lady has indeed proven that when life throws punches at you, punch back harder!

3. Lekha K. C.

Lekha K. C.

Our next star on the list, Lekha K. C., comes from the scenic city of Kannur in Kerala. Trained at the well-known Sports Authority of India center in Kollam, Lekha proved her mettle with six straight victories at the National women’s boxing championship starting in 2001. But she absolutely didn’t stop there. She scooped up a gold medal for India in the 75 kg category at the Women’s World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2006, making her one of just five women athletes to do so. The shiny gold from the 2005 Asian championship and the prestigious Dhyan Chand award in 2021 are more feathers in her hat. She’s living proof that nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

4. Pinki Rani Jangra

Pinki Rani Jangra

Four times a national champion, Pinki showed her prowess again at the 2014 Commonwealth Games by scoring a bronze. Her journey saw her clashing with formidable opponents like Mary Kom and Laishram Sarita Devi, yet emerging victorious, earning her the nickname “The Giant Killer.” Pinki has shown that no matter the setbacks, whether it’s a loss to Lisa Whiteside from England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it’s about dusting yourself off and getting back in the ring. She’s a true icon in the world of Indian female boxing, reminding us to keep swinging even when the odds are against us.

5. Nikhat Zareen

Nikhat Zareen

Next on the list is Nikhat Zareen, a boxing legend from Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh. This young dynamite, a star in the boxing world, found her passion for the sport early on while balancing academics. Nikhat’s gold medals from international and national boxing championships have echoed her talent across the globe. Her journey has been much more than just boxing. Nikhat is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at AV College, Hyderabad, and a staff officer at the Bank of India. Her win as the ‘golden best boxer’ at a national boxing event in 2010 solidified her position in Indian boxing history. Nikhat’s journey is a testament to her grit and passion and an inspiration to young girls to chase their dreams and leave a mark in the world of sports.

6. Lovlina Borgohain

Lovlina Borgohain

Next, say hello to Lovlina Borgohain, the girl from Assam who’s a rising star in the world of Indian boxing. She’s literally punched her way through a sea of challenges and shot up the ranks, showing off her gutsy spirit and boxing brilliance. Remember the 2020 Olympics? She made us all proud by bagging a bronze medal, becoming only the third Indian boxer to pull off this feat. And there’s more. She nailed it at the 2023 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships by winning a gold medal. Despite a tough childhood, boxing became her passion, and she did not miss any opportunities when she got one.

7. Pooja Rani

Pooja Rani

This two-time Asian champion has made her mark with a combo of talent, resilience, and an “I won’t back down” spirit. She’s taken home a gold medal from the South Asian Games in 2016, silver and bronze medals from the Asian Championship, and even a bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games in the tough 75 kg category. Even after some setbacks, like not making the cut for the 2016 Rio Olympics, she came back fighting, making history in 2020 by becoming the first-ever Indian to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. And behind all these medals is a story of a girl who fought against her dad’s disapproval, juggled injuries, and even slept over at friends’ places to pursue her passion.

8. Jenny Lalremliani

Jenny Lalremliani

Let’s talk now about Jenny RL, another legendary female boxer in the 63kg Light Welterweight category. This Mizoram girl smashed it at the 2006 Women’s World Boxing Championship, grabbing a gold medal. Before this, she had already won gold medals in the 2003 and 2005 Asian Boxing Championships. When she’s not packing a punch in the ring, she’s serving her community as a police officer. Without a doubt, it is pretty much clear that Jenny‚Äôs got the power, determination, and talent that makes her one of India’s best female boxers.

9. Nitu Ghanghas

Nitu Ghanghas

Born in 2000, this female boxer is already a world champ in the minimum-weight category. Despite the rocky start, she was fueled by her father’s faith and her own determination. Her father took a bold step by taking unpaid leave, going back to farming, and even borrowing money to make sure Nitu got the best training. She took on a grueling 40 km daily commute to train at the Bhiwani Boxing Club. Alongside her boxing feats, she’s also a BA student at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College. Nitu is living proof that with grit and the right support, anything’s possible!

10. Simranjit Kaur

Simranjit Kaur

Last but not least, we have Simranjit Kaur Baatth on the list, a dynamo from Punjab. She’s been making waves in the international boxing scene since 2011. With her lightning-fast punches and steely determination, she’s brought home medals from the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, Ahmet Comert International Boxing Tournament, and many more. She’s also the first female boxer from Punjab to represent India in the Olympics. Her journey, which includes the tragic loss of her father in 2018, is a testament to her unyielding will. In 2020, she qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, marking a big milestone in her boxing career.


And just a quick note to wrap it all up, some might say that female boxing in India is still in its early stages, but in reality, these women have shown that with the right spirit and hard work, they can deliver knockout performances. It’s all about knowing how to throw the right punches, and these women have mastered it like no other.


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