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Top 10 Best Carrom Board Brands in India

Indoor games will never lose popularity and are always a good way to pass some time. Some of the games are such that elders, as well as children, can enjoy them. Indoor games like Carrom have evolved into full sporting events, and there are also many tournaments. Carrom is also an amazing group activity that you can try for team-building exercises. Carrom is not a game for point-and-shoot but rather a strategic game that requires you to analyze and plan your game. It is very common for Indian households to have a carrom at their homes.

If you would like to replace your carrom board or if you would like to buy a new carrom board, then you are on the right page. We always recommend buying the offerings from the best brands as the products are highly reliable and will last longer. On this page, we have listed the best carrom board brands you can buy, and we are sure that these brands will make the game more fun for you. Add a carrom powder and some extra pieces of strikers with your purchase, and let the game begin.

List of Top Carrom Board Brands in India


Now, look at the best carrom board brands available in the Indian market. You can explore the offerings from these brands, and we are sure you will love them.

1. GSI

GSI stands for Garg Sports International, one of the best brands available. It is highly trusted, and the quality GSI offers is the best. The board has very durable plywood, and in addition, it is super smooth. The surface of the carrom board is resistant to warping, which makes it even more durable. All the offerings from GSI are resistant to warping, and they have impressive rebound capabilities. If you are looking for the best, GSI is the one for you.

2. Magic Gold

If you are looking for a global brand, check out Magic Gold. The brand offers colourful carrom coins along with smooth strikers. You also get some spare coins from this brand if something gets damaged. The brand also provides you with a kit box to store everything. If you are looking for something durable, then Magic Gold is for you.

3. Play Rabbits

At number 3, we have Play Rabbits. This carrom board is made with high-quality material, and it also has amazing re-bounce capabilities. The carrom is reinforced properly, which helps it in avoiding any warping. The additional reinforcement also keeps the surface smooth. The matte polish gives the carrom water-resistant capabilities and long life.

4. Synco Carrom

Another top-selling brand on the list is Synco. This brand is popular across the globe, and the credit goes to the smooth board and the high-quality material used in the manufacturing process. The brand has an extensive range of products. In addition, you get a set of carrom powder, striker and carrom coins with every purchase. The accessories provided are also of top quality. This brand also supplies carrom board to the Indian Carrom Team. The brand has something for everyone.

5. Surco

At number 5, we have Surco. This is yet another world-class carrom board manufacturer. The quality of Surco carrom boards is so impressive that this brand is recommended by All-India Carrom Federation and International Carrom Federation. If you are looking for a carrom board for intermediate or professional level, then you can opt for this brand. The only problem here is that the offerings from Surco are slightly expensive. You will get carrom boards starting at Rs 4,500, and they can go all the way up to Rs 55,000.

6. Precise

Carrom Boards from Precise are also known for their top quality. The brand has an imprint in the global market, and it is India’s top carrom board exporter. The brand uses English Birch to manufacture the carrom boards. Apart from this, the brand has a wide range of offerings, and you can buy the carrom board depending on your budget and the level. On average, the cost of carrom boards from Precise ranges between Rs 2500 and Rs 13,500. You will never face any quality concerns with Precise Carroms.

7. Stag

If you are looking for something affordable without compromising quality, you can also check out the offerings from Stag. This brand is known for offering high quality, value of money carrom board. You can also buy a carrom stand from the brand if you would like higher stability and a professional setup from the brand. The standard range of offerings from Stag is between Rs 2,200 and Rs 6,000. Overall, the brand offers durable offerings, and you should surely check them out once.

8. Vinex

Another domestic brand that went international with its offerings is Vinex. The brand sells carrom boards across the globe. It was established in 1957, and today, it has evolved to be one of the world’s largest producers of carrom boards. The company was incepted in 1957, and since then, it has become a huge brand. The brand offers a combo pack with carrom powder and carrom coins. The best part about Vinex is that it offers carrom boards at an affordable price. Their product range starts at only Rs 1,000.

9. KD Sports

At number 9, we have another brand that uses Birch plywood for manufacturing carrom boards. This is a preferred brand by many professionals since it comes with antique plywood, offering an amazing level of smoothness. You can check out different models from KD Sports, and you will get something for your needs.

10. Suzuki

The last brand on the list is Suzuki. This is also a leading supplier of carrom boards across India. You can use them for mid-level tournaments and casual play. One of the best offerings from Suzuki comes with a wheeled stand. If you are looking for something affordable, but without any compromise on quality, then you must check out the offerings available from Suzuki. Their range starts at Rs 1,700. Moreover, the carroms from Suzuki are made of a 9mm thick ply, which gives them excellent resiliency and smoothness.

Carrom Board Frequently Asked Questions

1. What To Consider While Buying Carrom Board?

A. Ensure that the carrom board you purchase is made of premium plywood and is durable. The surface should be smooth, and there shouldn’t be any bumps. Apart from this, you must also look at the balancing of the carrom board. The frame of the carrom board should be at least 4mm thick. Pay attention to the quality of the carrom board. Ensure that the edges are not sharp and there are no protruding nails in the carrom board.

2. Is Striker and Other Things Included with the Carrom Board?

A. You get all the accessories, including the striker with the carrom board. You will also get some carrom powder when you make the purchase. If you would like to opt for better accessories, you can also purchase strikers as a stand-alone accessory.

3. Can I Get It Delivered to Home?

A. Yes, almost every e-commerce website sells carrom board. They deliver it to your home. You can buy carrom board from a reliable website to ensure you get a genuine product. You can also explore the brands we have listed above; almost all of these options are available on e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Final Take

Playing carrom is fun, perfect for rainy days when you can’t go out. It helps you keep your kids entertained, and at the same time, it can make your mind sharp. If your kids are just learning to play, you can buy a carrom board that costs less than Rs 1500. You can upgrade the carrom board as the level improves. Professional carrom boards can cost upward of Rs 10,000, so we would only recommend buying those if you plan to play tournaments or higher-level games. If you need any additional information about carrom boards, please feel free to contact us via the comment section. I hope the list of brands has helped you make the right purchase.


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