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Tata Sky Remote Not Working Red Light Blinking: Here’s Fix!

Is the red light on your Tata Sky remote control constantly blinking? You are not alone, so do not worry. This annoying issue has been experienced by many Tata Sky customers. But there is no need to freak out.

What Does the Tata Sky Remote’s Red Blinking Mean?

Your Tata Sky remote’s red blinking light often denotes a specific problem that need attention. The remote is using a visual hint to indicate a problem. It typically denotes a low battery level. In this instance, changing the batteries ought to cure the problem. However, if the blinking continues even after you have changed the batteries, it can be a sign that the remote plus your Tata Sky set-top box are not properly paired.


For effective operation, you might have to repair them again. It is advised to contact Tata Sky’s customer service for advice if none of these fix’s work because it can mean there is a more complicated technical issue.

Let me lead you via the steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem so you can resume uninterrupted viewing of your favourite TV programs:

  1. Check the Batteries

Checking the batteries in your remote control is the initial step in solving the red-light blinking problem. Batteries that are depleted or installed incorrectly are frequently the blame for this issue. Make sure the batteries are properly installed, and swap out any worn-out batteries for new ones.

  1. Remote Reset

Try resetting your Tata Sky remote when changing the batteries still does not fix the problem.

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Hold down the “Exit” and “Mute” buttons simultaneously for three to five seconds.
  2. After a successful reset, the red light on the remote will blink twice.

Check to see whether the red-light blinking issue still exists after resetting the remote. When it does, move on to the following action.

  1. Re-pair the Remote

The remote’s connection to the set-top box can occasionally break.

The steps to fixing it are as follows:

  1. Verify that your set-top box is turned on.
  2. Squeeze your Tata Sky remote’s “Power” button repeatedly.
  3. Press and release the “OK” button while still holding the “Power” button.
  4. After a successful pairing, the red light on the remote will flash twice.

After re-pairing the remote with the set-top box, try using it. Proceed with the following remedy if the problem persists.

  1. Check for Obstructions

Verify that there are no physical barriers preventing the remote from reaching the set-top box. The remote’s transmission may be hampered by obstructions like furniture or other objects in the line of sight. Remove any obstructions, then retest the remote.

  1. Contact Tata Sky Customer Support

If none of the actions stop the red light from blinking, contact Tata Sky customer service. They have trained technicians on staff who can help you further and, when necessary, even decide for a replacement remote.

  1. Signal obscuration

The signal of the remote can be hampered by electronic devices such as Wi-Fi routers, fluorescent lights, or other remotes using similar frequencies. When attempting to use the remote, make sure there are no similar devices nearby.

  1. Remote Damage

Check to see whether your remote control has any physical damage. It might not work properly if it was dropped or exposed to moisture. You might need to get a new remote in these circumstances.

  1. Software Updates

Tata Sky occasionally makes set-top box software updates available. Remote control problems may result from obsolete software. Verify that your set-top box is using the most recent firmware by visiting the official Tata Sky website or contacting customer service for help with updating.

  1. Remote Control Mode

Make sure the right mode is selected on your remote control. Some Tata Sky remote controls contain numerous modes (like TV and AUX) to operate different appliances. To control your Tata Sky box, ensure the “STB” (Set-Top Box) option is selected.

  1. Aligning the IR Sensor

Your Tata Sky set-top box’s IR sensor may not be receiving signals from the remote because of a misalignment. Make sure the set-top box’s front is clear and that nothing is in the way of the IR sensor.

  1. Remote Pairing Issues

Problems with the remote-control pairing procedure might occasionally cause the red light to flicker. For assistance, refer to the user manual’s recommended pairing procedures or get in touch with Tata Sky customer care.

  1. Remote Battery Contacts

Examine the remote’s internal battery contacts. A correct connection between the batteries can be hampered by corrosion or dust. Whenever necessary, clean the contacts.

  1. Remote Age

Your Tata Sky remote may be more susceptible to malfunction when it is old and has seen heavy use. It could be wisest in these circumstances to think about purchasing a new remote control.


Even while having a Tata Sky remote that is not working and has a red-light blinking problem might be annoying, most of the time it can be fixed with a few easy actions. Check the batteries first, then reset and re-pair the remote with the set-top box. Make sure there are no blockages and get help from Tata Sky customer service if the issue continues. With the help of these troubleshooting suggestions, your remote should start functioning properly in no time, permitting you to watch your favourite TV shows without interruptions. Keep in mind that based on the model of your Tata Sky remote and set-top box, troubleshooting procedures may change. For detailed instructions related to your equipment, always refer to your user manual or get in touch with Tata Sky customer care.


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