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Zomato App Not Working: Possible Reasons & Fix

Zomato is a well-known mobile application that transforms dining occasions. It provides users easy access to a huge database of restaurants, customer reviews, and menus. Zomato improves convenience and accessibility for food fans worldwide with services including table reservations, food delivery, and online payments. Your cravings aren’t being sated since your Zomato app is acting up. Do not worry! Let’s be here to assist you in identifying and fixing the problem.

Reasons Zomato App Not Working


Here are listed a few potential causes for your Zomato app’s potential malfunctions below, along with workable solutions to get it back up and running:

1. Problems with Internet Connection:

  • Reason: Internet connection issues are a potential cause.
  • Fix: Use Wi-Fi or a more powerful mobile data network to keep your internet connection steady. When necessary, restart your mobile data or router.

2. Older version of the app:

  • Reason: For example, you may be using an old version of the Zomato app.
  • Fix: Check for updates in the app store on your device (the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android). Download and set up the most recent.

3. Server Problems:

  • Reason: Zomato’s servers might be momentarily unavailable or having problems.
  • Fix: Give it some time, then try again. You may also visit Zomato’s official social media pages or website if there are any service outage notices.

4. Compatibility with Devices

  • Reason: Your device might not be compatible with the app.
  • Fix: Make sure the operating system version on your device is appropriate. To comply with the app’s requirements, you may have to update the software on your device.

5. App Cache and Data:

  • Reason: Conflicts may be brought on by accumulated cache and data.
  • Fix: Locate the Zomato app in the settings of your smartphone and erase its cache and data. Open the app once more and log in.

6. Application Permissions:

  • Reason: The application might not have the required permissions.
  • Fix: Check the app permissions in your device’s settings and confirm that the Zomato app has access to your location, storage, and other necessary functions.

7. Account Issues:

  • Reason: Problems with your Zomato account could be the cause.
  • Fix: Attempt logging out and back in again. Use the “Forgot Password” function to recover your password if you’ve lost it.

8. Remove and Install Again:

  • Reason: App files that are damaged could be the cause.
  • Fix: The solution is to uninstall Zomato, restart your smartphone, and then download it again from the app store.

9. Use of a VPN or proxy:

  • Reason: VPNs and proxies occasionally prevent apps from functioning properly.
  • Fix: Before using Zomato, turn off any VPN or proxy services you have running.

10. Contact Zomato Support:

  • Reason: If none of the suggestions above work, there might be a problem with your account or the program.
  • Fix: Contact Zomato’s customer service team via their official website or mobile app for individualized assistance.

11. Location Services:

  • Reason: For precise restaurant recommendations and delivery options, Zomato uses your device’s location services.
  • Fix: Verify that the Zomato app’s location services are turned on in your device’s settings. After making modifications, restart the application.

12. Complete Storage:

  • Reason: Your device’s limited storage space may impede app performance.
  • Fix: Clear up storage by deleting unused programs and files. Additionally, consider transferring some data to the cloud or an external storage device.

13. Background Apps:

  • Reason: Background processes may use resources that the Zomato app needs.
  • Fix: To ensure Zomato has adequate resources to function properly, close all background programs or use a task manager.

14. Operating System Updates:

  • Reason: Updating the operating system may be necessary since using an out-of-date system can cause compatibility problems.
  • Fix: Verify and apply your device’s most recent operating system updates. This can fix issues with the Zomato app’s compatibility.

15. Security Software:

  • Reason: Overly strict security software may prevent the Zomato app from connecting to the internet.
  • Fix: Check the settings of your security app to ensure that Zomato is whitelisted or permitted unrestricted access to the internet.

16. Account Suspension:

  • Reason: Your account might have been suspended when you violated Zomato’s terms of service.
  • Fix: Speak with Zomato customer service to learn more about your account’s status and get help with any suspension-related problems.

17. Time and Date Settings:

  • Reason: An app’s functionality may be impacted by incorrect date and time settings on your device.
  • Fix: Verify that your device’s time zone and date settings are correct.

18. App-Specific Bugs:

  • Reason: The app itself may have a bug.
  • Fix: Search app stores and internet forums for any user-reported problems. You’ll need to wait for a bug patch update to the Zomato app if the problem is prevalent.

19. Device Restart:

  • Reason: Occasionally, restarting your device can fix app problems brought on by transient bugs.
  • Fix: Restart your device after turning it off. This can help revive system operations and fix little problems.

20. Reinstalling from an Official Source:

  • Reason: The software might need to be fixed when you download it from an unofficial source.
  • Fix: To make sure you have a genuine and up-to-date version, uninstall the program and download it from the official app store (Google Play Store or Program Store).


Try these workarounds individually until you find the one that works for you, keeping in mind that app difficulties can vary. You may quickly resume using Zomato to order your favorite dishes with some perseverance and troubleshooting! You can improve your chances of effectively troubleshooting and fixing any issues with the Zomato app by considering these additional causes and solutions. Always be thorough and patient while identifying and resolving issues with apps.


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