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How To Change Fastag Mobile Number

FASTag has truly revolutionized the way toll collection systems work in the country. If you have signed up for FASTag, and have it attached to the front windshield of the car/vehicle then you are good to go. You won’t need to pay the toll in cash, and it’ll certainly save a lot of time too. But sometimes it happens when your FASTag registered mobile number is not with you or you have recently changed your primary number, in that case, it is important for you to change or update the number in FASTag as well. That way you’ll receive all the important notifications and messages on your new mobile number. And guess what? Today’s post is all about how to change your FASTag mobile number, so if you are here just for that, then stick to us a little longer to find that out.

What exactly is FASTag?

FASTag is like a magic sticker you slap on your car’s windshield. What does it do? Well, it’s got this cool tech called RFID which is short for Radio Frequency Identification. Think of it as a high-tech debit card for your car. When you roll up to a toll booth, no need to dig around for coins or wait in line like it’s the 90s. This nifty tag talks to the toll booth and says, “Hey, go ahead and take the toll money from my account!” Just like that, the cash gets zapped from a prepaid account or your regular savings account. Super easy, right? And guess what? You get to cruise on through without stopping!


And why is a Mobile Number Important for FASTag?

Okay, so you may be wondering, “Why do I need my phone number for this?” Great question! Imagine you just drove through a toll booth. Your FASTag does its thing, and boom, money’s gone from your account. But how do you know for sure? Well, that’s where your phone buzzes and tells you, “Hey, you just paid this much at this toll booth!” It’s a simple text alert.

So, having your current mobile number is kinda like having a receipt in your pocket. You’ll know exactly how much you got charged and where. And if some funny business happens, like a charge you didn’t expect, your phone will tell you straight away. So if you’ve got an old number on there, or worse, someone else’s, you’re gonna miss out on all this useful info.

Things You’ll Need In Order To Change Your FASTag MNP:

Before you proceed with changing your mobile number, make sure you have the following information by your side:

  • Your new mobile number
  • Access to your FASTag-linked bank account or digital wallet
  • Vehicle registration details

Method 1: Through The Bank’s Physical Branch

Alright, let’s break it down! So you wanna change the phone number linked to your FASTag, huh? Here’s how you can get that done the old-school way, by actually stepping into your bank. Yep, you read that right. If you dig the face-to-face interactions or just wanna step out of the house, this one’s for you.

  • Visit the Bank Branch: First off, find the closest branch of the bank that gave you your FASTag and head over there.
  • Request KYC Form: Once you’re inside, go to the customer service desk and ask them for a “Know Your Client” or KYC form. They’ll know what you’re talking about.
  • Fill and Submit the Form: Take a minute to fill out that form. Make sure you get your new phone number right, okay? Don’t wanna mess this part up. Once you’re done, give it to the folks at the bank.
  • Customer Support for UPI Apps: If you use Google Pay, Paytm, or any of those UPI apps, give their customer support a ring too. You gotta make sure your new number is updated there as well.

And voila! You’re all set. Easy peasy, right?

Method 2: Through Paytm

If you’re all about that online life, Paytm has got you covered for updating your FASTag phone number. It’s super easy. Let us break it down for you:

  • Download The Paytm App: If Paytm isn’t on your phone yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and hit that download button.
  • Login to Paytm Account: Open the Paytm app and sign in. Use the phone number you’ve got linked to your FASTag. You know, the one you wanna change.
  • Navigate to Profile: Do you see that little profile pic or icon in the top left corner of your screen? Just tap on that.
  • Update Mobile Number: Click on ‘Edit Profile,’ then tap on ‘Update Phone Number.’ Type in your shiny new number.

And bam! You’re all set. Simple as that.


There you have it. Go through each step mentioned in today’s post and you’ll be able to change your FASTag mobile number quite easily. If you are still having trouble, we’d recommend you connect with your bank people.


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