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Swiggy App Not Working: Possible Reasons & Fix

With just a few taps, Swiggy users can easily order food from their favourite eateries, becoming vital to many people’s lives. Swiggy, a well-known food delivery app and website, has revolutionized how individuals order and enjoy meals. Users may explore the menus of nearby restaurants, place simple orders, and have their favorite meals delivered right to their door. Swiggy provides a convenient dining experience with its extensive network of restaurants. But like any other program, Swiggy occasionally runs into problems that make it difficult to use.

Let’s examine some typical causes of Swiggy app malfunctions and offer you

Swiggy App

Workable solutions to restore the app’s functionality:

1. Network connectivity issues

  • Reason: A bad or unreliable internet connection is frequently to blame for the Swiggy app not working.
  • Fix: Make sure your internet connection is steady. Try toggling between Wi-Fi and mobile data to determine whether the problem still exists. You can also restart your router or mobile data connection to update the network.

2. Outdated App Version:

  • Reason: An older version of the Swiggy app may cause compatibility problems and other problems.
  • Fix: Check for updates in the app store on your device (the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android). Install any available updates to ensure you are using the most recent version of the program.

3. Application Cache and Data Build-up:

  • Reason: Due to cached data and accumulated app data, performance issues can develop over time.
  • Fix: Locate the Swiggy app in the settings section of your device and erase its cache and data. It will get rid of any extra files and potentially fix speed problems.

4. Device Compatibility Issues:

  • Reason: The most recent app upgrades might only be partially compatible with some older devices.
  • Fix: Verify that your gadget satisfies Swiggy’s minimum system requirements when it doesn’t, consider upgrading it or switching to a different one.

5. Server-Side Problems:

  • Reason: Downtime or other problems with Swiggy’s servers may interfere with the app’s operation.
  • Fix: Since Swiggy is responsible for this problem, there is little you can do but wait to fix it. For updates on server status, visit Swiggy’s website or social media pages.

6. GPS and Location Services:

  • Reason: For the Swiggy app to work effectively, precise location information is required.
  • Fix: Ensure that high accuracy mode is selected for your device’s GPS and location services. It will enable the app to locate you accurately for deliveries.

7. Software Permissions:

  • Reason: If the Swiggy app lacks the required permissions, it could not work properly.
  • Fix: Check your device’s settings and give the app all permission it needs, including, when necessary, permission to access your storage, location, and camera.

8. Device Software Issues:

  • Reason: The performance of an app may occasionally be impacted by software issues or conflicts on your device.
  • Fix: Restart your device or update the operating system on your device to the most recent version to fix any momentary software issues.

9. App Freezes or Crash:

  • Reason: The app may occasionally stop or break as a result of conflicts in the software.
  • Fix: Force the Swiggy app to close, then open it again. Install the app again if the issue still exists. This can assist in removing any damaged files that are causing crashes.

10. Account-Related Issues:

  • Reason: The app’s functionality may be impacted by problems with your Swiggy account, like payment issues or incorrect login information.
  • Fix: Verify all account information twice, including payment options and login information. Ensure your payment methods are current and your password, email address, and phone number are accurate.

11. Device Storage Full:

  • Reason: Your app’s performance may suffer if your device needs more storage.
  • Fix: Deleting unnecessary programs, images, or movies will free up storage space. To free up space for the Swiggy app, you can transfer files to an external or cloud storage device.

12. VPN or Security Software Interference:

  • Reason: Security programs or VPNs may prevent the app from successfully connecting to Swiggy’s servers.
  • Fix: While using the Swiggy app, briefly turn off any VPN or security programs. If the app functions without these tools enabled, you should set them up so Swiggy can connect to them.

13. Device Date and Time Settings:

  • Reason: Your device’s incorrect date and time settings could be the root of your app synchronization problems.
  • Fix: Ensure that your device’s automatic or manual time and date settings are set to the appropriate times for your time zone.

14. Background programs and operations:

  • Reason: The performance of the Swiggy app can be impacted by other background programs and activities using resources.
  • Fix-Close any unused background apps currently running on your device to fix them. It can allow the Swiggy app to run more efficiently by freeing up memory and processing power.

15. App-Specific Bugs:

  • Reason: Updates to the Swiggy app could bring forth new issues or errors.
  • Fix: Look for reports of such problems with the most recent software version in user reviews and forums. Swiggy’s customer service may offer a temporary remedy or release a repair in a subsequent update when you report a suspected bug.

Incompatible OS version:

  • Reason: App compatibility problems can arise while using an out-of-date or unsupported operating system version.
  • Fix: Make sure the operating system on your device is current. Consider updating to a newer model if you’re using an outdated gadget that no longer receives updates to ensure compatibility.


Don’t freak out if the Swiggy app stops functioning for you. One of the aforementioned causes is probably what’s creating the issue. You can quickly cure the problem and enjoy your favourite meals delivered to your door using the suitable fix.


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