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Top 10 Best Fast Bowler In India Of All Time

In the sport of cricket, fast bowling has a special place. When there is no fast bowling action in a game, you can’t help but think that there is something missing. Almost all cricket fans love to watch fast bowlers trouble the batsman on the pitch, it is quite a thrilling experience in our opinion. And thankfully, there have been many fast bowlers in Team India throughout the history of cricket.

You know about some of them like Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, or Kapil Dev, but did you know, India has had many best fast bowlers of all time? Dozens actually! And today we are about to dive into the list of the top 10 best fast bowlers in India of all time. If fast bowling is something that thrills or excites you, then we’d advise you to keep on reading. It is going to be fun, a lot actually. So let’s get down to it then. Shall we?

List of Best Fastest Bowler In India Ever

1. Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev

There’s a big thrill in mentioning Kapil Dev, right? An iconic all-rounder whose name still echoes in the cricket world, credited with taking Indian cricket to a whole new level. His right-handed aggressive batting and fast-medium pace bowling with a unique action, was something to behold! And, oh boy, his role in shifting the focus from spin to fast bowling in India! Simply transformative. And let’s not forget about his impressive wicket haul. 434 wickets in Test cricket? That’s something extraordinary! Just as his bowling was hard to face, Kapil Dev’s batting was also quite a spectacle, full of power hits and a natural attacking style.

2. Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan, a name that sends chills down the spines of batsmen worldwide. This left-arm fast bowler, oh, he was a master of swinging the ball both ways and his deceptive pace was simply superb. If there’s a bowler who could adapt to different conditions and opponents, it’s him. With over a decade in the Indian cricket team, Zaheer Khan’s exceptional performances are etched into the memory of cricket fans. He’s been a key player in some of India’s most notable cricket achievements. Remember the 2003 and 2011 ICC Cricket World Cups? He played a crucial role in those. His contribution to cricket, even post-retirement, is admirable.

3. Jasprit Bumrah


Jasprit Bumrah is currently the talk of the town, isn’t he? His bowling action, so distinctive, makes him an unforgettable presence on the pitch. There’s no mistaking Bumrah’s bowling prowess. With speed, accuracy, and a rich variety of deliveries, he’s got the whole package. Whether it’s high-pressure situations or adapting to different conditions, Bumrah always comes through. There’s something about the way he can just change the course of the game that gets you every time, don’t you think? Also he is one of the best Yorker bowler in Indian team.

4. Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath

Let’s talk about Javagal Srinath, a real game-changer for Indian fast bowling. Remember when he stepped onto the scene in 1991? He introduced a whole new level of fast bowling to India, breaking away from the typical spinners. The pace, bounce, and swing he generated were something to be thrilled about. His record of ODI wickets was unbeaten for years until legends like Anil Kumble and Zaheer Khan came along. He’s one of those bowlers whose influence on future talents like Ishant Sharma and Bumrah still shines bright.

5. Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma

And then we have Ishant Sharma, born in 1988, a key figure in India’s fast-medium bowling lineup. Test cricket is a tough game, right? But Ishant has been in it for over a decade, facing off against powerful oppositions. Whether it’s generating pace and bounce or getting movement with the red ball, Ishant’s got it. Not only is he the seventh Indian fast bowler to claim 300 Test wickets, but he’s also pretty effective both at home and overseas. From taking pivotal wickets to playing crucial roles in significant Test victories, Ishant is always there, dependable as ever. A truly valuable player, don’t you think?

6. Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami set foot on the international stage against Pakistan in 2013 in an ODI match, his debut performance – and boy, did he make a mark! Shami bowls right-arm fast and has a knack for generating pace and movement, a rare combo that makes a batsman sweat. His style is Smooth as silk. But what sets him apart? His ability to deliver accurate yorkers. Shami is like a Swiss Army knife of fast bowlers, armed with pace, swing, and that deadly yorker. These skills make him a formidable opponent in any format, any conditions. Shami has been a stalwart, especially in Test cricket, often swinging games in India’s favor with his timely wickets.

7. Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar

The cricket pitch was a canvas for Ajit Agarkar, an all-rounder who represented Team India with fervor. And what a career he had, right? Starring in both Test matches and ODIs, this fast bowler made his mark and how! It’s worth a mention, though, the title of “best fast bowler in India of all time” is a subjective one. Yet, no one can deny the uncanny ability Agarkar had for taking wickets in key moments, making him a crucial component of the team from 1998 to 2007. His consistency was nothing short of top-notch. With his knack for swinging the ball and generating pace, he was like a magician on varied pitches, a real gem for Team India.

8. Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra, a left-arm fast bowler, was born and bred in Delhi. His international career is as remarkable as they come, spreading over an astonishing 18 years from 1999 to 2017. While his name might not appear on every ‘best fast bowler in India of all time list, his impact on Indian cricket is undeniable. Nehra’s bowling skills were exceptional. Remember his ability to swing the ball both ways and trouble the batsmen? His memorable performances in high-stakes matches like the 2003 World Cup and the 2007 World T20 final are the stuff of legends! The man has not only survived but thrived in cricket, coming back stronger after every injury setback, proving his tenacity.

9. Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad, a name that became a synonym for effective medium-fast bowling in the late 90s and early 2000s. His career is studded with crucial wickets that led Team India to victory numerous times. He may not be universally accepted as one of the greatest fast bowlers of Indian cricket, but his worth is undebatable. Prasad had this uncanny ability to consistently hit the right spots, making him a tough opponent for any batsman. His lethal swings often put batsmen in a pickle and led to crucial breakthroughs for India.

10. Madan Lal

Madan Lal

Lastly, our focus this time is on a true legend, Madan Lal Udhouram Sharma, commonly known as Madan Lal. From 1974 to 1987, Madan Lal showcased his brilliance in the international cricketing arena, serving as a strong pillar for Team India. Not only was he a right-handed batsman, but also a right-arm medium-pace bowler. Quite the all-rounder, don’t you think? Even though Madan Lal wasn’t the fastest bowler on the field, his bowling was as enchanting as any beautifully composed art piece. His standout feature was swing bowling, the way he could command the ball to move through the air was quite extraordinary. Just like an artist using a fine brush stroke, his delivery could create considerable air movement, especially under the right conditions. Batsmen found themselves in a tizzy trying to deal with his swing, leading to him bagging those oh-so-important wickets. He could consistently land the ball in just the right spots, applying pressure on the batsmen.


Throughout the history of cricket, fast bowlers have been quite instrumental in shaping the position of the Indian cricket team as a big name across the world. And other than these 10 legends, there have been many other skillful and talented bowlers who have represented India with distinction. All in all, these fast bowlers are a strong inspiration for the upcoming talent which we will get to see in the future, and that would be something to talk about.


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