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10 Most Beautiful Sun TV Serial Actresses

Sun TV continues to dominate as the most-watched Tamil language television channel, riding high on a series of successful releases. With a massive audience, the channel consistently receives exceptionally high TRP ratings.

The Sun TV network features numerous popular soap operas, showcasing some of the most outstanding actresses in Tamil cinema. This article aims to compile a list of these actresses who contribute to the serials broadcast on Sun TV. While many names will be familiar to Tamil film enthusiasts, some may be newcomers to Sun Television serials. Let’s take a look at 10 Most Beautiful Sun Tv Serial Actresses 2024:

List of Beautiful Serial Actresses on Sun TV

1. Srithika Saneesh

Since 2010, Srithika Saneesh has been a regular on Sun TV’s Tamil serials, earning recognition for standout performances in shows like Madurai and Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu.

Born to a businessman, Srithika’s family relocated to Malaysia during her infancy. Later, she moved to Chennai, where her sister Sudha was crucial in helping her break into the show business scene.

Since her debut, Srithika has not only solidified her position as a formidable performer in Tamil cinema and television but has also garnered the affection of Sun TV viewers through her distinctive personality and acting abilities.

2. Mounika Devi

Mounika Devi

Mounika Devi, born on April 14, 1994, in Hyderabad, Telangana, is an Indian actress and model renowned for her Tamil cinema and television work. She gained widespread recognition for her breakthrough role in the popular Vijay TV show Avalum Naanum.

Completing her university studies in Hyderabad, Telangana, Mounika Devi has secured a prominent position among the top names on our list of Sun TV actresses.

3. Alekhya Harika

Alekhya Harika

Alekhya Harika, a renowned Indian actress, has left a lasting mark in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Her journey to stardom was initiated by the popular Tamil drama Dethadi, which aired on Sun TV. Notably, her first film role was in Dhruv, the movie featuring Vikram’s son and centered around Aditya Varma.

Among her notable works are the Sun TV serials Kanchana Ganga and Chandralekha. Alekhya’s contributions to Tamil cinema have earned her numerous awards, with fans consistently applauding her performances for their excellence.

4. Rekha Krishnappa

Rekha Krishnappa

Born on September 4, 1985, in Bangalore, Karnataka, Rekha Krishnappa gained widespread recognition in the lead role of the blockbuster drama Deivamagal. Starting her journey in the entertainment industry as a model, Rekha has been a veteran in numerous programs spanning Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and other languages, showcasing her versatile talent beyond Deivamagal.

With her notable contributions, Rekha has earned a significant fan base and is widely acknowledged as an actress with immense potential in the Tamil television industry.

5. Shamitha Shreekumar

Shamitha Shreekumar

Born on February 5, 1982, Shamitha is a well-known Tamil film and TV name, especially for her role in Pandavar Bhoomi. Her work in various films and TV shows has consistently received praise, showcasing her talent and versatility. Shamitha’s performances in Tamil films have earned her fame and love from the audience.

6. Dhanya Deepika

Dhanya Deepika

Dhanya Deepika, a standout artist on Sun TV, has been featured in various TV shows and films. Her achievements include being crowned Ms. South India Glamour 2019, adding to her impressive career. With a substantial social media following, Dhanya Deepika is widely celebrated as a beloved heroine on Sun TV.

7. Aishwarya Salimath

Aishwarya Salimath

Born on March 25, 1991, in Dharwad, Karnataka, Aishwarya Salimath is now 31 years old. This renowned actress has made a mark in both Tamil and Kannada films. Aishwarya has consistently garnered positive reception from audiences in every film and TV show she’s participated in.

8. Sandra Babu

Sandra Babu

Born on January 4, 1998, Indian actress Sandra Babu is recognized for her notable roles in Malayalam shows. Starting with Karuthamuthu, she made her debut on Malayalam television. Her portrayal of Devika in Makkal has made her a household name. Sandra Babu’s talent and friendly demeanor have endeared her to Sun TV viewers, paving the way for a promising career in Tamil cinema.

9. Papri Ghosh

Papri Ghosh

Papri Ghosh, an Indian actress prominent in Bengali and Tamil media, has recently graced the screen in the Sun TV series Pandavar Illam. Her journey began with the 2009 film Kaalbela, marking her debut in the industry.

Given her evident acting ability and youthful charm, it’s no surprise that Papri Ghosh has grown into one of the most famous actresses in Tamil Nadu. Her diverse roles and contributions in Bengali and Tamil media have solidified her position in the entertainment industry.

10. Aarthi Subash

Aarthi Subash

Born on October 20, 1997, Aarthi Subash pursued her education in Chennai, India, at SBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School. She further completed her undergraduate degree in tourism management in the same city.

Aarthi’s most notable role came in the Tamil drama Pandavar Illam, broadcast on Sun TV. Recognized among the most prominent names on our list of women who have graced Sun TV Tamil serials, Aarthi Subash has left a lasting impression with her contributions to the industry.


Sun TV, a popular Tamil channel, airs high-rated hit dramas. It features renowned actresses like Srithika Saneesh, Mounika Devi, Alekhya Harika, Rekha Krishnappa, Shamitha Shreekumar, Dhanya Deepika, Aishwarya Salimath, Sandra Babu, Papri Ghosh, and Aarthi Subash. These actresses are loved for their talent, making Sun TV a favorite among viewers. The future looks promising as they continue to entertain.


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