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10 Most Beautiful MAA TV Serial Actresses

Star Maa TV is a testament to these exceptional actresses’ talent and dedication. They have now become household names. Their ability to connect with the audience through compelling characters has played a crucial role in the channel’s popularity.

Viewers eagerly anticipate the next roles and performances from these remarkable women. Moreover, they continue to shape the narrative landscape of Telugu television with their unmatched skills and captivating presence. The legacy of these actresses on Star Maa TV remains integral to the channel’s success story. To further know about the 10 Most Beautiful Maa TV Serial Actresses 2024, continue reading!

Beautiful Actresses on MAA TV Serial

1. Meghana Lokesh

Meghana Lokesh

Meghana Lokesh became well-known thanks to her role in “Sasirekha Parinayam.” The show made her a household name. Another show, “Kalyana Vaibhogam,” brought her even more fame. Fans love Meghana for her charisma and how she expresses emotions through her acting.

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2. Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy became famous for her ” Meenakshi ” role in “Naa Peru Meenakshi.” She’s also been part of shows like “Kante Koothurne Kanali” & “Aame Katha.” Fans adore Navya for her grace and versatility in acting.

Born on March 17, 1990, in Mysore, Navya is active on social media. Apart from TV, she has worked in an OTT film, playing the role of a village beauty in a “genuine family drama.”

3. Premi Viswanath

Premi Viswanath

Actress Premi Viswanath has carved a niche for herself on Telugu television, leaving a lasting impression with her diverse portrayals of characters. Her notable work in “Karthika Deepam” particularly highlighted her acting prowess, garnering her devoted fans.

Her performances have showcased versatility, making her a sought-after talent in the industry. The success of “Karthika Deepam” has solidified Premi Viswanath’s position as a prominent figure in Telugu television.

4. Keerthi Bhat

Keerthi Bhat

Keerthi, a renowned Indian actress, has made her mark on television in Kannada and Telugu. In 2017, she entered the film industry with her debut role in “Ice Mahal.” Keerthi has been a prominent face on Star Maa, featuring in popular shows like “Manasichi Choodu” and “Karthika Deepam” as Bhanu. Furthermore, she is set to play the role of Dr. Hima Karthik in the upcoming 2023 series “Madhuranagarilo.”

5. Pallavi Ramisetty

Pallavi Ramisetty

A prominent model and actress in India, she has gained recognition, especially in Telugu television shows. Her debut on the Rangula Kala show marked the beginning of her career, with a significant presence in daily ETV serials. Pallavi Ramishetty starred in the Telugu television drama “Paape Maa Jeevanjyothi,” which premiered on Star Maa in 2021.

The show narrates the lives of Jyothi, Raghavaiah’s daughter, Surya’s wife, and Kutti, Sreethan’s mother and Malli’s foster mother. She has become a celebrated figure in the industry with a substantial fan base evident on her active social media accounts.

6. Preeti Nigam

Preeti, a talented actress in Telugu television, has captivated audiences with her versatile performances. Known for her work in serials like “Sravana Sameeralu,” “Uyyala Jampala,” and “Sundarakanda,” she has received widespread acclaim for her impressive range as an actress, earning her many fans.

7. Tejaswini Gowda

Tejaswini Gowda

Tejaswini Gowda, an accomplished actress, has earned praise for her exceptional work in Telugu serials. Her natural talent and determination make her a highly promising actor. Tejaswini’s ability to portray a diverse range of emotions in shows like “Koilamma” and “Care of Anasuya” has left a lasting impact on viewers.

8. Haritha

Haritha, a talented actress in Telugu television, has successfully carved a niche for herself in the competitive industry. Her expressive eyes and natural acting chops shine in performances, especially notable in shows like “Kumkuma Puvvu.”

With a distinct style that sets her apart, Haritha has established a loyal following. Her perseverance and adaptability in the dynamic world of Telugu television have contributed to her well-deserved recognition.

9. Debjani Modak

Debjani Modak

Debjani, a well-known Indian actress, has made her mark in series dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, showcasing her versatility. She portrayed roles like Rasaathi, Sandhiya, and Dr. Vedhaswini in popular TV series. In Star Maa’s “Ennenno Janmala Bandham,” Modak played a supporting character.

Her presence on Tamil television began with the Sun TV serial “Rasathi,” where her photo shoot results gained widespread online attention. However, the role was later taken over by Pavani Reddy.

10. Archana Ananth

Archana Ananth

Archana Ananth, a renowned television actress in the South TV industry, was born on January 3, 1988, in Bangalore. She has appeared in notable TV shows like “C/o Anasuya” and “Karthika Deepam” on the Star Maa channel.

Archana Ananth’s artistic contributions extend to Telugu-language films and television shows throughout her career in Tollywood. Known for her vegetarian lifestyle, she is married to Anantha Velu, and the couple has one child.


As mentioned above, the Telugu serial actresses on Maa TV haven’t reached the height of fame in just one day. Their sustained effort and years of hard work have contributed to their success in the Telugu TV industry.

Their journey showcases a commitment to their craft, demonstrating that success in the entertainment world often comes from long hours and persistent determination. These actresses have earned fame through dedication and a passion for their work.


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