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How To Make a Tower Fan Blow Cold Air?

During the summers, the great way to beat the heat is using ceiling fans. They are one of the most optimal choices till now, and they provide the best in class solution in terms of efficiency. The mechanism behind a tower fan cooler is very simple.

The fan is blowing at a constant rotation and it is usually a single directional. There is one large fan and when it is running at 1000 or higher RPM, it is going to provide excellent airflow. But, during summers, the fan will be blowing warm air to you and that might feel terrible than before.

That is why the fan is fixed into a closed rectangular shaped frame which has three different sides to let the air inside. All those sides are allowing the air inside, but it gets cooler due to the water flowing through the installed pads. These pads might be made of different materials, but they serve the same purpose.

Tower Fans in India

If you want to make your tower fan cooler blow cold air, you can try some of the below-given hacks.

1. Using Cold Water in Reservoir

The tower fan has a water reservoir and it is filled with water. Most people usually fill tap water into the reservoir. During the summer months, water from the water tank is also warm and it can reduce the effectiveness. The easiest solution in those situations is to use cold water. You can add some ice into the water reservoir and let the water cool down for a few minutes. Now, your tower fan will be throwing cold air.

2. Using better quality Evaporative pads

The pads used in a tower fan or tower cooler might seem simple and less necessary in terms of quality, but they have a significant role. Some type of tower fan doesn’t require a water reservoir, instead, they work on evaporative pads. These pads are filled with gels and when they are installed, they provide better cooling. You can install different types of evaporative pads and choosing high-quality pads which cool down the air in an effective manner will be a reliable choice.

3. Using the tower fan cooler at a lower speed

When you are using the fan at maximum speed, then higher suction to pull air inside the chamber doesn’t let the air down through pads. In these situations, the air getting sucked into the tower fan is water and you won’t be getting any cold air. Thus, you can rely on alternative solutions like using the tower fan at a lower speed setting. By this method, the air will be cool and you can have better usability.

Bottom Line

Changing the water every couple of days and cleaning the evaporative pads to remove dust can provide better efficiency also. It is all about cooling down the air before it gets into the tower fan will be a reliable option to get what you are willing to attain.

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