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How to Look Tall in a Saree? (For Short Girls & Women)

The following are some tips for seeming taller in a saree without heels because donning a saree can be challenging in and of itself. There is nothing superior to covering oneself in six yards of elegance when you want to look sophisticated. You can never go wrong wearing a saree; it makes you appear stunning. You can wear heels to accentuate the saree’s beauty, but you are free to forgo them if you are uncomfortable doing so.

You need heels. You’ll appear short, which could ruin your entire appearance. Relax. Below are tips on how not to teach you how to look taller in a saree without the need for heels, but some real hacks are coming up.

Best Ways to Look Taller in a Saree

Girl in Saree

1. Selecting the Correct Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is crucial if you want to appear taller. Selecting a lighter cloth may give the impression that you are taller than you are. On the other hand, wearing thick or heavy textiles will make you appear shorter.

Cotton is undoubtedly soft, but it’s a horrible choice because it’s bulky for materials that fit easily around your waist, like silk and chiffon. This is easier to drape and gives you a more slender appearance.

2. Avert Wide Borders

To appear short and slender, you should never wear a saree with a thick and wide border. You appear shorter than you are because of it. This is because the saree will appear shorter than it is due to the wide border.

If you like to appear taller, go for light and narrow borders. The saree appears taller because of these borders. As a result, always choose larger borders over smaller ones. It will create the appearance of height.

3. The Queen of Your Attire Is Style

How you wear your saree is what matters most. Your style has a profound impact. The appropriate look can elongate your body and enhance your height. Consider the ulta pallu draping approach if you want to appear short.

4. Select Vertical Lines

Let’s go over prints in more detail. Vertical lines are what you should use, while horizontal lines ought to be avoided. You appear shorter when you have horizontal stripes on your body. For this reason, if you want to appear tall, avoid horizontal stripes.

5. Wide Prints Are Very No

There are many various designs and styles of sarees. There are simple sarees and printed sarees. You can choose big or little prints, but if you want to appear taller, you should choose smaller prints. Bigger prints will highlight your frame, which will further shorten your appearance. Choosing a saree with a little print would make you appear taller by creating the appearance of lengthening. They also make you appear thinner.

6. Darker Colors Are Superior

Dark colors make us appear thinner, but did you also know that they might make you taller? Light colors will make you appear hefty and clumsy, shortening your height. Choose hues like indigo, black, dark blue, and more. Dark colors are also sophisticated and appropriate for any setting.

7. It is better to have longer sleeves.

It’s a fact that half-sleeved blouses have become dated throughout the years. Quarter-sleeve shirts are a great way to add some elegance to your outfit. Blouses with long sleeves might give the impression of a taller frame.


Sarees are 6 yards of elegance. Tall girls appear awesome in sarees, but there are some hacks with which an average-sized female can look tall wearing a saree. Above are some handy suggestions to make it possible.


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