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Aayu and Pihu Youtube Show Wiki, Age, Cast Real Name

Aayu and Pihu Show is one of the most well-liked kid-focused family YouTube channels in India. The genuine names of its cast members are Pihu (Prakriti Kalra) and Aayu (Aayush Kalra). The parents of these two children, whose true names are Ruchi Kalra (Mom) and Piyush Kalra (Dad), also assist in content creation.

Short films, games, humorous challenges, family comedies, activities, and educational content make up most of their channel’s content. On May 14, 2017, they posted their debut video to YouTube. A year later, they had about 1 million subscribers, and by 2023, they had around 17.1 million subscribers and 9.6 Billion total views of their videos. Their quick rise on YouTube has made them one of India’s most well-known social media stars in less time than 5 years. The Indian city of Kota, Rajasthan, is where Aayu and Pihu were born and reared.



  • Cast Full Name-Aayu (son) – Aayush Kalra
  • Pihu (Daughter) – Prakriti Kalra
  • Ruchi (Mom) – Ruchi Kalra
  • Piyush (Dad) – Piyush Kalra.
  • Nick Name-Aayu and Pihu Show
  • Profession-Actress, Child influencer, Content Creator, and social media celebrity.
  • Date of Birth   Aayu – 2012
  • Pihu – 2010.
  • Age (as of 2023-)         Aayu – 11/Pihu – 14
  • Birthplace-Kota, Rajasthan, India
  • Zodiac Sign-Libra
  • School Name-Kridio High School Mumbai
  • Educational Qualification-Junior school student.
  • Father Name-Piyush Kalra
  • Mother Name-Ruchi Kalra
  • Sibling-Brother – Aayush Kalra
  • Sister – Prakrita Kalra

Social Media Account Link

  • Facebook aayuandpihushow        94K Followers
  • Instagram aayuandpihushow      359K followers
  • Youtube AayuandPihuShow     17.1 Million Subscribers
  • Twitter aayuandpihushow 433 Followers


They were born in the years, Aayu – 2012 and Pihu – 2010. The daughter Pihu is about 14 years old, while the son Aayu is almost 11 years old.

Cast Real Name

  • Prakrita Kalra-Pihu – Daughter
  • Aayush Kalra-Aayu – Son
  • Ruchi Kalra-Ruchi – Mom
  • Piyush Kalra-Piyush – Dad

Channel Specs

  • 17.1M subscribers
  • 466 videos
  • Starring: Aayu – Son: Pihu – Daughter: Ruchi – Mom: Piyush – Dad
  • New video every Thursday – Short Movies, family comedy, games, challenges, activity and learning.
  • Parents safe channel.
  • Stats
  • Joined May 9, 2017
  • 9,634,100,450 views [on 1st Nov 2023]
  • https://www.youtube.com/@AayuandPihuShow/about

More about Aayu and Pihu Youtube Show

When Aayu and Pihu were still in junior high school, they started making YouTube videos in 2017. Owing to the dearth of kid-friendly Hindi content available online, their films went viral very fast. Parents of Ruchi and Piyush are in charge of their social media profiles. The whole family is really talented as actors, which has contributed greatly to their fame on YouTube. They are currently regarded as some of the most well-known child influencers and online celebrities in India. Google ads and brand partnerships are their main sources of income.


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