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How to Find Relationship Manager in Bank of Maharashtra?

V.G. Kale and D. K. Sathe formed the bank in Pune. The bank was officially established on 16 September 1935 with a US$1 million authorized capital and went into business on 8 February 1936. It gave birth to numerous industrial homes and supported small businesses financially. In 1969, the bank was nationalized.

With its headquarters in Pune, Bank of Maharashtra is a public sector bank in India. At its 2263 locations and 30 million customers nationwide as of June 2023, the bank.

In terms of percentage increase for loans and deposits between 2022 and 2023, the publicly traded Bank of Maharashtra (BoM), a state-owned institution, has outperformed all other lenders in the public sector. The lender, which has its headquarters in Pune, also saw the largest gain in profitability, with its bottom line increasing by over 12% to Rs 2,602 crore over the course of the year.

Bank of Maharashtra

About Relationship Manager

To increase sales and boost brand recognition, financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and similar organizations must build strong customer relationships, provide new goods and services, and meet customer wants. Relationship managers are employed by these businesses to cultivate and maintain good client relationships, advertise fresh goods and services, assist customers in making wise decisions, and guarantee customer happiness.

A relationship manager maintains enduring connections with customers, partners, or team members. Through proactive, involved reactions and consultation, they accomplish this.

As a single point of contact for the bank, the RM oversees handling all the customer’s financial and banking requirements. The client service manager and a product specialist, like an investment specialist or a business banking specialist, make up the whole service team for each client.

How to search Relationship Manager in Bank of Maharashtra?

There are a few things you can do to identify the suitable RM at Bank of Maharashtra if you are thinking about working with one:

  • Consult the branch manager-The greatest place to start when searching for an RM is with your branch manager. Depending on your unique requirements and financial position, they can suggest an RM.
  • Contact the customer support team at Bank of Maharashtra-The customer care team at Bank of Maharashtra can put you in touch with an RM who is qualified to assist you with your needs.
  • Search the web- RMs from various banks are listed on several websites. You can look for RMs near you or by their area of specialization.

To help you locate a relationship manager at Bank of Maharashtra, consider these novel suggestions:

  • Activate social media- Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites are all used by Bank of Maharashtra. These platforms allow you to look for RMs nearby or according to their areas of specialization. You can also get in touch with the Bank of Maharashtra’s social media staff to request advice.
  • Attend trade shows-Throughout the year, Bank of Maharashtra sponsors and takes part in several business events. Meeting potential RMs and learning concerning their services can be accomplished by attending these events.
  • Obtain recommendations-Ask for a recommendation if you know of anyone who has enjoyed working with an RM at Bank of Maharashtra.


Bank of Maharashtra is one of the popular banks in the state and has many branches all over the nation. In the state of Maharashtra, it boasts the broadest network of branches of any nationalized bank.


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