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How Much Power Does A Table Fan Consume?

While using a table fan during the summer season, you might have thought about this question, how much power does a table fan consume as compared to a normal ceiling fan. No doubt most people use table fans to eradicate summer heat as well as to find an effective solution against the expensive electricity bills.

A table fan sits way below a ceiling fan and an Air conditioner in terms of electricity consumption. As if you want to know about the detail of table fan electricity consumption on the low and high-speed settings, then you are at the right place. Here is a complete detail along with the method to calculate power consumption for a month of use.

How Much Electricity Does A Table Fan Consume?

Kenvi Table Fan

Let’s get started –

Learn the formula first

The basic method to calculating the power consumption of any electronic device is to learn about their power. Mos table ceiling fan has a motor of 50w and it is the primary thing that you should know. To calculate the power consumption, you can follow the below-given rule –

  • motor power (in watt) / 1000 = the number of units per hour

Calculating the power consumption for a table fan

A table fan working on full potential with a motor of 50 watts, without any side accessories will be consuming power –

  • 50 / 1000 = 0.05 unit per hour.
  • For twenty hours of use = 20 x 0.05 = 1 unit

So, from this formula, you can understand that using the table fan for almost 20 hours a day will be consuming one unit of power.

Calculating the cost of usage

To calculate the cost of using a table fan, it is necessary to understand that the electricity prices are not the same throughout the countries and states. So, if you are using a table fan for ten hours a day and thirty days a week, you can get to know about an estimate of power cost.

  • Consumption in a hour x 10 hours a day x 30 days
  • 05 x 10 x 30 = 15 units

So, you will be consuming 15 units of electricity on using the table fan for the entire month. However, how to calculate the cost? Well, you can check out the cost per unit in your state and get started.

  • Cost per unit x no. of units consumed

By this formula, you can learn about the table fan electricity consumption and the cost of using it for an entire month.


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