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How Does a Tower Fan Work? Mechanism Behind it

When it comes to getting rid of summer’s heat or blowing air into the room in all directions, a tower fan might seem like one of the most optimal solutions in every home. Most people use tower fans inside their homes along with air conditioners so that they can flow the cold air inside.

However, have you ever wondered that how does a tower fan work? Or, what’s the exact meaning behind it? Well, here is the complete guide which will help you understand that how does a tower fan work and what’s the key mechanism makes it work in such a certain way. Let’s have a look –

Tower Fans in India

Let’s know what’s inside

Before jumping into the working method or the complete mechanism, it will be a great idea to take a look at the tower fan’s parts. First of all, you can learn about the basic things from the appearance.

  • A tower fan has a protective grill or plastic cover to hide everything inside. There are vents in all directions and the tower fan flow air in every single direction.
  • As you open the tower fan frame, you can find that there is a motor in the bottom area which is connected to large vertical blades.
  • These blades are at an angle of 90˚ and if you take a close look, they look like a chopper with a slight curve. It is slightly difficult to notice but they are bent.
  • The motor is connected with the cylindrical blade. All the connections given on the top will be connected to the motor and its circuit board.

These are the few things that you should be learning about and they will play an important role in understanding the working.

The working mechanism

You might know that cold air is heavier than warm air, that’s why cold air will be near the floor and the warm air will be near the roof.

  • When the motor rotates inside the tower fan, it will be pulling air inside from the bottom section.
  • During the rotation, the air inside the bottom area will be pulled into and then exhausted from the top.
  • When the air is flowing from the base to the top, the fan is throwing air in all directions.

By this, you know that the tower fan is working efficiently to flow air in all directions and cooling down the room.


When the entire procedure repeats, the air from the top start getting cooler and the room gets colder by a few degrees. Well, a tower fan is one of the effective methods to reduce the temperature and you can find that there are other modes inside the tower fan like oscillation. The oscillation of the tower fan is all about swinging the blades and they will move air in a specific direction. We hope that these steps will help you understand that how does a tower fan work and what’s the complete mechanism behind its working.


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