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Top 10 Highest Wool Producing States in India

The wool industry in India is a major sector in the apparel and textile industry. This can also be attributed to harsh winters in the northern part of the country. The wool industry has always played a major role in the country, even though it is much smaller than India’s cotton and synthetic industry. One of the interesting facts is that the top 10 states in India responsible for producing wool account for approximately 95% of the wool produced in the country. When we talk about wool production, we are only talking about harvesting the wool. The raw material from the wool industry goes to the secondary sector for making the end products.

Some of the products made out of wool include knitwear, carpets, apparel, jackets and blankets. India also has the 3rd largest sheep population in the world, and this has helped India in staying on top of the global charts. You will notice that the states producing wool would also have industries dependent on wool. For example, the wool processing industry and apparel-making factories will be more dominant in this region than in any other part of the country. So, without waiting any further, let us jump to the next section and look at India’s top 10 wool-producing states.

List of Top Wool Producing States in India

Wool Production

India produces about 45 million Kg of raw wool annually, just 3.1% of global wool production. Recent estimates show that India’s sheep population is estimated to be 6.15 crores. Let us now look at the top 10 highest wool-producing states in India. Let us check out the details one by one.

1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is on top of the list, accounting for 45.91% of wool production in India. This is mainly attributed to the high sheep population in the state. We are sure you are surprised to see Rajasthan on the list since most people associate Rajasthan with dessert. However, this is not true, and Rajasthan is a significant contributor to the wool industry. The winters in Rajasthan are equally harsh, and hence a lot of this wool is used within the state. Chokla and Magra wool is popular in Rajasthan, and the carpet industry mainly consumes this wool.

2. Jammu & Kashmir

The next on our list is Jammu and Kashmir. The state accounts for 23.19% of wool production. This data doesn’t include the wool produced by Leh since the union territory was separated from Kashmir. Again, Jammu and Kashmir have a harsh winter, and it is natural to have a major wool industry in the state. There are also many wool processing units in the state which enables the trader to process the raw wool within the state and hence reducing the logistics expense. You will mainly find Cashmere wool here, and this wool is also popularly known as Pashm. It is one of the most expensive varieties of wool.

3. Gujarat

At number 3, we have Gujarat, which accounts for 6.12% of the wool production in the country. Gujarat mainly has Merino and Ramble breeds of sheep, so wool of the same variety is produced in the state. These are imported sheep, and their extensive population is because of the breeding centre here. The wool is of high quality and is often the number 1 choice among people looking for premium offerings.

4. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is responsible for 4.78% of wool production in total. For many years, Maharashtra has maintained its position on the list. The state also has an extensive presence in the wool processing industry, further manufacturing different types of woollen products. There is also a presence of the carpet industry in Maharashtra, which consumes the majority of the product in the state.

5. Himachal Pradesh

Right behind Maharashtra is Himachal Pradesh, which accounts for 4.33% of wool production in India. The state is dominated by Gaddi and Rampur Bushahari breeds, which are mainly reared by the Gaddi community. The wool produced in Himachal Pradesh is considered to be the best. You will find Merino Wool, Local Sheep Wool and Angora Wool here. In addition, the finest wool of Himachal Pradesh is used to produce Kullu Shawls, which are known to be very warm.

6. Karnataka

Karnataka is at number 6 in the ranking, and the state produces 2.6% of the total wool produced in India. Mainly Mandya breed is common in Karnataka, and it produces coarse-quality wool. This wool is not recommended in the production of clothes, so it is used for either carpets or blankets. Coarse wool is relatively cheaper than the other fine qualities of wool.

7. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh produces 2.46% of the wool in India, and the common breed of sheep in Uttar Pradesh is Nali. The wool produced by Nali is soft. Apart from this, you will also find Rampur Bushair sheep in Uttar Pradesh. The wool produced in this state is used for making carpets and clothing accessories.

8. West Bengal

West Bengal stands at number 8 with 2.32%. The state has many raw material processing units, which often help them in making yarn out of wool. Industries and households consume the yarn to make woven accessories and wool clothing.

9. Haryana

At number 9, we have Haryana, and the state is responsible for producing 2.11% of the wool. This is quite low, and the wool produced in the state is used for manufacturing clothes and blankets. Haryana also has a harsh winter, so woollen clothes are required in the state for a significant portion of the year.

10. Punjab

Punjab has a share of 1.36% in wool production in India. The most common sheep breed in Punjab is Lohi, which gives soft and premium wool. The wool is used for making shawls for men and women.

Final Verdict

We are sure you are surprised to see Rajasthan on top of the list. The state listing would have broken some myths you would have had about wool production. We hope this article gave you some interesting facts. If you have any insights or comments, please share them with us via the comment section. Thank You.


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