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Top 5 Largest Salt Producing States in India

Table Salt, also known as salt, is one of the most essential food components for humans. The chemical name of salt is Sodium Chloride, and it is represented as NaCl. Salt helps in the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system. Regarding India’s position in salt production, it is known that India is the third largest producer of salt in the world. Annually, India produces about 230 million tonnes of salt every year. India is a net exporter of salt, and today, it produces record levels of salt.

In India, there are four sources of salt. These are sea brine, lake brine, sub-soil brine and rock salt deposits. If there is a saltwater lake or sea, the water is dried to extract the salt and further purified before it reaches the shelves. Sea water is an inexhaustible source of salt, and hence you will notice that many coastal cities in India have salt mills. There are over 12,000 salt produced in India, and most of them are small-scale manufacturers. India also exports salt to many counties across the globe. So, do you know which are the largest salt-producing states in India in 2023? Let us find out more about the same in the section below.

List of Largest Salt Producing States in India

Salt Production

Before moving on to the list, we would like to mention that most salt in India is produced via sea and lake brine. The rock salt deposits are primarily present in the Himalayan region, and all the rock salt comes from there. Let us now check out more information about the five largest salt-producing states in India.

1. Gujarat

The first state on the list is Gujarat, which produces the maximum salt in India. The state accounts for approximately 76% of the salt produced in the country. Some of the areas where salt is produced in Gujarat are Jamnagar, Chira, Mithappur, Bhavnagar, Jhakhar, Dahej, Rajula, Kandla, Gandhidham, Lavanpur and Maliya. Other important districts for salt production in Gujarat include Bhavnagar, Rann of Kutch and Porbandar. Gujarat is also where Mahatma Gandhi protested against the Britishers for producing salt in India. Coincidently, the state has reached the top level when it comes to salt production. Most of the salt produced in Gujarat is from sea brine, and when you travel the coastal region, you will see many such fields used for drying the seawater.

2. Tamil Nadu

The next on the list is Tamil Nadu, which accounts for 12% of the salt produced in the country. Like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu uses its long coastal line to produce salt. In Tamil Nadu, some popular areas for salt production are Covelong, Vedaranyam and Tuticorin. Other areas for salt production in Tamil Nadu are Toothukudi, Ngapattinam, Ramanathapuram, Kancheepuram and Viluppuram.

3. Rajasthan

Moving on to number 3, we have Rajasthan on the list. Rajasthan is responsible for producing 8% salt in the country. Here, the lake brine is the primary source of salt. You will also find sub-soil brine in Rajasthan. Rajas, Nawa, Sambhar Lake, Sujangarh, and Kuchhaman are primary areas for salt production in Rajasthan. The most important area in Rajasthan remains to be Sambhar Lake, and it is also the largest saltwater lake in India. It is known to be a wetland of international importance as it has biological and biotic importance. It is also a very popular tourist destination among Indians.

4. Maharashtra

Next on the list is Maharashtra, which is also a leading state in India which is responsible for salt production in India. In Maharashtra, you will notice that most salt is manufactured using sea brine and the solar evaporation technique is used all along the cost for achieving the results. The popular areas for salt production in Maharashtra are Bhayandar, Palghar and Bhandup. Salt production is huge in Maharashtra, and many processing plants are located nearby to take care of all the produce in the state.

5. Andhra Pradesh

The fifth largest salt producer in India in Andhra Pradesh, and the major areas in Andhra Pradesh where salt is produced are Iskapalli, Channaganjam, Krishnapatnam, Naupada and Kakinada. In total, Andhra Pradesh produced 2.28% of salt in India. It should be noted that there are other states in the list that couldn’t make it to the top 5. These include Karnataka, Orissa, Goa, West Bengal, Daman & Diu.

Final Verdict

We are sure that you will have learned some interesting facts about salt production in India. It is always recommended to iodise salt since that helps you prevent goitre. In addition, if you are a heart or kidney patient, you can also use low-sodium salt. It is easily available in the Indian market and produced in India itself. From importing salt to becoming a net exporter of the sale, India has come a long way in this space, and it has surely helped India in many ways.


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