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The Best Cricket Helmets In India 2023

Playing cricket is fun that is filled with ultimate excitement. However, there is still a probability of injury always.

Professionals always wear cricket helmets since it is crucial for batters to wear the study, superior quality helmet to shield their heads from the strong impact. There are excellent options available in cricket helmets with unique features and characteristics.

These helmets are light in weight and allow cricket players to shoot freely without fearing injury.

If you seek stable and robust cricket helmets, there is a list of the five best helmets available in India. It has a substantial impact on helping players significantly protect their heads and eyes. Have a look at the information given below.

Cricket Helmet Key Features

Best Cricket Helmets In India

A cricket helmet has paramount importance; the most acceptable options in the helmets include some key features that are mentioned below –

  • Protect Head

The impeccable cricket helmet is a sturdy and classic option to buy. The manufacturers have produced the product using superior material that ensures durability and inadequate protection.

The superior strength of the helmet while practicing for cricket is necessary that protect the injuries and mishap that occurs while playing cricket. In addition, the highly adjustable steel grill is a helpful part of the helmet that gives security to the player. Plus, these helmets have impact resistance and reliability to use.

  • Ideal for Practice

There are various eminent brands available in the cricket helmet that are the ideal choice for practicing. It’s vital to practice cricket for incredible results. In contrast, injury is probable while practicing cricket.

The critical factor to consider is using the cricket helmet that is high impact resistant for protecting players. In addition, the helmet includes four vents that allow free air circulation and absorb the sweat. These prominent features make the helmet ideal for practice.

  • Fully Adjustable

The cricket helmet includes the steel grill in front of the helmet. The central role of the grill is to provide strength, durability, and reliability for a player to play cricket conveniently. The noticeable fact of the steel grill is it is ultimately adjustable material.

It has a hard impact on the leather ball when people play cricket or practice for the same. So the manufacturer introduces the steel grill from the first sring material that helps to protect players ultimately.

  • Lightweight

Do you know why cricket helmets are taken into use? It is user-friendly and travel-friendly equipment that plays a significant role. Furthermore, the ideal choice can be made while selecting the helmet if it is light in weight.

This option is comfortable for players to wear and then and do the practice quickly. However, the heavy helmet is hard to keep on the head and play. Many ideal choices are even available in less than 500 g, convenient for players to use anytime, anywhere.

  • Allow air circulation

People mostly avoid wearing the cricket helmet because they feel suffocated. This causes a hindrance in doing the practice of cricket. But, the solution to the problem is simple.

Many cricket helmet is consist of vents at the top of the helmet. The central perspective of the vents is to pass the air circulation. Therefore, it reduces discomfort and helps people to circulate air that does not feel like suffocation.

  • Protects Eyes

The eye is the essential and central organ of the human body. Without eyes, people won’t fulfill their wishes to play cricket and practice thoroughly.

The cricket helmet is essential to protect the eyes adequately. In this way, people can avoid any inconvenience for the eyes and gives the perfect training to people.

Best Selling Cricket Helmets In India

1. DSC Guard Cricket Helmet: Best Overall

DSC Guard Cricket Helmet

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The DSC guard cricket helmet is a fantastic option with a contemporary design. The design is fabulous, and it is user-friendly due to its lightweight. The approximate weight is 650 g, which is easy for the user to wear and play cricket conveniently.

This product is suitable for men, women, boys, kids. The material from which the helmet’s outer shell is made is poly properly. In addition, the inner mess of the helmet has unique features such as sweat-absorbing, shock-resistant, and breathable inner mesh.

It is easy to clean the inner lining, and the density of the helmet is superior due to the fantastic cushioning. The faceguard of the helmet is quoted by rugged and powder that is also ultimately adjustable with The steel grill. The cloth-covered helmet is high impact resistant and allows maximum airflow for ventilation.


  • The unique feature of the helmet is it is a durable cricket helmet.
  • The helmet’s weight is 650 g that is easy to wear and play cricket.
  • It is an economical cricket helmet that fits best.
  • The outer shell of the helmet is UV resistant and sweat absorbent.
  • The faceguard of the cricket helmet is hardened and fully adjustable.


  • The grill is a little challenging to adjust.
  • The screw is not aligned.
  • The size of the helmet is slightly tighter.

2. SG Optipro Cricket Helmet

SG Optipro Cricket Helmet

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The SG OPTi pro cricket helmet is a fantastic brand to get a cricket helmet. The material used for the inner and outer layers of the helmet is distinct and exceptional. The inner material is firm, and the outer one is polypropylene.

This helmet can be used by men, women, kids, and juniors practicing cricket. The unique features or the protective impact-resistant inner padding. Plus, the inner lining is breathable and notable for absorbing sweat. That’s why the name well knows the helmet of sweat absorbent.

The helmet’s weight is 950 g, which is travel friendly and user-friendly at the same time. It comes in different colors and sizes, makes easy for a person to get their favorite helmet. This helmet allows maximum vision since there is enough gap in the grills to view the restricted vision. The steel grill is adjustable that includes molded ear flap. It is a comfortable and perfect fit for the head that gives the desired fitting.


  • The helmet’s outer shell is high impact resistant due to the polypropylene.
  • The inner shell of the cricket helmet is established from an impact-reducing form.
  • The helmet’s ventilation system is terrific and allows the free flow of air.
  • The inner lining of the helmet is helpful for sweat absorption.
  • The steel grill of the helmet is entirely adjustable for superior protection.


  • The cage of the helmet is Broad.
  • The size of a helmet is a little bit greater.
  • The helmet has a single hole for locking.

3. Shrey Star Steel Cricket Helmet with 4 Round Velcro Set

Shrey Star Steel Cricket Helmet with 4 Round Velcro Set

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The brand name is shrey. It is one of the well-known cricket helmet brands available in multiple colors and has various sizes and weights. It is the ideal choice for many users due to its exciting features. The item weight is 720 g that, is easy for a person to do the practice without feeling uncomfortable.

The traditional shoulder cut design on the helmet is exponential for providing better movement to people. Undoubtedly, ABS material is always in demand. This is because it is hardened and sturdy enough that ensure long-lasting performance. In addition, the helmet includes the outer shell of ABS for better protection and cushioning.

The swoppa Band is removable and washable that giving impressive convenience. The extended back is for the security of user and visitor of the helmet is adjustable. The adjustments can be made for the custom fitting. It includes the rear retention system for giving the best comfort and desired fit.


  • The material of the outer shell of the helmet is ABS. It is durable and sturdy.
  • The helmet’s design is a traditional shoulder cut that ensures better movement.
  • The padding inside the helmet gives better protection and questioning.
  • The Band on the helmet is removable and washable.
  • To provide people more security, it is extended at the back.


  • The size of the helmet is greater.
  • The screws are not adjusted to the grill.
  • It has one hole in the lock system.

How To Choose The Best Cricket Helmet in India

A cricket helmet is significant as any other accessory that ensures safe practice in cricket. The list of critical factors to examine before buying are listed below –

  • Size of Head

Every individual is born with a distinct structure of head size, and they require a specific model of the helmet to fit at their head. There are three main types of structures: the intermediate oval, round oval, and long oval.

While buying a helmet, it is essential to measure the head circumference so that it eliminates the wrong adjustments and there will be no pressure on the face. A perfect-sized helmet prevents people from discomfort and helps them practice adequately while playing cricket.

  • ISI Mark

ISI stands for Indian standard Institute. Mark is giving a reference to a customer to buy a helmet. If a product is ISI mark, it guarantees the high-quality and provides comfortable fitting and durability.

It’s a smart choice if you are going with a product that has an ISI certificate. Before buying one, it is convenient to check the I S I mark that complies with the set of standards and ensures the safety of a player. It might be pricey but provide the optimal protection to a player to do the practice of cricket elementary.

  • Type

There are plenty of categories in the design of helmets. The design of helmets is based on the different purposes of a person. For instance, full face, modular, intelligent helmets, half face, open face, and many more types of helmets are available in the market.

Undoubtedly, intelligent helmets have been quite popular lately and provide unique features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and more. Moreover, it includes the emergency buttons for the people. Therefore, it’s vital to spare some time and recognize the type of helmet to make an excellent choice in the helmet.

  • Cushioning

The question has significant importance for a cricket player. It helps them during a crash or any other serious mishap. The cushioning is vital to giving people comfort and necessary protection to protect the skull from injuries.

It’s essential to get an adequately cushioned helmet to absorb the impact of a sudden accident. On the contrary, if a helmet is not done with proper cushioning, it is useless to protect players from damage. Therefore, the functioning of questioning is critical to understand before buying one.

  • Retention

People might feel wearing a helmet is uncomfortable. But, it stays on the head of players in the worst conditions and protects them from head injuries. It is better to fast in the strap and pull it off from the back to recognize the same.

If it rolls out of the head, then adjust the strap accordingly. Be sure that it stays right at the place and provides protection to a player. People face a fundamental problem, so check out the retention before purchasing the helmet and making a particular opinion for the same.

  • Visor

The protection of eyes is due to the visor of a helmet. It protects the eyes, nose, and head from an instant accident. On top of that, the visor is responsible for providing people with a clear vision on the road. Therefore, a rider needs to be cautious while selecting a helmet.

Ensure that the visor of a helmet is transparent and enables a player better vision. Otherwise, they are not able to take its use at night. The smoked and tinted visors seem attractive or stylish, but it is working; it is typical and causes hindrances in vision.

  • Shape and Size

People have a distinct personality, and for fulfilling the needs of every person, there is a distinct structure of helmets available in the market. Therefore, it might be challenging for a person to select a better option in a helmet.

The shape and size of the helmet vary as per the person’s convenience. On top of that, there are multiple colors to select from. A particular helmet can be selected after doing the measurements of the head and, most importantly, the comfort level of a player.

Final Thought

There are impressive options in the cricket helmets in the market. Those, as mentioned earlier, are unique helmets that ensure the player’s safety and give effective results. Read the information mentioned above to pick the excellent option in a cricket helmet.


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