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Top 10 Most Beautiful Gujarati Actresses

Over the last decade, the Gujarati film industry has undergone a renaissance, emerging as a notable contributor with many films that have garnered immense popularity. In an era where regional cinema faces challenges, Gujarati cinema stands out, producing numerous brilliant actors and actresses.

In exploring the beautiful realm of Gujarati cinema, we spotlight the top 10 most captivating and talented women who have enthralled audiences, leaving a lasting impression. These women showcase the industry’s resurgence and contribute significantly to its success, making Gujarati cinema a force to be reckoned with in the broader landscape of Indian cinema.

Beautiful Gujarati Actresses List

1. Kinjal Rajpriya

Kinjal Rajpriya

Gujarati actress Kinjal Rajpriya, born September 23, 1989, gained fame through the 2015 comedy “Chhello Divas.” Her versatility and audience connection in the film and praised TV roles established her as a rising star in Dhollywood.

Renowned for her beauty and brilliance, Kinjal’s contributions to Gujarati cinema promise continued grandeur, showcasing the industry’s potential. Her work elevates the local scene and positions her as a notable figure, excelling in every role with a combination of talent and captivating beauty.

2. Janki Bodiwala

Janki Bodiwala

Ahmedabad actress Janki Bodiwala made waves in Gujarati movies with “Chhello Divas,” becoming a celebrity through blockbuster hits. Her presence in Gujarati films has developed her talent and garnered a dedicated following, thanks to her kindness and dedication.

Infusing Dhollywood with her talent, Janki Bodiwala, under the guidance of the legendary Gujarati filmmaker, has contributed significantly to the industry. Her broad oeuvre, combined with charm and a passion for effective performances, promises a prosperous career ahead, ensuring more cinematic joy for fans and viewers alike.

3. Shridha Dangar

Shridha Dangar

Talented actress Shridha Dangar gained renown through the Gujarati film “Hellaro,” earning national awards for her exceptional performances and persistence. Abhishek Shah’s breakthrough film transformed Indian cinema by depicting a group of women in the arid Rann of Kutch, showcasing bravery and camaraderie amidst social restraints.

In “Hellaro,” Shridha played the role of Manjhri with sincerity and authenticity, portraying self-discovery and persistence. Her performance beautifully conveyed complicated emotions, leaving a lasting impact. Beyond “Hellaro,” Shraddha Dangar continues to shine in Gujarati films, supporting young talent in the industry. Her skill and dedication have kept her in the profession, promising further film glory in the future.

4. Apoorva Arora

Apoorva Arora

Apoorva Arora, a versatile actress in Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, and Kannada cinema, made a successful Indian film debut with “Siddhartha.” Beyond films, she engages in music videos and web series, showcasing her acting skills across genres. Her commitment, charisma, and adaptability set her apart in the entertainment industry. Driven by her love for cinema, Apoorva Arora persistently explores new roles and regional film industries, predicting continued success and glory in the diverse landscape of Indian film.

5. Aarohi Patel

Aarohi Patel

Aarohi Patel debuted in Gujarati cinema with “Moti Na Chowk Re Sapna Ma Ditha,” showcasing skill and charm, establishing her as a captivating entertainer. Injecting individuality into each role, her varied filmography highlights her acting range.

Notably praised for her sympathetic portrayal in “Chaal Jeevi Laiye,” Aarohi Patel gained fame for her immaculate depiction of love and relationships in “Love Ni Bhavai.” As the queen of Gujarati cinema, she is celebrated for her charm and sensitivity.

Aarohi Patel’s combination of beauty and acting prowess has garnered admirers, with her dedication and audience commitment contributing to her success. Her distinctive ideas and bright commercial future set her apart in the industry.

6. Jinal Belani

Jinal Belani

Mumbai-born Jinal Belani is a talented actress making a unique mark in the booming Gujarati film industry. Notable Gujarati films featuring Jhinal Belani have garnered accolades and a substantial following. Her career took a turn with her performance in “Polam Pol,” where her acting talent and charm captivated audiences and reviewers alike.

Beyond “Polam Pol,” Jhinal Belani’s career reflects her talent and perseverance, earning fame in Gujarati films for consistently strong performances. Her remarkable acting skills and genre versatility contribute to her superb standing in the industry.

7. Neha Suthar

Neha Suthar

Neha Suthar, renowned for her beauty and charm, has become a sensation in Gujarati music videos. While initially gaining fame in this genre, her versatility has transformed the entertainment landscape, making her a sought-after figure. In music videos, Neha Suthar adeptly expresses emotions through her face and body, captivating audiences with her commitment.

Known for her larger-than-life motives and emotions, Neha Suthar establishes a direct relationship with viewers, showcasing her inventiveness and ability in Gujarati music videos. Her beauty and charismatic personality have elevated her to fame as a prominent singer and star in Gujarati music videos, promising further expansion in her entertainment career.

8. Esha Kansara

Esha Kansara

Born on August 20, 1992, talented actress Esha Kansara debuted in the Gujarati film “Duniyadari.” This marked the beginning of a successful TV and cinema career for her.

Debuting with skill and charm in “Duniyadari,” Esha Kansara was noticed for her talent and charisma, leading to further success in her entertainment career. Beyond Gujarati films, she featured in television shows like “Mukti Bandhan” and “My Name Ijj Lakhan,” contributing to her increased popularity and versatility.

9. Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka, a brilliant actress in Gujarati, Hindi, and television, stands out for her versatility and strong work ethic, earning her respect and loyalty in the industry.

In Gujarati cinema, Samvedna Suwalka shines, particularly in the film “Bey Yaar,” where she showcased honesty and depth in complicated portions, leading to her fame. Beyond regional films, her adaptability extends to Hindi, as seen in her flexible roles in “Happy Familyy Private Limited.” Her ability to navigate different languages and film genres is excellent, contributing to her success in diverse roles.

10. Monal Gajjar

Monal Gajjar

Famous in Telugu and Gujarati cinema, the beautiful and talented Monal Gajjar debuted in 2012’s “Sudigadu,” marking the beginning of a special career dedicated to entertaining audiences.

The success of “Sudigadu” catapulted Monal Gajjar to fame, establishing her as a notable figure in Telugu cinema. Her beauty and talent set her apart, and her versatility and on-screen presence continue to please fans and reviewers alike. Her memorable performances contribute to her enduring popularity in the industry.

Wrapping Up

The film industry in Gujarat, affectionately known as Dhollywood, has surpassed expectations with many talented actresses. These women not only possess beauty but also exude gorgeous personalities. In 2024, these 10 Gujarati actresses stand at the forefront of this esteemed list.


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