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Top 10 Most Beautiful Assamese Actresses

It’s truly inspiring to witness the convergence of beauty, intelligence, and talent in Assamese actresses. As we explore the list of the top 10 most beautiful Assamese actresses, considering personal favorites, it becomes evident that their stature is on par with Bollywood stars. Whether from the older generation or the new wave of talent, Assamese actresses excel in diverse genres, be it comedy, romance, action, or drama.

While the Assamese entertainment industry may not be as expansive, the inherent potential and opportunities are significant. Despite the limited exposure, many Assamese actresses have etched their names on the national and international stages through their relentless hard work and exceptional talent. In this blog, we’ll explore the noteworthy contributions of some of the most beautiful and accomplished Assamese actresses who have left an indelible mark on the Assamese film and television industry.

Most Beautiful Assamese Actresses

1. Prastuti Porasor

Prastuti Porasor

Prastuti Porasor holds the top spot in the list of the top 10 most beautiful Assamese actresses, particularly popular among those who grew up in the 90s. Born in Jorhat, Assam, she embarked on her acting career at a very young age. Her debut on Doordarshan in the serial ‘Barnali’ occurred when she was just 5 years old. Her first Assamese film was Bani Das’s ‘Maharathi.’

Prastuti has left a mark in Assamese cinema with popular films such as ‘Tumi Mur Mathu Mur,’ ‘Asene Kunuba Hiyat,’ ‘Gun Gun Gane Gane,’ ‘Priya o Priya,’ ‘Duradarshan,’ ‘Jibon Nodir Duti Paar,’ ‘Barood,’ ‘Rong,’ and more. Her contributions have made her a notable figure in the Assamese film industry.

2. Gitawali Rajkumari

Gitawali Rajkumari

Geetawali has garnered recognition as a prominent Assamese actress, gaining widespread popularity, particularly for her roles in two notable Assamese films, ‘Hiya Diya Niya’ and ‘Kokadeutar Ghorjuwai.’ Cast alongside well-known Assamese actors like Ravi Sharma, Jatin Bora, and Prastuti Prasar, she made a significant impact on the regional film scene.

Originally hailing from Jorhat, Assam, Geetawali’s talent extends beyond the big screen. In addition to her film career, she has ventured into Assamese serials and remains active in television and social media commercials. Her versatility and presence in multiple mediums contribute to her continued popularity in the Assamese entertainment industry.

3. Chetana Das

Chetana Das

Chetana Das is a prominent figure in Assamese comedy, leaving an indelible mark in feature films, short films, dramas, and stage acts. Renowned for her exceptional talent and a great personality, she has become a gem in the Assamese acting industry, earning the title of the comedy queen of Assam.

With years of experience, Chetana Das has showcased her comedic prowess in various projects. Some of the movies she has acted in include ‘Bonoria Phul,’ ‘Abhijan,’ ‘Kallol,’ ‘Kokadeuta Nati Aru Haati,’ ‘Agnisnan,’ ‘Firingoti,’ ‘Dirdarshan Eti Jantra,’ and more. Her contributions have solidified her status as a key player in Assamese comedy.

4. Barasha Rani Bishaya

Barasha Rani Bishaya

Barasha made her debut in 1998 with the Assamese film ‘Joubone Amoni Kore.’ Her journey continued with several popular Assamese films, including ‘Bukur Majot Jole,’ ‘Jon Jole Kopalot,’ ‘Mitha Mitha Logonot,’ ‘Pole Pole Ure Mon,’ and ‘Arpan,’ among others. Besides being a talented actor, Barasha is also a skilled Bihu dancer and choreographer.

Her notable achievements include winning the 57th National Film Award in 2009 for the Best Feature Film in Assamese, recognizing her outstanding performance in the challenging role of the movie ‘Basundhara.’ Barasha’s multifaceted talents contribute to her significant presence in the Assamese film.

5. Malaya Goswami

Malaya Goswami is the first Assamese actress to receive the National Award. In the 39th National Film Awards of 1992, she was honored as the Best Actress for her remarkable performance in the film ‘Firingoti.’ As a renowned Assamese actress from the 90s era, Malaya Goswami has made notable contributions to the industry.

Her filmography includes notable works such as ‘Siraj,’ ‘Calendar,’ ‘Jeevan Bator Logori,’ ‘Agnisnan,’ ‘Bhal Pabo Najanilu,’ and more. Malaya Goswami’s recognition at the national level reflects her exceptional talent and significant impact on Assamese cinema.

6. Nishita Goswami

Nishita Goswami

Nishita, the daughter of Moloya Goswami, has emerged as a beautiful Assamese actress in recent times. She made her debut in the film ‘Mon,’ released in 2002, which gained popularity. Nishita’s filmography includes other notable works like ‘Kadambari,’ ‘Dinabandhu,’ ‘Ramdhenu,’ ‘Astarag,’ and ‘Suren Suror Putek,’ showcasing her versatility in the Assamese film industry.

7. Aimee Baruah

Aimee Baruah

Aimee, an Assamese actress, has earned her place in the list of national award winners. Beyond acting, she is a director, and her directorial debut film ‘Semkhor’ received special mention in the 68th National Film Awards. Recognized for her outstanding performance, Aimee was awarded the Best Actress at the Prag Cine Awards for her role in ‘Jetuka Pator Dore.’

Her filmography includes works like ‘Prem Aru Prem,’ ‘Kadam Tole Krishna Naase,’ ‘Nijanor Gaan,’ ‘Pratighat,’ and more. Aimee’s contributions to both acting and directing showcase her versatility in the Assamese film industry. Additionally, she is known as the wife of BJP leader and politician Pijush Hazarika.

8. Zerifa Wahid

Zerifa Wahid

Zerifa began her journey in the Assamese film industry at an early stage, making her debut in 1990 with the film ‘Abhimaan.’ Her versatility extends beyond popular Assamese feature films to include appearances in Assamese TV serials, music albums, and video films.

Among her notable works are popular Assamese movies like ‘Gun Gun Gaane Gaane,’ ‘Agnishakkhi,’ ‘Anya Ek Jatra,’ and ‘Ahir Bhairav.’ Zerifa’s extensive contributions showcase her enduring presence and impact in the industry.

9. Shyamantika Sharma

Shymantika gained significant popularity, especially through the Assamese video movie ‘Janmoni.’ Beyond her acting skills, she is also well-known as a Bihu dancer. Born in Tangla, Assam, Shymantika later moved to Guwahati, contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Assamese entertainment.

10. Amrita Gogoi

Amrita Gogoi

Amrita entered the Assamese film industry with her debut movie ‘Ahetuk,’ earning the Best Actress award at the Prag Cine Award 2015. Her filmography includes notable works such as ‘Kuworpuror Kuwor,’ ‘Nijanor Gaan,’ ‘Dur,’ ‘Pratighat,’ and more. Beyond films, Amrita has showcased her talent in Assamese serials, hosted TV shows, and worked as a model for various brands, highlighting her versatility in the entertainment industry


 The Assamese film industry boasts a captivating array of talented and beautiful actresses, spanning generations from the accomplished Prastuti Porasor and Malaya Goswami to the emerging stars like Nishita Goswami and Amrita Gogoi. These actresses not only exude beauty but also showcase intelligence and versatility across genres. Despite the challenges within the industry, their hard work and exceptional talent have not only left an indelible mark locally but have also gained recognition on the national and international stages, affirming their pivotal roles in shaping the Assamese films.


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