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How To Use A Tower Fan? – Beginners Guide

A tower fan seems like one of the simplest appliances and substitutes to a ceiling fan, but it is also one of the most efficient appliances. It consumes slightly extra energy from a ceiling fan, but it is providing you with cool air within a couple of minutes and it is not consuming as much energy as an air conditioner.

You can find a huge variety in terms of tower fans in India, and it will be mesmerising to get the desired size. However, do you know that how to use a tower fan appropriately? Well, most people deal with such issues and they don’t know about it. Using the tower fan in the wrong manner can reduce the effectiveness, and you can’t expect the desired efficiency as well as cooling.

Tower Fans in India

So, what to do? Well, here is a complete guide to help you understand that how to use a tower fan appropriately –

1. The Perfect Placement

A vertical tower fan blows air into the room in all directions, and it cools down everything within minutes. If you are willing to use a tower fan in the living or bedroom, then you can place it right next to the bed into the tight space. Make sure that the tower fan is pointed in the direction where you want all the cool air. After that, the tower fan will be throwing a ton of chilled air inside the room and you can have a great time.

2. Don’t Block the air intake

The sides of the tower fan have a specific design to intake air and when the intake is slower, the fan of the tower fan doesn’t work in that effective manner. During the summer times, you can try to have a space for a tower fan in all directions so that it can effectively pull air. When the air intake is high, your tower fan will be able to blow air with better capacity and it will cool down the room efficiently.

3. Use Smart Modes and other features

All tower fans have features like blowing air at a 90˚ angle and it will be cooling down the entire room. The thin profile with the ability to intake warm air and cooling it will be the most mesmerising feel you can get during use. The smart modes allow you to reduce the temperature by a significant number, hence you will have the perfect usability in all situations.

4. Don’t expect too much

Sometimes people expect that the tower fan will be capable to provide airflow similar to an air conditioner. In the contrast, a tower fan is not that capable. You can place the tower fan right next to you and it will be blowing cold air. It will be way better than the warm air and it can eradicate heat within a couple of hours. However, the only issue is during the rainy season. The humidity present in the air can reduce the efficiency of a tower fan.

The Final Verdict

If your tower fan is not capable of providing cool air, then it is usually an issue with placement. You should place the tower fan to a window so that it can intake fresh cold air and flow it inside the room. By this method, you will be having excellent usability over the other methods. Even after doing all these things, you can use ice inside the tower fan’s water reservoir to have better usability.

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