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What is a Half Helmet? Pros & Cons

Half Helmets are very popular across India. They offer a lot of freedom to the rider, and they make it easy to breathe. You don’t feel suffocated when wearing these types of helmets. So, what exactly are half helmets? Let us help you with some more information about Half Helmets, and we will also share the pros & cons associated with them.

What Are Half Helmets?

Half helmets the mainly popular with cruiser bikes. People wear them because it is mandatory to wear the helmet, and it will only cover the top portion of your skill. The safety offered by these helmets is minimal, and they are also the cheapest options in the market. We don’t recommend half helmets to our users. These helmets also have a strap, but in case of an accident, these helmets will not offer any type of protection to your face. This means that you can be severely injured. There are additional types of half helmets that are often referred to as open face helmets or three-quarter helmets. These helmets offer added protection to you since the protective layer extends to the side and the back of your heart.

The open face helmets offer a good amount of safety to the user. These helmets don’t have a covering on the chin, so many times; people install a face shield along with these helmets to get protection from wind and flying bugs. Open face helmets are considered half helmets, and they are certainly a great choice.

What is a Half Helmet? Pros & Cons

Pros of Half Helmets

Here are some advantages of half helmets:

  • Ventilation – The first advantage of the half helmet is that they offer an incredible amount of ventilation. You will never feel hot, sweaty or irritated in the half helmet. The amount of airflow is impressive since nothing is covering your face.
  • Easy to Communicate – The full-face helmets make it challenging to communicate with the pillion. The advantage of the half helmet is that they make it easy to communicate. Since there is no obstruction, your voice is loud and clear.
  • Smoke – Not that we endorse smoking, but if you love to smoke while riding a bike, a half helmet offers you the freedom to smoke. Since nothing is covering the front of the face, it becomes easy to smoke.
  • Lighter – The half helmet is also lightweight. You won’t feel tired even after long rides because the half helmet has much less weight when compared with the full helmet.
  • Cheaper – If you are looking for a cheap helmet that you can wear on the round trips to the market, half helmets are for you. They are affordable, and they also offer safety.
  • Wide range of Views – The half helmet doesn’t have anything blocking your view, so you will not face any kind of restriction in the view. It makes it easier for you to ride in traffic areas.

Cons of Half Helmets

Here are some disadvantages of half helmets:

  • Reduced Safety – One of the disadvantages of the half helmet is that they offer reduced safety. In 20% of the accidents, the impact is on the chin. Since the chin protection is missing, there are chances that you will end up with a fatal injury on the face.
  • Protection to Eyes – There is limited protection on the eyes, making it difficult to ride for you. The alternative is to install a visor, windscreen or wear sunglasses that will protect your eyes.


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