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6 Best Cricket Academy in Patna

India’s most popular cricket, sport, has seen a rise in popularity and involvement throughout the years. Finding and enrolling in the top cricket academies is essential for developing the next generation of cricketing talent. The Bihar state capital of Patna is home to a number of famous cricket training facilities which offer thorough instruction, cutting-edge equipment, and knowledgeable direction.

The best cricket academies within Patna for the year 2023 will be listed in this article, giving prospective cricketers a place to perfect their abilities and achieve their goals.

List of Top Cricket Academy in Patna


1. Lakshya Cricket Academy

  • Address: Shahid Veer Kunwar Singh Azadi Park (Harding Park) Patna 800001, Bihar 800001

Any less than which is not what we aspire for at Lakshya Cricket Academy, where you want to develop your cricketing talent to be of the highest calibre. Our training techniques are geared toward creating athletes that are capable of competing at the top level rather than merely teaching you the fundamentals of cricket. Our lessons emphasize an individual’s entire growth while taking into account all facets of cricket, including talent and physical conditioning.

If it’s bowling, batting, or fielding, your world-class facility provides an array of programs spanning from basic to more advanced levels of cricketing talents. Building high-performance athletes that are never going to fall short of anticipations is the objective at Lakshya.

2. MS Dhoni Cricket Academy

  • Address: Urja Stadium, opposite DAV School, BSEB Colony, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800023

Former Indian cricketer Mihir Diwakar established Aarka Sports in 2014 and the MS Dhoni Cricket Academy within Patna. Mahindra Singh Dhoni, a legendary cricketer, serves as a mentor at the Dhoni Cricket Academy in Patna.

The MS Dhoni Cricket Academy is a fantastic choice for Patna cricket instruction. They have a nice field with all the amenities needed. The coaches in this place have a lot of expertise and have developed many players from other countries.

The only coaching facility that offers hostel accommodations to aspiring cricketers belongs to the Dhoni Cricket Academy in Patna. Additionally, there are opportunities to compete for the Ranji trophy, practicing matches, technical study of players through films, and more. There are excellent prospects to play for the cricket squad of the Bihar Association, and there is also the potential to learn from MS Dhoni.

3. Royal Cricket Academy Patna

  • Address: H4Q5+XR9, Gardanibagh, Patna, Bihar 800002

This academy caters to both beginning and experienced players with specific training programs for various age groups. There are seasoned coaches amongst the coaching staff that have competed at the national and international levels. Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on physical fitness and holds frequent workout sessions to improve players’ all-around ability.

The academy is dedicated to developing future talent by offering individualized coaching, cutting-edge training techniques, and cutting-edge equipment. Players receive thorough instruction in fielding, hitting, bowling, and mental preparation under the direction of seasoned coaches. The Madanlal Cricket Academy is renowned for emphasizing the development of a solid skill base and all-around growth.

4. Gen Nex Cricket Academy

  • Address: Building, Shivam Vihar Colony, Kisan Colony, Anisabad, Patna, Bihar 800002

A professional cricket coaching facility called Gen-Nex Cricket Academy is situated in Bihar state’s capital city of Patna. With the use of cutting-edge cricket training equipment and updated infrastructure, the institute is providing coaching in the sport of cricket. You must pay a nominal fee to enroll in the institution, which has cutting-edge facilities.

The academy uses a combination of conventional and non-standard training techniques to assist cricket enthusiasts in becoming pros in the sport. Comparatively speaking, GenNex Cricket Academy is one of Patna’s best cricket academies (MSDCA, CAP). To be competitive with any other best cricket academy within Patna, the center has checked every requirement.

5. VKS Sports Academy

  • Address: Veer Kunwar Singh Path, Harding Park, Patna, Bihar 800001

The VKS Sports Academy, which was founded with the goal of developing top-notch cricketers, is well-known amongst Patna’s cricket fans. The academy has well-kept fields, cutting-edge training tools, and a planned curriculum which covers every facet of the game. Their coaches use cutting-edge teaching techniques while strategy, emphasizing skill, and game awareness. The program also offers plenty of chances for players to demonstrate their abilities by competing in challenging competitions.

6. Sehwag Cricket Academy

  • Address: Basawan Park, Basawan Park Road Balaji Heart Canter, Sri Krishna Puri, Patna, Bihar 800013

The Sehwag Cricket Academy, which was established by the eminent Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, is known for its all-encompassing method of coaching cricket. The academy provides a supportive environment while integrating academic study and skill development. It adheres to an organized curriculum created to improve players’ physical fitness, technical competence, and mental toughness. Frequent workshops and mentoring programs are also held at the Sehwag Cricket Academy under the direction of well-known cricketing professionals.


The presence of top-notch cricket academies within Patna offers budding cricketers an excellent chance to hone their talents and seek a career within the sport. Young cricketers can start their road toward reaching their goals and leaving their imprint on the game by enrolling in one of these academies.


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