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Top 10 Best Badminton Racket Brands in India

See, a good badminton racket is almost like an extension of a player’s arm, and your choice of racket can significantly affect your playing style and the game’s outcome. Over the years, India has been like a bustling bazaar for badminton racket brands, with each one of them offering unique features to give your game a real boost. In a country that is passionate about badminton, all thanks to legends like Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, and more recently, Saina Nehwal and P.V Sindhu, you’re going to find the market flooded with options.

It’s true, it might feel a bit daunting to pick the one that suits you best from such a huge pool of brands. And that’s exactly why we’re here today, presenting you with a rundown of the top 10 best badminton racket brands in India. Our aim is to guide you through the process, making sure you don’t feel baffled while choosing the perfect racket that lets you play freely and bring out your A-game on the court.

List of Top Badminton Racket Brands in India

1. Yonex


Yonex got a history as rich as its products. Back in 1946, they were just making wooden floats, but boy did they shift the gears since then! They hopped on the plastic floats trend, and by 1957 they were crafting the best badminton racquets. Since then, they’ve expanded to tennis and golf too. Yonex has been a game-changer, introducing some really cool stuff like graphite shafts and the “Isometric 500” racket. You see their stuff all over the big leagues, making them a global leader in sports equipment. Their badminton rackets are a dream, light as a feather, super durable, with a killer grip. They’re all about crafting the best and inspiring athletes to achieve their best.

2. Li-Ning

Welcome to the house of Li-Ning, a brand that’s taken India by storm. The brand was created by the Olympic gymnast, Li Ning, back in 1989 and boy has it grown since then. Li Ning himself is still at the helm, guiding it to greatness. In 2005, they shook hands with AIGLE, a big French sports company, and expanded their presence big time. Their badminton rackets are a hit, loved by players of all levels, including the Olympic medalist, PV Sindhu. These rackets are strong, safe, and offer fantastic control on the court, making them a top choice for anyone looking to improve their game. So yeah, if quality and durability are what you want from a badminton racket, then Li-Nigh should be the go-to brand for you.

3. Nivia


Nivia Sports has been changing the game in the Indian sports industry since 1934. They’re not just manufacturers, they’re artists creating equipment that takes athletes to new levels. They’ve made a name for themselves worldwide, even getting their basketball certified by FIBA! Nivia was started by Nihal Chand Kharabanda and his son Vijay Kharabanda (and the brand name is their initials!) Their badminton racket is a masterpiece, it’s got a strong frame, is easy to handle, and really ups your precision. It’s the perfect pick for any player looking to level up their game.

4. Decathlon


Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer that’s made quite a splash in the Indian market. They do it all, the research, design, production, logistics, and distribution part to ensure that their badminton rackets are top-notch. From their start in 1976, they’ve grown to be a go-to spot for sports enthusiasts. They offer something for everyone, from pros to beginners. Their badminton racket, perfect for beginners, is a testament to their commitment to quality. It’s light, durable, and really makes hitting those power shots easy. With Decathlon, anyone can feel like a pro player on the court.

5. Victor


Victor is a Taiwanese brand that’s got everything, badminton rackets, squash rackets, sportswear, you name it. They’ve been in the game for over 50 years and are known worldwide. Victor products are even approved for international badminton tournaments! They started with shuttlecocks, became Taiwan’s best-seller within two years, and are now a global player in sports equipment. One of their stars is the Victor Brave Sword racket, perfect for advanced players. It’s sturdy, precise, and has an Advanced Fiber Reinforced System that takes your game to the next level. With Victor, you’re not just playing, you’re playing with the best of the best.

6. Cosco


Starting as a humble store, Cosco has bloomed into a sports goods manufacturing giant, winning the hearts of sporty souls across India. Their game-changing move was to start producing basketballs and synthetic footballs right here at home, giving a serious upgrade to our sports gear scene. Quality is their religion, and they’ve even been globally recognized, with their footballs and tennis balls receiving international certification. Their sky-rocketing growth was reflected in 1994 when they went public. Today, Cosco is a major player in the Indian sports and lifestyle scene, having cutting-edge production facilities and a vast distribution network. Their badminton racket, made of sturdy aluminum and light-as-a-feather materials, is perfect for hobby players and is a testament to their promise of meeting diverse consumer needs.

7. Feroc

Next, say hello to Feroc International, a brilliant badminton gear brand that sprouted in 2008 from the energetic city of Jalandhar, India. Among their collection of sports shoes, their badminton shoes have received standing ovations. They’ve got a no-compromise policy on affordability and timely delivery, so you can nab top-grade badminton shoes without emptying your wallet. Their Feroc Badminton Racket, designed for newbie and mid-level players, is the showstopper of their offerings. With its steel shaft and a comfy grip handle, it puts control of your shots right in your hands.

8. Apacs


Apacs Sports has been bringing A-game badminton rackets to India since 2002. Their name spells out their values, Aggression, Power, Accuracy, Control, and Speed. Apacs has a massive presence, with over 600 dealers and stores in Malaysia alone, making it a global sports equipment powerhouse. They’ve got a keen eye on the changing sports market, always strategizing to broaden their horizons. Their Z-Ziggler Badminton Racket, featuring a durable ultra-slim shaft and a robust graphite frame, is one true masterpiece. This lightweight beauty is an online favorite, perfect for sporty souls seeking an exhilarating badminton ride.

9. Iris

Next up is Iris, a sports gear titan that’s stolen the hearts of badminton lovers in India quite recently. The star of their show is the badminton racket, an engineering marvel built from top-tier carbon steel. Its lightweight frame and robust handle empower players to make powerful shots. A standout feature of the Iris racket is the firm grip it offers, allowing you to maintain precision even in the most thrilling matches. When you wield an Iris racket, you can trust in its durability and dependability, it’s sure to be your loyal partner on the badminton court.

10. Silver’s India

We can’t talk about rackets without mentioning Silver Sports (India) Private Limited, a brand with roots dating back to 1965. Known for their masterful craftsmanship and a no-compromise stance on quality, Silver Sports has successfully spun a wide array of rackets for Badminton, Tennis, Squash, and even Shuttlecocks. Their badminton rackets are a crowd-pleaser, boasting a durable aluminum frame and a robust steel shaft. It guarantees longevity and lets players make super-accurate hits. Light enough for a feather to carry, it’s a top choice for both newbies and seasoned players. Silver Sports has always delivered top-grade rackets, and their badminton racket is a symbol of their dedication to innovation and customer happiness.


And there you have it. Yeah, we have mentioned the top 10 brands, but choosing the right racket for your game should be a personal choice. We advise you to take a look at the features of each brand’s badminton rackets, and then try two or three brands to see what matches your playing style. That way, you can finalize a racket that will truly be the extension of your arm when it comes to badminton matches.


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