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Tower Fan Vs. Pedestal Fan: Which is Better Option?

As the summer months escalates into high-temperature marks, we often see the debacle around fans, cooling systems, and more. And that’s something we’re looking to explore and seek solutions to. Fans are an essential home appliance in the modern-day. They not only provide the cooling but also helps to substantially mitigate the heat at a fraction of the cost to the air conditioners.

But fans themselves come in different variants, ceiling fans, tower fans, pedestal fans, and more. The debate mainly occurs around the tower fan and the pedestal fans. We here take a look at both sides of the stories of these fans and see which of them is the best. Read along.

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan

Comparison Between Tower Fan Vs. Pedestal Fan

Feature Tower Fan Pedestal Fan
Design Vertical, slim design with a tall profile Vertical design with adjustable height
Airflow Oscillates horizontally or vertically Oscillates horizontally
Coverage Provides widespread airflow in a room Typically covers a larger area due to height
Space Takes up less floor space Requires more floor space due to wider base
Height Options Fixed height Adjustable height
Noise Level Generally quieter due to blade design Can be noisier, especially at higher speeds
Features Often includes additional features like timers, remote control, and air purifiers Basic functionality with limited additional features
Style Modern and sleek designs available Traditional and functional designs available
Price Range Moderate to higher priced models Moderate priced models
Ease of Cleaning Some models may have removable grilles for easier cleaning Generally easy to clean with accessible blades

Tower fans

Tower fan

We here talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of the tower fans down below.

Advantages of Tower Fan

Easy to fit around

  • Tower fans are a great space saver and can easily fit around in most of the home or office setup. They do not require a large area or space to work and can fit in a small area. This makes tower fans a great option for small enclosure areas and setup. The way they are designed is that they can provide a good alternative to the larger cumbersome pedestal fans.

Wide range of options

  • A tower fan comes in such a wide range of options that you are bound to be amazed. It comes in different shapes and sizes and has various price level points. The tower fan also allows users to select the one that fits their budget and liking.


  • Tower fans are versatile and come with several impressive features that a normal fan cannot provide. They come with a nightlight or additional cooling settings or even remoter control in some cases. This makes them extremely versatile to the liking. They also have a breeze mode that helps around in the sleep cycle of the individuals.

Air purifier

  • Tower fans have additional leverage over the pedestal fans in the sense that they have a feature known as air purification. This feature is available in most tower fans and helps provide the right breath of air for people who are suffering from breathing-related health issues. The ionizer that comes with the air purifier acts as a means of cleansing and purifying.


  • Tower fans have an enclosed setup. They are encased in a box with the fan and every motor part safely fitted inside. This makes sure that your child or pet animal cannot enter or touch the fan blades. This is something of an upgrade on the pedestal fans where kids can often push their hands into the blades and injure themselves.

Easy to clean

  • Tower fans are much easier to clean than pedestal fans. Pedestal fans blade tends to catch dust particles and often affect the fan’s performance. And if you ever want to clean them you’ll have to remove the entire setup. For the tower fans, it’s different, all you need is to tap on the front side and remove the encasing and then easily clean it.

Disadvantages of a Tower Fan

Expensive in comparison to the pedestal fans

  • Tower fans tend to have a higher pricing point than pedestal fans. Since the entire setup and the mechanism of the tower fan are different and cost more, the final cost price of the product tends to come at a higher range.

Noise levels

  • Tower fans have a higher noise level than pedestal fans. Although the high-end tower fans have lower noise levels, most of them in the entry-level has a higher noise level. This often disturbs the people sitting close to the tower fans.

Pedestal fans

Pedestal fan

We here talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the pedestal fans.

Advantages of a pedestal fan

Controlled airflow

  • Since the pedestal fan has a wider fan blade and circumference they tend to have a larger area of airflow. They also provide larger control over the airflow for the users as users can switch around the fan direction and the airflow with just a few clicks of a switch. Pedestal fans also allow you to switch the airflow height settings which the normal fan doesn’t.

Larger airflow surface area

  • As aforementioned, the larger blade area and circumference also allows for a larger airflow. This allows you to cool large parts of the room with a normal pedestal fan. With the tower fan, you cannot cover the entire room area as the direction of the airflow is often restricted. With this though, you can easily cover a large area of the room.

Powerful in nature

  • Pedestal fans have a more powerful motor used in them in comparison to the tower fans. That’s a reason why pedestal fans are used in the large areas of the house and not the tower fans. They tend to provide powerful airflow and are suited for people who are looking to cool large areas.


  • Pedestal fans are affordable compared to tower fans. They tend to come at various price levels starting from the entry levels to the high-end price levels. Pedestal fans are still one of the most highly used fans in the mid-tier levels cities across India.

Disadvantages of Pedestal fans

Aesthetically not good

  • Tower fans tend to possess an ergonomic design, something that the pedestal fans cannot say about themselves. Pedestal fans are often bulky and large compared to tower fans. This is one thing that often causes people to stay away from the pedestal fans. You’re more likely to see a tower fan in an office setting than a pedestal fan.

Bulky frame

  • Pedestal fans are often bulky and cannot fit into tight spaces. As much as they are visually not appealing, they also tend to be bulky and ill-suited for tight spaces and areas. People with pedestal fans often have to separate large areas in the room for it.


  • Pedestal fans have a lower safety rating in comparison to tower fans. The blades of the pedestal fans are often only caged by an enclosure that can easily be reached by a kid’s hands. It has resulted in many accidents over the years. It is why most of the homes with small kids have been opting for tower fans since the tower fans became mainstream.

Wrapping Up

The debate for tower fans vs pedestal fans is a never-ending one. They both have their pros and cons and tend to offer different values to the end consumer. Rather than going by the hype, it is advised to seek the best option based on the suitability and needs of a user. For some, tower fans will do the job while for some pedestal fans are the top pick.


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