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How to Plan a Dreamy Forest Wedding

If you dream of a fairytale wedding—a mystical and enchanting experience set in one of the most ethereal environments nature has to offer—you’ve got to have a forest wedding.

It’s ideal. It’s naturally gorgeous simply because it’s a forest. Plus, it’s the perfect backdrop for boho dresses, flowy gowns, lace, flickering lights, violin music, and colorful bouquets.

Just picture the soft harp music gently mixing with the chirping birds. An aisle dotted with rose petals leading to a wooden trellis, adorned with silk and white roses, shrouded and protected by towering cathedral-like trees.

You in?


We’re going to walk you through all the key elements to make your forest wedding a captivating experience. One that’s guaranteed to exceed expectations, and leave everyone awe struck.

Forest Wedding Locations

Before you jump on us for being obvious, here’s the deal. Yes, a forest wedding should be in a forest. That’s a no brainer. However, you do have choices.

Public land where you’ll find plenty of pristine forests, is free to use. Just make sure you abide by the guidelines, and secure a permit if needed. Check out the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management websites for more info.

The perks of these options are you get access to some incredibly dreamy locations, yet there’s often little to nothing when it comes to amenities. Before you discount this option entirely, check to see if there’s any restaurants or venues nearby that could host your reception.

Other options include more traditional venues that have forested areas, and indoor and outdoor space. You could have your wedding ceremony up on a hillside tucked away in the trees, overlooking the valley below. Then move indoors or to a sprawling deck for the reception.

If your geographic location is missing something important (like trees!) you can still create a forest-like feel indoors. We’ll show you how later on.

To recap: when deciding on your forest wedding location, you’ll want to consider your budget, necessary conveniences, and your must-have amenities.

Forest Wedding Style

The perfect forest wedding style dresses are romantic and flowy. Hollywood’s depiction of medieval princesses (you know, gowns with deep alluring V-necks and bell-shaped sleeves) and other popular movies that have actual forest weddings are great for inspo.

Choose fabrics like cotton, lace, silk, satin—even velvet. If you’re looking to score bridesmaid dresses that look like they were made for the forest theme, check out Bella Bridesmaids. They have an incredible collection of dresses that meet all the criteria.

Forest Wedding Décor

The key here is to not detract from the forest itself, but to include little touches that make it even more magical. Things like:

  • Twinkling fairy lights or battery-operated candles
  • Silk, lace, other fabric, or even flower garlands draped from branches, or wound around tree trunks
  • Flowers—you can never go wrong with flowers
  • A secret little seating area shrouded in trees
  • A long wooden table adorned with candles, succulents, or wildflowers in a mason jar
  • Lanterns

Check out Pinterest for more, and remember you don’t have to go overboard. Just enhance the natural beauty and mystique of the spot you choose.

Forest Wedding Food

If you’re tucked so far back into the woods with no kitchen access, don’t worry. A collection of colorful charcuterie boards boasting a fine selection of preserved meats like salami and prosciutto, served with a wide-variety of delicious cheese, is ideal. Add some color to the platter with fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries–you get the picture.

Serve with gourmet crackers and French bread.

This pairs exceptionally well with champagne and wine, or even sparking water enhanced with a splash of juice.

Other forest wedding food ideas are:

  • Finger sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • A potluck style meal
  • A hot catered meal

Forest Wedding Entertainment

Nothing kills the magic of a forest wedding vibe more than a noisy generator. If you’re beyond the reach of electricity, consider hiring an acoustic band to get the party started.

Violins, acoustic guitars, mandolins, and people singing in beautiful harmonies are all you need.

Alternatively, invest in battery-powered speakers. They’re pretty powerful, and can result in a lively dance floor.

An Indoor Forest Wedding

Here are some tips for those looking to recreate the magic of a forest wedding, indoors.

First of all, a forest is something that shrouds over you; it’s a protective layered overhang. Recreate the feel by hanging actual clipped greenery overhead—you can string wire or affix netting above, and weave the greenery through. In lieu of actual real-life greens, consider green silks, or strips of green fabric in different colors and lengths.

Forests also tend to be dimly lit, so use glittering warm lights, candles, and other soft light to enhance the mood. Include nature wherever you can. Collect branches and driftwood, and use groups of small potted plants to mimic the forest floor.

Forests are multi-dimensional, and you can recreate that through layering. To really bring your indoor forest to life, you can purchase gorgeous murals depicting a forest scene, and play ambient recordings of a natural forest sound in the background.


Take these ideas and use them for inspiration, and your dreamy forest wedding dream is bound to come true.



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