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How To Join Bajrang Dal: Procedure & Eligibility

If you are an Indian resident, no matter the religion, you may already know about Bajrang Dal. Well, some of you may have heard of great things about this group or some of you may think of it as an unnecessary group. One thing is clear: Bajrang Dal is quite a name in the country. Right? If the thought of joining Bajrang Dal has already crossed your mind, and maybe now you are in need of guidance, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to talk about how to join Bajrang Dal, from the eligibility criteria to the actual procedure or step-by-step process. So yeah, let’s get down to it then, shall we?

What Bajrang Dal Is All About?

Bajrang Dal

So you’re curious about Bajrang Dal, huh? Well, this organization has got three big things on its to-do list, which they like to call their foundational pillars. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Seva (Service): First off, Bajrang Dal isn’t just about yelling into a megaphone or making some noise on social media. Nah, these folks are actually into serving the community in a big way. We’re talking about blood donation camps, free medical check-ups, you name it. It’s like they roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in the best possible way, all for the good of the people around them. So if you’re looking to do something meaningful that goes beyond just talk, these guys have a whole setup for it.
  2. Suraksha (Protection): Okay, so another biggie for them is safeguarding Hindu temples and religious spots. Ever walked past an ancient temple and thought, “Man, I hope this place stands forever?” Well, Bajrang Dal is out there making sure it does. They’re passionate about protecting cultural heritage sites, especially those tied to Hinduism. It’s not just about bricks and stones, it’s about preserving the essence of a culture. If that’s something that makes your heart tick, then you’ll find like-minded folks here.
  3. Samskara (Cultural Heritage): Finally, they want to make sure that the young’uns grow up knowing their roots, understanding their traditions, and vibing with their own culture. They hold workshops, events, and all sorts of cool activities aimed at educating the youth. So, it’s not just about keeping the past alive; it’s about making sure the future knows where it came from, too.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Limit: This group is all about youth power! You gotta be between 15 and 25 years old to get in. So if you’re in that age range, you’re good to go!
  • Residency: You gotta live in India, and not just be visiting. You should be a permanent resident. They want people who really care about India’s Hindu community, you know?
  • Religion: Heads up, this is a Hindu group. So if you identify as Hindu, you’re all set!
  • Required Documents: Before you get all excited, make sure you’ve got some important stuff on hand like your Aadhar Card, Mobile Number, Personal Email ID, and things like that.

How To Join Bajrang Dal In India?

1. Joining Online

  • First off, head on over to the Bajrang Dal’s official website. This is the spot for all your online sign-up action.
  • A box will pop up asking for your email. Put it in there, that’s how they’ll hit you up for all the official stuff.
  • Next, you’ll see a form that wants to know all about you like your name, what you’re good at, and why you wanna join. Take your time and fill it out.
  • Once you hit “submit,” keep an eye on your phone. You’ll get a text with a one-time password (OTP) to make sure it’s really you.
  • Put in that OTP and boom! You’re in. Check your email for a “you did it!” message and you’re officially a member.

2. Offline Method

As we all know, not everyone’s glued to a screen, right? If the internet’s not your thing or it’s just not handy, you can still get in on the action. All you need to do is head to the closest Bajrang Dal office near you. They’ll hook you up and walk you through signing up in person.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Bajrang Dal in India?

  • First up, you’re gonna get this cool, official Bajrang Dal ID card. It’s not just some piece of plastic, alright? Whenever there’s an event or activity, just flash this ID, and boom, you’re in! It’s like your backstage pass, but for all the stuff we do.
  • As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to their helpline numbers. Got a question? Need some guidance? Just wanna chat? They’ve got your back!
  • Alright, here’s the part where it gets really exciting. Being a member means you get to take part in all sorts of activities. Ever wanted to join a rally for a good cause? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of restoring an old temple? Whatever floats your boat, they’ve got something for you!


That’ll do it. This information should be more than enough for someone who is truly into joining Bajrang Dal and making a difference. Just follow the procedure mentioned in today’s post about joining this group and you’ll be good for the most part.

Disclaimer: The information is taken from different online websites.


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