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How to Find Relationship Manager in UCO Bank?

Originally known as United Commercial Bank, UCO Bank is a public sector bank in India that was founded in Kolkata in 1943. Its overall business during FY 2020–21 was 3.24 lakh crore. It is listed at number 80 on the Fortune India 500 list according to 2020 statistics. In the 2018 Forbes Global 2000 list, UCO Bank came in at number 1948. The bank featured 49 zonal offices and more than 4,000 service units as of the end of March 2017. Additionally, it has locations in Singapore and Hong Kong. In Kolkata, on BTM Sarani, is where UCO Bank is headquartered.

UCO Bank

Who is a Relationship Manager?

A relationship manager (RM) is a bank professional who is tasked with offering specialized banking services and guidance to a set of clients. RMs frequently have a thorough awareness of their clients’ financial requirements and objectives, and they are able to assist them in creating and implementing financial plans, selecting the best banking services and products, and managing their money wisely.

In UCO Bank, Who Receives a Relationship Manager?

High-net-worth individuals (HNIs), business owners, and other clients with sophisticated financial needs are often assigned RMs by UCO Bank. However, any UCO Bank customer can do so by getting in touch with the bank’s customer service department or their local branch manager.

In UCO Bank, Where Can I find a Relationship Manager?

In UCO Bank, there are primarily two ways to locate a relationship manager:

  • Speak to the branch manager. In accordance with your financial needs and objectives, your branch manager may assign you an RM.
  • Contact the customer service department of UCO Bank. You can get a list of local RMs from the customer service centre. After that, you can speak with the RMs personally to find out more about their background and offerings.
  • You should interview each candidate on your list of possible RMs to see which one is the best fit for you. Ask them about their background, education, and customer service philosophy. To guarantee that the RM can assist you in achieving your financial objectives, you should also describe your needs and aspirations.

UCO Bank History

The United Commercial Bank Limited was established to give form to G. D. Birla’s notion of organizing a commercial bank with Indian capital and administration, which was developed during the Quit India agitation of 1942. The bank was established with Kolkata as its headquarters and had a 2-crore rupee issued capital, of which 1 crore had already been paid up. The chairman of the company was Birla, and the board of directors included illustrious Indians from a variety of professions. In India, the bank concurrently opened 14 branches.

Current International Presence

UCO Bank currently has four foreign branches, located in Singapore and Hong Kong, two significant global financial hubs, in addition to offering inland banking services via its extensive network of offices throughout India.


UCO bank is a commercial bank. 3,211 branches, including 2 foreign branches as of August 2023, and 2,564 ATMs make up the Bank’s regional footprint. As the bank opens 200 more branches across India, the number of ATMs and branches will increase in the near future.


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