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How to Become a Psychologist in India?

You must know that the role and demand of a psychologist are increasing day by day. A psychologist’s role is to observe the body language of a person who is suffering from some mental issues. It will be right to say that because of the changed lifestyle of people they are experiencing various mental issues. The urge to earn more money and have a better lifestyle indulges people in taking serious decisions in their lives. This is ultimately hampering their everyday lives. To get rid of these issues, you need to consult and follow the advice of a psychologist.

You must have noticed the role of a psychologist in many films or movies. They are entrusted with the task of curing the patient of any mental issues or trauma. They have good observation power, and this helps them in solving the case quickly. To become a psychologist, you have to study psychology. It is a branch of science that deals with human behavior and activities. As a psychologist, you have to found out the exact cause that creates issues in people. You have to be vocal and good communication skills that will assist in easy interaction with the patient.


How can you Become a psychologist in India?

You have to complete your education in this respective field to become a psychologist. You must remember that being a psychologist is not an easy task. You have to deal with numerous people who suffer from severe mental issues like depression, anxiety. In recent times, a survey has bought the fact that about 72% of adults suffer from psychological problems. Some become so prominent that they have to consult a psychologist.

Psychologists are non-medical professionals who have to deal with human behaviors. These behaviors may differ from time to time. You have to complete your graduation in Psychology to become a psychologist. You have to complete 10+2 from the science stream. It is essential to see that you have completed your graduation in Psychology from UGC recognized institutions. Psychology deals with general psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, organizational behavior, and many other subjects.

Graduation in Psychology is a three-year course during which you have to face some practical works. You have to attend various workshops that deal with topics from hypnosis to dream analysis.  If you wish, you can also pursue or opt for a master’s degree in Psychology. This will help to gain much more knowledge about the subject.

Various categories of psychology:

Psychology is divided into various categories and sections. Here are some of the vital ones.

  • Clinical psychology:

It is a branch of psychology that deals with people suffering from various types of mental illness and abnormalities. It is a much complex problem among the patients. As a psychologist, it is a challenging job for you. You have to deal with such patients especially.

  • Counseling psychology:

It is another branch of psychology that includes a special therapy to patients with severe mental issues. It is a field of psychology that focuses on the betterment of the patients through counseling. It is the best way to treat the patients. In every stage of psychological disorder, counseling can be the perfect medicine. It can help in the easy healing of the patients.

  • Educational Psychology:

It is also an essential part of psychology that is used in many educational institutions. In this part, the psychologists give suggestions and advice to the students who need their advice. Sometimes, educational psychology can also help out the teachers who are suffering from various mental issues.

  • Developmental psychology:

It is an essential branch of psychology that explains the people about people’s behavior, thinking and activities during their lifespan.

  • Neuropsychology:

It is the most vital branch of psychology that will help study the brain’s behavior during the disorder. It would help if you remembered it is the brain that provokes a person to act accordingly. Through this part of psychology, you analyze the behavior of the brain in different stages of life.

Requirements to become a psychologist in India:

In this part, you will know about the requirements to become a psychologist. Here are some of the vital ones.

  • You should have good communication skills to become a renowned psychologist. It is your communication power that will help in easy interaction with the patients.
  • You should also possess an analytical mind which will help in the smooth functioning of the work.
  • You should have a passion for dealing with the patients. In other words, if you be passionate about knowing human behavior, it will be better.
  • The urge and positive attitude to help out the patients from mental sickness should be the psychologist’s target. It should be the essential requirement to become a successful psychologist.
  • It would help if you held the patience for becoming a psychologist. This is because you have to deal with different types of patients.

Steps of becoming a psychologist:

You have to follow specific steps while becoming a psychologist.

  • Once you complete your 10+2 with the science background, you have to get admission to a UGC recognized college for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
  • If you are passionate about becoming a psychologist you can assist your senior’s in their research work. This will help you to gain experience in this field. If you are interested in developmental psychology, you can offer volunteer service in any mental hospital or clinic.
  • You can also pursue a master degree course in psychology through to gain more knowledge about the subject.
  • You have to choose a specialization in psychology. It can be clinical psychology, developmental psychology, or neuropsychology.
  • Candidates should try to do a two-year internship program. This will help you to know about the subject in a better manner. The satisfaction of serving other people and help them get rid of mental issues is the greatest one.
  • Lastly, the students have to, pass a national level exam and submit a case study before the end of the course. This is mandatory and should be done by the students.

Advantages of learning psychology:

At this stage, it must be clear before you that psychology is an essential part of human behavior. We all act by our state of mind. If you have reasonable and sound knowledge about this subject, everything seems to be more accessible.

  • Psychology is considered to be one of the most popular subjects in India. It is through this study you can gain knowledge about the human mind.
  • You can also learn more about yourself through this branch of study.
  • Study on psychology will help to know about the body language of the people. If you have accurate knowledge about psychology, you can quickly assess the mental problems of an individual.
  • Conflict is a standard part of our life. If you have sound knowledge about psychology, you can quickly and logically solve conflicts.
  • A proper knowledge of psychology will help you gain a good social life and respect from other people.

Scope of psychology in India:

India offers vast opportunities to candidates who have passed and attained a psychological degree.  You can become a counselor in any NGO or rehabilitation center. This will help in gaining knowledge and serving the needy people in a better way. Counselors are mainly required in rehabilitation centers to help the patients from getting rid of addictions. It is found that many educational institutes also require a psychologist for treating the students in case of any issues. Many students suffer from psychological problems during their school days. This can be solved through proper counseling and good behavior. If you become a career counselor, you can help the student select the right path in their life.

The educational sector requires the highest amount of psychologists in India. If you wish, you can also turn to be a good career coach. The demand for career coaches is gradually increasing in India. They help students to select the accurate career for them. It is now clear that if you have a psychological degree, you have numerous options. You can also open your clinic. This will give vast exposure and help to learn many things.

Mode of admission to psychology course:

You can take admission to this course if you have completed your 10+2 from a science background. The entrance to the colleges is taken either on the performance of 10+2 examinations or through admission test. You have to prepare for the admission test. If you are qualified, we will call you for a personal interview and group discussion. The merit list is published based upon the performance on the test.

Top psychology Colleges in India:

Here you will learn about the top psychology colleges that are present in India.\

  • Lady Shriram College (New Delhi)
  • Xaviers College (Mumbai)
  • Christ College (Bengaluru)
  • Kamala Nehru College (Delhi University)
  • Mithibhai College of Arts (Mumbai)
  • Fergusson College (Pune)
  • The University of Calcutta (Kolkata)
  • Benaras Hindu University (Varanasi)


The route to becoming a successful psychologist is a three-year course. If you wish, you can also go for a post-graduation degree.  The profession of psychology is exciting and prestigious. It can be the perfect way to deal with the sick and mentally backward people of India. It is a noble profession.


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