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Top 10 Highest Fish Producing State in India

Fishing is a primary source of livelihood in different parts of India (around 1.6 crore people along with double the number upstream and downstream). The development of fisheries can provide employment and ensure food security and nutritional security in these areas, predominantly inhabited by rural populations.

The fisheries industry earns Rs 334.42 billion from fish exports as per the National Fisheries Development Board. The government took the initiative to increase exports to Rs 1 lakh crore in FY25. More than 60,000 fishermen have been trained under this scheme from 2017 to 2020.

Fish Producing State

In 2019, India’s marine fish production spotted a marginal increment of 2.1% compared to the previous year. According to the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, India’s fisheries industry recorded 3.56 million Tonnes in overall landing during the year.

In percentage, the contribution of island fish production to the total fish production was estimated to be around 29% from 1950 to 1951, which has risen to 71% from 2017 to 2018. The total number of fishing crafts and registered fishing vessels in the coastal states was 2, 69,047. Let us know which states are popular for fish export and production.

List of Highest Fish Producing State in India

Name of State Ranking Total Production including Inland & Marine ( 2017 to 2018)
 Andhra Pradesh  1  34.52
 West Bengal  2  18.42
 Gujarat  3  15.45
 Kerala  4  15.35
 Tamil Nadu  5  8.82
 Uttar Pradesh  6  6.29
 Maharashtra  7  6.06
 Odisha  8  6.03
 Bihar  9  5.88
 Karnataka  10  5.63


1. Andhra Pradesh

However, Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of seafood in India. When it comes to seafood consumption, Andhra Pradesh lags. The state is home to rivers, reservoirs, canals, lakes, and water bodies that are suitable for setting up fish tanks and fisheries businesses.

The state also has a 974-km coastline, and produces around 42 lakh tonnes of fish annually and exports it to abroad and numerous parts of the country as per statistics. Andhra Pradesh has taken initiative towards setting up aqua hubs and supplying quality fish to consumers at budget-friendly cost so that aqua farmers earn more and more. The state has become India’s one of the largest producers of farmed fish and shrimp.

2. West Bengal

West Bengal has numerous water bodies, which are about 8 to 10 times of the renowned fish-producing states such as AP. This is the only state that has a separate policy for the fishery industry. The State Government aims to exploit fish production by adding water bodies under aquafarming, technologies, improved managerial practice, and scientific feeding. There have been few schemes related to enhancing fish production. They also organize awareness programs for fish farmers on the risk of misuse of antibiotics.

3. Gujarat

Gujarat is at the top of the fisheries industry and covers 1/5 of India along the economic and coastal zone. State’s fisheries resources include Sciaenids, Bombay ducks, Lobsters, Prawns, Bull’s eyes, Ribbon fishes, Croakers, Lizard fishes, Catfishes, Seer fishes, and a lot more. Due to the availability of six large reservoirs, small water bodies, and the Sardar Sarovar command area, it has abundant inland fisheries opportunities.

4. Kerala

Marine fisheries have an important place in the economy of Kerala. Marine fisheries are the only source of income for over one million marine fishermen along the Kerala coast. Kerala has the most innovative and advanced technologies in fishing practices due to which marine fisheries tended to take on a complex structure. In Kerala, the fishing sector has grown significantly in the last four decades with the constant rise of fishing efforts, and the nutritional and social well-being of the people.

5. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is rich in inland fisheries, marine, brackish water resources, and culture fisheries. The Government of Tamil Nadu has adequate attention to the social and economic dimensions of fishery resources. The fisheries industry of Tamil Nadu contributes 1% of the GDP of India. It ranks 4th in total fish production in the country. The state earned a foreign exchange of Rs 5591.49 crore and exported 1, 28, 845 MT of marine products from 2018 to 2019. It houses a 1,076 Km long coastline and 41, 412 km Continental Shelf area with an EEX of 1.9 Lakh Square Km.

6. Uttar Pradesh

Fishery farmers engaged in fish cultivation due to significant support from the State Government’s fisheries department. From 2020 to 201, the state recognizes the production of 7, 46,000 metric tonnes of Inland fishes in the state. UP has been declared to be the best state in terms of inland fish production.

7. Maharashtra

Maharashtra ranks 7th with around five percent in India’s fish production. The state produces 32 inland versions of fish such as prawns, shrimps, pomfrets, ribbon fish, mackerel, and so on.

Thane and Brihan are the two major regions of the state famous for the bulk of the total inland fish production. It houses 720 km of coastline with a continental shelf area of 111512 square km.

8. Odisha

Odisha produced around 818 thousand metric tonnes of fish during the financial year 2020, which was an increase over the previous financial year. In 2018, the amount of fish produced has doubled from the quantity in the fiscal year 2009. The state is conferred with Brackish water, inland, and marine resources. Inland and Marine industries provide a vast scope of investment in multiple projects.

9. Bihar

Fishery farming is fast growing and essential sector in Bihar. The state witnessed immense natural aquatic resources in the form of tanks and ponds where quality fish seeds are required for good fish production. The fish production in Bihar is estimated to be around 641 thousand metric tonnes during the financial year 2020, which was a significant increase from about 602 thousand tonnes in the previous year.

10. Karnataka

The fish production in Karnataka during the 18s was around 2.0 lakh tonnes which reached 3.0 lakh tonnes in the mid-19s. The present level of fish presence per capita in the state is about 8.08 kg.


India ranks third in fish production and second in aquaculture. The total fish production is likely to reach 14.73 million metric tonnes during the financial year 2020 to 2021. Even in the total GDP of India, the fisheries sector contributes 1.07%.


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