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Healthy Online Grocery Shopping Tips

Staying at home during the global pandemic has brought forth a new way of executing things. Certainly, this has also unveiled to us the notion of instant grocery delivery services from leading providers like Swiggy Instamart.

For most of us, those weekly or even monthly trips to the nearest brick-and-mortar stores have turned into weekly clicks on our favorite online retailer sites like Swiggy Instamart. Given that instant grocery delivery services are here to stay, we will share some of the best tips to enhance your healthy online grocery shopping experience.

Importance of Meal Planning

As a matter of fact, one of the best aspects of online grocery shopping is that you can have a dedicated weekly meal plan to satisfy your dietary needs. At the same time, with proper grocery shopping, you can also prepare proper recipes by your side to fill up your dietary chart.

Like with a regular trip to the nearest store, making a proper meal plan weekly is crucial to make sure that you do not get more of what you do not need and not enough of what you do need. Make sure that you check the grocery availability online on the platform.

Look for a New Veggie or Fruit

When you are at the grocery store piling up your cart with all the essentials on your monthly grocery list, it might not be highly tempting to try any new fruit or veggie present on the aisle. Therefore, you can make a proper habit of shopping for essential groceries like fruits and veggies online to satisfy your healthy requirements. The best part is that when you buy groceries online, you might even come up with interesting recipes to prepare for your meals.

Buy Refrigerator Fresh Items

Shopping for groceries online serves to be the perfect way to replace outdated items like dressings, marination, condiments, spices, and herbs. These items are known to mostly linger on the fridge’s door or in your kitchen cabinet for several weeks, months, or even years. It is not a good practice.

Online grocery shopping, serves to be an effective way to update your inventory while tossing off old items and adding replacements to your grocery inventory. Moreover, you would like to check the inventory of common grocery items like trash bags, napkins, detergents, and paper towels.

Check Nutrition Facts

Most sites like Swiggy Instamart include detailed images of the product. They also include proper nutritional facts in a tabular format. Be informed about the products you are buying online. Check out the package to inspect the nutrition information provided by the particular food item. You should also check the ingredient list available on the grocery items.

When you shop grocery online, there can be items that you might buy every week. These products could have a healthier alternative that you would want to try. Some brands have proper signs or icons to indicate that a product is gluten-free, organic, and more to highlight aspects that might be important for consumers.

Prepare Yourself for Replacements

When you feel a lack of control in making sure that you get exactly what you have ordered, it can turn out to be overwhelming. It is important to know that different online sites might handle substitutions slightly differently. You might also have the option of pre-selecting the replacement options for different items on your list or at least for things that you want to make sure you will only get a substitute.

On the other hand, you might be able to highlight that a substitution might not be acceptable. In the given case, the particular item might be entirely deleted from your order. If specialty items that aim at addressing a dietary concern, like organic or gluten-free, are available on the list, highlighting what is the most appropriate is crucial. Shoppers are not always aware of what makes the best substitute.

Be Specific

On most sites like Swiggy Instamart, you can prepare a note of what you prefer when it comes to buying groceries online. Wish to have avocadoes or bananas that are slightly firm? Make sure that you prepare a note of your order such that you are not disappointed when you get the delivery.

Feeling Hungry? No Worries

When you are shopping grocery online, you can search for healthy alternatives to your calorie-rich foods. Even when you are hungry, you can look for healthier alternatives that suffice your dietary needs. Shopping from the comfort of your home eliminates your overall impulse to shop only for unhealthy items, especially when you are diet-conscious.

Select Whole Grain Food Items

While several products might claim the same, there is a simple way to know for sure. You should search for the term ‘whole grain’ as the primary item in the list of ingredients. We are talking much more than mere bread. You can think of looking for the term across cereals, pasta, tortillas, and other grain-based items in the whole-grain quest.

Buy in Bulk When Necessary

For fresh products available online that you tend to use frequently, you can think of buying in bulk. This can result in significant cost savings while also helping you to save time. Make sure that you store these items properly to retain their respective quality.

Shopping for Local and Seasonal Produce

When you are looking for healthy alternatives, it usually involves buying fresh ingredients. Therefore, you can choose items that are fresh and locally sourced upon availability. It not only serves to be a highly sustainable choice but can also turn out to be quite affordable.


The balance between ordering groceries online and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is achieved by leading stores like Swiggy Instamart. With an array of healthy options available, you can shop for fresh, local, and healthy grocery items from the online store. By being aware of important online grocery shopping tips, you can enhance your overall experience, right from the comfort of your home.

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