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The Top 8 Tips for Lifelong Brain Health

Despite widely held misconceptions, cognitive decline is not part of getting older. While our brains change as we age, they—like other body parts—can be maintained, preventing or delaying illness.

Everyday habits like eating right, exercising, and taking Revive MD’s men’s supplements will decrease the risk of memory loss and age-related cognitive decline. Here, we offer several tips on maintaining brain power with age.

Set Realistic Goals

Deciding which actions to take—and why they’re important—is the first step toward lasting change. By setting realistic, attainable goals and incorporating these actions into your daily life, you’ll build momentum and boost confidence.

Do What You Love

We all know that regular exercise boosts brain power, but even the most dedicated gym-goers won’t work out if their sessions aren’t enjoyable. Mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, and goals should be built around things you enjoy.

If you’d like to get fit but don’t like group exercise classes, lift weights at home or go on an evening walk. Tai chi and yoga also offer brain-boosting benefits for older men. Sometimes, the simplest steps make the biggest difference.

Brain Health

Take It Step by Step

When fighting age-related cognitive decline, it’s best to take a measured approach. Start slowly and monitor your progress, making things more challenging as brain health improves. Recognizing small achievements will solidify your commitment, especially at the start.

Use Time Wisely

Our lifestyles are busier than ever, but most of us still have some free time every day—and many men spend it in front of a screen. It’s easy to swap sedentary behaviors for healthier ones, though. Instead of aimlessly scrolling your social media feed, use the time to catch up with friends. Listening to health-focused podcasts and books while in the gym will keep your body and mind active.

Anticipate Challenges

Another part of a successful behavior change is the anticipation of challenges. When planning a course of action, think about potential obstacles to success. It’s like psyching yourself up to set a PR in the gym—your body will mentally and physically prepare itself for the task ahead.

Get Help

Just as our children have coaches, caregivers, and teachers to praise them when they succeed, we need support systems as we age. Invite a friend to join you in the gym and tell family members about your brain health goals for accountability. If you’re seeking lasting change, your chances of success are higher if you’re surrounded by those who support the effort.

Fail Forward

As you’re working toward long-term brain health, don’t let minor setbacks derail your efforts. Learn from every failure; missteps can show you what works, what doesn’t, and how not to lose the progress you’ve made.

Start Fresh

We’ve all heard about New Year’s resolutions—and we all know people who haven’t kept them. There’s something to the process, though. Consider using the start of the year, month, or week as a chance to re-evaluate goals and set new ones. It’s never too late for a fresh start!

The Time Is Now

Brain health is a cumulative effort, and now is a great time to start improving it. Choose one or more of the healthy habits on this list, start today, and stay committed. With time, perseverance, and the best men’s supplements, you’ll be well on the way to long-term brain health. 


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